How The Call of the Bride came to be

Several years ago I had a dream that I can still recall today.  

Dream:  In the dream I was driving my SUV, no one else in the truck.  I drove down a road and suddenly the road was white...bright glowy white.  So bright that I could barely tell it was a bridge that I was on.  As I was going down the other side of the bridge, the road became a regular paved road but it ended up in a small lake or very large pond.  I was not worried because I could tell that if need be, I could swim across the lake.  However, I was very surprised that there was no warning sign on the bridge to let people know that the road ended up in the lake.  

End of Dream.

Interpretation:  I knew nothing about interpreting dreams at that time.  I did some research and found out that driving a vehicle could represent your ministry.  Sometimes you are flying a plane, driving a bus, or even riding a bicycle.  In my case it was an SUV and years later, I feel my "ministry" while going on now, will also entail more rough roads ahead, especially as the Harvest begins to take place.  The glowy white represents God and His hand on this ministry...this website.  He has set the path and I merely need to follow it.  I saw no warning because I am the warning...I am set as a watchperson on a tower so to speak, to let others know that bad things are coming and there will be rough times ahead.

The Lord started out training me in my initial years by having me research some really weird stuff....ghost hunters, near death experiences, and spirits that were channeling.  Know that on the last one, I totally understood that they were and still are, fallen angels and demons and that God was directing my training.  God was and is training me to spot the enemy, and learn discernment.  He knew I would need it if I was going to post "Messages" from Him...vs. messages from the enemy. 

(I used to be a gamer and can totally relate to the watchwoman in this picture! :)

Further into my training, He had me find those people that He wanted me to learn more about Him from.  He would gives these people, dreams, visions, and Messages...and I would come to learn that some of the people heard from Him, and some heard from the enemy.  Having learned directly what the enemy does at times, to twist God's Word...some false prophets are easier to spot than others.  Some are VERY deceptive and are being deceived themselves.  In posting Messages at this late point in time, we should all be going to the Lord about discernment, rather than rely on any one person or website to do the discernment for us. 

As I learned more and more about having a relationship with Jesus, I came to understand that there is a small group of people on this earth, about to be called out, to be transformed, and to go out into the world to help bring in the lost and lukewarm to Jesus.  These are the children of God and they WILL come because of Him.  We are just the helpers...the Bride of Christ.  We have no clue how powerful we are, except that it seems the enemy pokes us more than usual.  That's because God is refining us, and making us better than we are as mere flesh.  We've learned to go beyond the flesh, and seek the spiritual, that of a divine nature, that of God.  Not New Age mind you, that is deceitful and the enemy uses God's Words and Wonders to twist truths and deceive the masses.  But some of us will help reveal the enemy for what he is, and some will help in other ways. There are various jobs and ranks within the Bride and she will be those in Isaiah 60.  As I discovered more and more about this Bride...I became excited and wanted others of the Bride, to know who they know who YOU are!  You've found the website!  You have been Called!

I started this website in 2013 and am coming up on its 6 year anniversary in November.  God removed me from other forums, so I could post what He wanted posted.  Sometimes when He removes people from your think you've done something wrong.  But He makes it clear to you that no....this is HIS path and you are on it because you have asked to follow Him.  The people may think they have removed you, but if you are following God's heart, you learn that it is His choice and method that gets you where you are.  We may prefer that He does things differently...but He is God and we are dust.  I'm just glad to be dust.
As part of the refining, the Bride can go through some traumatic periods.  After the ill health of a family member, several months ago I asked for a reprieve to stop posting and take a month off ....His answer to me was, "Your life is not your own."  My child subsequently died but I continue to post and carry my sword "Camelot" (from another dream) and am watching on the wall with the rest of you.  When the Warnings go out, I will post them on my Home page as I mention on this page.

The reason for the the initial Bridge Dream that I had, along with understanding that there is a Bride who will light up the world and bring others to Christ.  Never did I ever dream I would have this kind of an end time website, but yet here it is, thanks be to God.  We all have a ministry of some form, as the Bride we are continually being trained, and continually exuding the love of God for His children.  As we share the love of Jesus every day, remember this verse:
Let nothing be done through selfish ambition or conceit, but in lowliness of mind let each esteem others better than himself. Philippians 2:3