Seeing in the Spirit 
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"Get ready for the ride of your life. The things He will show you will cause you great delight."

Genetic Manipulation enters a New Era

A method by which special proteins are used to excise bad genes, the CRISPR technique's potential has drawn concern from Christian and non-Christian scientists alike.

My Battle Axe and Weapons of War

You are My ordained, chosen before the foundation to be on the front lines of battle for it is you who have been trained in the weapons of this warfare, and I have already brought you forth through the fires of refinement in order that you will stand. 

Just in case you've missed these amazing headlines...

These are definitely headlines that a watchman or watchwoman needs to be aware of.  They sure are catching my attention and I feel they are pointing to our soon transformation!  ~ Hope

Vision #147 - Trouble in the Med Pt 2

(see incredible story included after Sharlene sent this to me ~ Hope)

I know I’ve seen this before! Then I saw a white and black missile launch from a ship in the ocean which I understood was the Mediterranean Sea and go straight up then curve to my right which I understood was towards Israel. 

Face to Face Encounters

Several years ago I had a dream.  In this dream I began walking down a long corridor.  There were doors on each side of the hallway.

I opened one door to the room on my right and it was a hospital room.  I then continued walking and opened a door on my left that appeared to be a guest room.

As I continued walking I heard singing that sounded like a choir but I knew that it was angels.  At this point I knew that I was dreaming and I thought to myself “If I listen, I will be able to hear the angels singing”.

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The Lion of Judah is Coming Soon!

I Will Carry You

Dance on the Puddles

Very True!!!

Sarah Jubilee

"All dreams are from Me, I use them to warn and to reveal truth, to guide and to direct, to expose what is in your heart, to make known My will. They are one of the many ways that I speak but people regard it as trash, garbage in garbage out they say, that is what is garbage, be careful not to discard My sayings just because you do not understand! Dreams are put together by Holy Spirit and you can only understand the true meaning through My help, there are many people that are deceived and give false interpretation because My Word is not their source, their key to the meaning."

Thank You - Jesus Army

"My message and my preaching were not in persuasive words of wisdom, but in demonstration of the Spirit and of power,  so that your faith would not rest on the wisdom of men, but on the power of God."

1 Corinthians 2:4-5