"Do you trust Me? Then let go and let peace have full reign in your life."

If you can only watch ten minutes, please watch from 18:00 to 28:00.  I am becoming more convinced that our transformation is next year.  In several of Kevin's videos he mentions that in 2017 an angel visited him and told him he only had two years to get everything ready for a new way to worship God.  And in this 10 minute segment he explains that "next year" is going to be totally different than this year. Remember, we aren't looking for the Rapture but rather the transformation!

"My children are coming Home."

2020 False Voices Scattered

The scattering of the false increases in 2020. The many voices who prophesy not in My name, and in My ways will continually fall on deaf ears, progressively, in 2020. I've seen the tears of My sheep as confusion has left them doubting Me and My love for them.

"​Your form will change and be transformed into My Glory."

Defleecing the Wolves

There are other passages which warn of those who would preach another gospel, initiate slander and quarrels about words, voice evil suspicions of others, display an unhealthy craving for controversy and teaching a different doctrine in disagreement with the sound words of Jesus Christ and teachings that accord with godliness (see 1 Timothy 6:3-5, Galatians 1).

"You're walking in Me, the Lamb of God."

Kathy Mote Posts

The Lord said, You will be as an estranged prophet. You will be estranged from those who you walk among. You will not be one of them as you walk among them. I will walk among them as you walk among them. It is the power of My Spirit that I send to be a sign among them.

"You are to abide in Me fully."

You Are in the Final Stages…PUSH!

As I continued listening to the heart of the Lord, I heard Him say that, “The very tension and discomfort you are feeling is similar to that of a woman about to give birth.

(lots of visions and dreams of people pregnant or giving birth!

Good info on spiritual

 warfare around us

You have been Purchased with a Price!

The Great Outpouring

The Holy Spirit showed me that there is a remnant who are being groomed and polished for a mighty revival.  Jesus is raising up a radical generation of fearless men and women of faith in this hour.

They will not settle for mediocre or lukewarm Christianity.  It will not just be the millennial’s, but also the middle aged and the elderly who are stoked with The Glory of God.

The Coming Anointing

Word to Wendy Alec

GO into the deep and cast your nets
And our hearts have sunk 
To muster the strength to go into the deep let alone cast our nets agsin
But our oh so gentle tender Saviour and a Master is standing at your side
Urging you
Just one more push
Just one more 

" But as for me, I watch in hope for the Lord, I wait for God my Savior; my God will hear me."

Micah 7:7