Pre-Aliens Announcement - Dream

05/14/16 - The Lord gave me a dream about the coming announcement of "aliens".  The transcript below is from the video to the left, but there is additional information at the bottom of the page.

Perhaps I had this dream because their arrival is getting closer and God wants us to know.  Either way, we've been told to be prepared and we will NOT be surprised at the arrival, because the Lord has told us. 

I was in my previous home with my daughter and other people. I knew I had a homework assignment of math calculations but I had put that aside, I was more interested in my end times ministry, which is how I thought of my website in my dream. Suddenly I heard the song “Starman” by David Bowie.

Next scene:

My husband and daughter and I had tickets to a game in a huge stadium. May have been a football game but that is not clear to me. As we walked in, Andy Williams was at the door to greet us. I knew we had left our tickets in the car but I was related to the man behind the counter, he was an owner of the stadium or had some other important role there. My husband and daughter left, and as I walked past that counter, I heard “New York New York” by Frank Sinatra, playing over the loud speakers. People were going to the right to get in but since my family was gone, I felt I should track them down. I knew we had a front row seats, in fact on the field. I started walking down the hall towards the field, and a young child ran past me like a blur. I asked a man nearby if he saw the child change to a blur and he indicated he saw something but not sure it was a blur.

I then went out to the edge of the field to sit down where my family was, and saw there was going to be a big TV announcement. We all got up and looked behind us as there was a glassed media center or box seat like area behind us with rows of TVs at the top. From Fox News, Shepherd Smith was praying. I wanted to record this announcement and got out my iPad but of course it would not record. However I did see an alien icon on the front of my iPad. End of dream

Later on after I awoke I was thinking about tall whites, Nordics, and thought that would be how the aliens first appear. I had a vision right then, I saw a door open and gray alien popped his head in to look right me as if to say, ‘No, there will be gray aliens as well.” If you watch the David Bowie video, there is a gray alien in it and my vision looked just like that. During the night, I also recall hearing words about a “sound stage”. In a previous dream that I had posted on my vision page, (08/09/15 The Eyes Have It) I had prayed and asked the Lord what I would see in this physical body before I am translated, and He gave me a dream about seeing a UFO and hearing about an alien choir. I was reminded of the Borg from the Star Trek television shows and movies…where they talk about hearing their song.

Ezekiel 28 gives us much info on Lucifer in that he was possibly in charge of music in Heaven. While many people complained about the introduction of rock and roll as satanic music, you may agree with me that rock and roll has NOTHING on today’s lyrics. At the same time, I believe the aliens will bring New Age music to its height and possibly condemning the music of today, teaching that their more “ethereal” music is that of light and love. They will say all the right words and “call” people in with their “song”. Some of us will be used to reveal these deceptive tactics.

Interpretation of my dream is this:

I’ve been pondering aliens since I was little, this is why I may have been in my previous home. Again on the David Bowie video, there is a picture of electricity or calculations, a confirmation of what I was shown in my dream of my homework assignment. I put it aside as I no longer care about the world’s teachings, and am focused on these end times.

The first lines in the chorus of Starman are quite interesting…“There’s a Starman waiting in the sky, he’d like to come and meet us but he thinks he’d blow our minds” In the dream, we all have tickets to this show, every human will know there are aliens coming, that there are indeed starmen in the sky. If you don’t hear it on the news, you’ll see them in the sky regardless. But some people will resist, Ed Amos had a Word about in March 2014 (transcript on video),….that’s why I saw Andy Williams greeting everyone at the door. “Andy” means brave or manly, so some will be warning us. But many will flock to see the aliens anyway. All the people were going to the right, up into the stands. As I walked past the counter, I heard the song New York, New York. The first line of that song is, “Start spreading the News”. I believe a lot of the media from New York will be complicit in spreading that very news.

The child running past me was interesting. He turned into a blur at the end, and we know from others who hear from God, that He will remove the children from the earth soon. The children go first, and the aliens take the credit. In her “No child left behind” video from Barb 278pikelk, God tells us that the news media will spread the lie that the aliens have taken the children. But we know they will be safe and we are to calm the parents with that information.

Having aliens arrive may be so traumatic to some, that even a few people involved in the media like Shepherd Smith may repent and change their ways, as I heard him praying before the television announcement. Last year Mr Smith likened Christians to haters, when he said “haters are going to hate” in reference to those supporting Kim Smith. But arrival of other worldly beings may change his mind.

I’m unsure why there was an alien icon on my iPad. It could be that Apple will force us to accept this new “savior” as they may liken themselves, similar to how Apple forces us to have other useless icons. Or the “aliens” may already be watching us; we know this is the case as the demons and familiar spirits keep track of us, and the Fallen move their ships in and out of other dimensions. But there will be pockets of resistance at first. And I am inclined to think that we will see the appearance of these beings in the sky, while we are still in these physical bodies. Assuming the calamity starts this year, then the last half of 2016 is going to be very interesting!

Additional notes:

The man who did not verbalize that the child turned into a blur, may represent those who are unsure of what happens to the children when they disappear. They will initially think the worst and have no idea what truly happened.

When my family and I had to turn and look behind us at the TV screens, that is indicative in that we are not really paying attention to the news, our face is focused on what we see (even though we are still behind the veil). My husband and I don’t have cable TV but I recall Shepherd Smith and USED to like him!

" And Enoch walked with God: and he was not; for God took him ."

Genesis 5:24