Your Cellular Memory as a Luminescent Human in the
Days of Darkness

Please use discernment with this article but I do find it fascinating...I wonder if it goes along with the Laminin information from the video below.  I also wonder if this is how we will be shining when we are totally transformed. 

(thanks Michael!) 

Eye has not Seen!

For many of you who have been going through challenging trials this past year, the bondage of your barren winter is coming to an end.  A new day of destiny will burst forth as Jesus is calling you to run into the new level that He has for you.

Three years ago the Lord showed me a vision. Today He told me to share. He took me through a field where a great battle had been waged, and in this battlefield many people had fallen, wounded and bleeding. They all laid face down, hugging the earth. As we passed by, they reached one hand up to Him and cried out, but He kept on walking as He spoke to me.

I looked back at those on the ground, crying in anger and resentment and demanding He help them up. I asked the Lord, Why didn't you help them? He told me they wouldn't trust Him or call Him Lord, they wanted their own way. They refused to get up and walk. I looked back at them again and learned a valuable life lesson.

Calling Him Lord is the first step of many we will take as we trust. Doing so gives us the ability to stand in our place and walk with Him every moment of our lives. Trusting Him not only means our salvation, but also our deliverance in every situation we face. Kathy Mote FB


Come My mighty ones, the call to arise shall accompany My visitation. Time for the glory of Yahuah to be revealed and Zion to receive its first inhabitants. The time of new beginnings commence now in demonstration, and it begins with the rising of they who died, that My glory might be revealed through them.

A Huge Tidal Wave of Glory!

You are overcomers through the Blood of the Lamb and the Word of your testimony.

Satan and his minions are trembling under the POWER of the GLORY being released upon the earth.  You are My Glory Carriers.


Many now are already so fascinated by this new technology that coincides with the re-appearance of the Fallen, that they are being greatly deceived as to the intentions of these modern creations, which are birthed from the pit of hell. The beginning of the strong delusion that My Word speaks of is here.
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For those who love numbers...we heard this back in 2012 from Billy but it's very relevant even now.

"Gifts to the Church in 2019" and "Those Hidden By God Will Come Out of the Caves!

(remember who the church is...the "called out ones"...the word is ecclesia)   As I began to pray and cry out to our God, I saw the buckets getting bigger and coming closer and closer to the earth, emptying the scrolls all over the world. Then I saw them taking the waters that were coming from the heavens – large bucketfuls – and they were washing over the people. They were washing over the prophets, the evangelists, the apostles, teachers, and pastors. It was the fivefold ministry getting recharged with the gifts of the Spirit.

Vision 128 - China on the Move

The Lord is showing me a vision of someone with a cup in their hand. I see them bring the cup to their lips and take a drink of the water that fills this cup. They immediately spit it out because it is very bitter.

Rebirth of spiritual gifts coming in 2019


"My message and my preaching were not in persuasive words of wisdom, but in demonstration of the Spirit and of power,  so that your faith would not rest on the wisdom of men, but on the power of God."

1 Corinthians 2:4-5