When the Lamb broke the seventh seal on the scroll, there was silence throughout heaven for about half an hour.

Rev 8:1

This is an intriguing thought...30 minutes of silence in Heaven which is full of what....trillions of people?  Billions?  We don't really know.   We know there are creatures there that are not on earth such as the 4 Living Creatures that surround God.  So there are a lot of beings, to say the least.  The idea of 30 minutes of silence which John says, "about" because there is no real time in Heaven...is a fantastic thing. How do you silence that many beings?


I am not interested in the timing of this event.  Granted, most Feast of God days seem logical but the next one isn't for a couple of months.  Also and more importantly, the Rapture is not the next event.  This "pause" is.  The Rapture comes after the Harvest of souls..the lukewarm..the rest of the Bride.  Then we all go up together.  So this page is more about the ORDER of events, not timing.  And this 30 minutes is scriptural.  So let's look into this a bit more with what we know from the Messengers of today.

"Half hour of silence, then one hour of judgment"

Partial Transcript: "When the door closes and the window is shut...there will be "Silence in Heaven" for half an hour.  For this is MY time.  The time of My judgment."

I believe this half hour of silence is during the 3 days of darkness when Love comes Down, when God reveals Himself to every soul on earth....the Day of the Lord when time stops and God does His thing.  It is possible that a polar shift will occur here but I am only speculating. 


"There shall be a cataclysmic event, then Pause, then sudden destruction."

Transcript:  (my underlines)

"Arise My children, for the hand of God shall protect thee this day.  Just as in the days of Gideon I shall empower thee over your enemies.  Does My Words not offer thee hope?  There is no time for recrimination.  I feel your pains and your sufferings warrant action.  I, who am the God Jehovah,  shall act on your behalf this day.  The fire beneath thee shall soon become visible to see.  Shall the trumpets not awaken the dead in Christ?  A tempest brews in the distance.   What has been visible through faith will soon be seen by the unbelievers.  There shall be a cataclysmic event , then pause, then sudden destruction.  My sword shall smite down your enemies this day.   When this occurs, all shall know that it is I the Warrior King.  Gird thy loins for My anger is great and My vengeance shall be swift. "

02/19/15 UPDATE:  I personally had a Word last night that I posted on the front page.  The beginning of that Word was, " All silence for the Lamb is coming."  It did not occur to me that this was possibly the 30 minutes of silence with the Lamb coming at the pause (godshealer above).  Lu pointed this out to me.  Please use discernment!

It sounds as if "this day" is a literal day.  Granted, this is a current Word and not written down in another language, it's just plain ol' English from Brother Dan.  But it COULD be a 24 hour day. 


Here is a partial Message from Spiritled's Blog from June 13, titled  I am your Strength  http://spiritledblog.webs.com/apps/blog/show/42379432-i-am-your-strength

"The days are so that even the rains that fall shall soon be still."


Might the rains all over the world cease on this day? 

And on the same day June 13, Lisa had a vision of silence:  https://www.thecallofthebride.com/lisa-s-visions


"I was shown bombs being dropped, I could see they hit almost every state in the largest cities…people were running and screaming…and then there was a deafening silence. Every thing had gone dark and still."

Lisa has told me that she believes we the Bride, will be translated at the beginning of the 3 days of darkness.  She has seen horrible things during that time but God has told her not to worry about that.  He continues to show her what He wants to reveal so as we get closer to that time, perhaps He will reveal more.