The Three Days of Darkness

(updated 06/08/16 below)

From my journal:  03/05/13

"I have had this dream a couple of times.  I look out a window and all these vehicles are suspended in the air.  A bus is 3 feet off the ground, a plane is floating in the sky, etc.  Last night I had the dream again and I looked out a different window and saw dark clouds boiling and my thought was, "God is about to do something..."

From my journal: 03/23/13

"Last night another dream of things floating in the sky. There were large pieces of heavy jagged glass floating in the air -  similar to the glass from my moonroof when I had my wreck

 (I flipped over in an SUV)".

~ Hope

"...there's no need to panic." 

I was unable to interpret those dreams at the time I had them.  But almost one year later, this is my thought.  We know from many of the Messengers that there will be an earth shaking before the three days of darkness.

"There is an earthquake coming, My daughter, that will precede the 3 days of darkness.  The earthquake will happen and then the 3 days of darkness will descend."  (from Bonnie's last message found here )

"A great earthquake will  be felt by many upon the Earth. This is the warning that the Days of Darkness are about to occur. After the earthquake happens, you have but a short time to enter into your places of safety I have prepared for you. When the darkness begins to fall, you should be inside your places of safety" (from Edamosamos youtube video found here )
"Stay close to Me now more than ever children, drawing your strength from Me your Heavenly Father, for I will roar from the Heavens and everything that can be shaken will be shaken." (from Julie Whedbee's message found here )
I believe this earthquake will be a polar shift, possibly caused by Nibiru.  That is why vehicles and glass and all matter of things were seen floating in my dreams.  I was safe and sound in the building, having no fear but looking with wonder at the sky.  When I saw the darkness outside the window, it was like a rolling boil when you are cooking on the stove.  I see that as THE Darkness coming.  It is God's Darkness....NOT the evil one's.  This is ALL God's plan which is why we are told over and over not to fear.
I am told that there are prophecies of the three days of darkness given by "Mary, Jesus mother"  but I am not listing those here because we are not to speak to the dead and Mary is one of the dead and does not give prophecies.  So who gave that message?  The fallen angels and evil spirits are VERY familiar with these coming catastrophes and can easily fool one thinking they are hearing from "God" if they are not grounded in a relationship with Jesus. Channelings are done this way and I've read some very clever "words" that indeed are not Words at all, rather they are deceptive messages wrapped in an insincere love. Pray for discernment before all things, and be rooted in Christ! Otherwise you are giving satan a toehold that God may allow, knowing you will be refined through it.  Still, it is a difficult pill to swallow.  But I digress.

There are several Messengers who have been told by God that they will be given a "Warning" when He is ready to send the Darkness. When I see this Message, I will post it loud and clear on the Home page!  You will NOT be able to miss it. There are those that feel we will have many days of global calamities before this happens.  It is my own personal opinion that this is not the case.  I am basing this on logic only.

(UPDATE: 09/21/17)  I feel that we will see and go through SOME calamities...many have alreadyexperienced hurricanes in this 2017 season and we know that the "sign" on Sept 23 which I did not know about at the time I initially wrote this...will usher in more chaos for the USA.  The Bride around the world right now, is experiencing floods and fire, hurricanes and storms never before seen.  So I was wrong about not seeing the calamities.  However the remnant that will help in the Harvest, will NOT be hurt during these calamities because the Lord has told us so.  We are here right now this day in this place, for a purpose.  Do not doubt your location nor fear when the disasters come for the Lord will provide...He has TOLD us this.  Believe!)

1)  If there are power outages all over the earth due to natural disasters/wars, then the Warning will not be seen or heard online or on other media sources.

2)  Many people have dreams and visions where everything is F I N E and then...sudden destruction comes.

3)  If there are global disasters/wars all over the earth, then people will KNOW it is the End, and will pray to God before the darkness ever falls.  God's plan is to send Love Down, Jesus Christ His Son, He IS God and has always existed.  He is the Great I AM and will come and rescue the Bride!  It is written!

4) Updated 2/09/15 - we have since learned that the sky will turn red...and colorful ALL over the earth.  Every eye will see this and this will act as a global warning to all to get in their house because something is coming!

“For thus says the Lord God: Behold, I, I myself will search for my sheep and will seek them out. 12 As a shepherd seeks out his flock when he is among his sheep that have been scattered, so will I seek out my sheep, and I will rescue them from all places where they have been scattered on a day of clouds and thick darkness."

Ezekiel 34: 11-12

As I mentioned previously, even satan can trick people into thinking they know what is coming, only it is not the truth.  You can hear from a "familiar spirit" and think you are hearing from God.  You can watch and read multiple prophecies and feel they are true.  I even found this from Wikipedia regarding the Three Days of Darkness:

The Three Days of Darkness is an eschatological prophecy (based on private revelation) within Roman Catholicism which parallels the Ten Plagues against Egypt in Exodus.[1] This belief is not endorsed by the Holy See.


Just as God punished the Egyptians with plagues including the "three days of darkness", the theory states that God will chastise the world with darkness at the end of time. The earth will be enveloped by darkness lasting three days and three nights, the only light source that can be seen being blessed candles. Various Catholic visionaries agree that the faithful should stay within their homes during this period as most of the earth's inhabitants shall die.


Look out for signs of the three days of darkness coming. The main sign will be a sudden drop in the temperature, to an unmistakable bitterness.

Instructions for adherents

Those who subscribe to the Three Days of Darkness theory instruct people to hide in their homes immediately after they observe the "bitterly cold winter night." The faithful should lock their doors, and close their shutters. Beeswax candles previously blessed by a Catholic priest should be stored in homes in preparation for the event, as is Holy water for combatting demonic activity. Once the darkness descends, no one should go outside but rather stay indoors and pray fervently.


I include the above snippet from online to point out a few problems.1) This is not a "private" revelation as states above. It was written by the Old Testament prophets for all to read. 2) This is not a Roman Catholic prophecy It was stated long before the Church, even the Catholic Church, came into being. Again, use the Bible as your reference.And I'm not even going to go into why having a "blessed" candle is the only way to see.  Really?  There are no blessed candles or holy water in the Bible.

To wrap this all up, you can find this prophecy ALL over the internet.  But your focus should be the Bible. Also, simply pray to God and ask Him about it.  Don't rely on others for everything.  God will tell you what you need to know in a variety of ways.  First and foremost is that He speaks to you if you quiet yourself and listen to Him. Also He wrote a Book about all this stuff.  Go to your local church and ask for a Bible, they will give you a free one.  Or you can read one online here:

Just a reminder from Bon's Blog - 10/21/13

(please remember..we will NOT have darkness and evil in our homes...and those with us will KNOW this!!)

First you will see the cosmic event that I have forewarned you of, then the three days of darkness will descend. Stay in your homes, My children, as I have told you and I will come to you - each one of you - and reveal Myself to you. My angels will protect you and your families and homes during this time. You will have light in your dwellings, while there is darkness outside and many strange things happen upon the earth. You will be totally protected by My myriad of angels, so fear not, My children, for I am coming for you and will not delay!

Two confirmed Words from Sue and Barb - June 2016

06/06/16 - Sue

06/08/16 - Barb