"Then I saw a bright crimson red calendar with crisp white letters that had a thick black outline on the letters so they stood out, they were shadowed and I saw May 2021 and two hands like this kind of like how your hands will unroll something. And these two hands were unrolling this blood-covered calendar and they were rolling it out and down and I saw June, July, August and September."  -The Flaming Spear dream -      Pastor Dana

Excitement and Expectancy

There is coming a GLORIOUS EXPECTANCY upon the Body of Christ; Like a horse chomping at the bit, waiting to be released from the gate!

You will know that you know that SOMETHING BIG is about to happen and JOY will overtake sorrow, SIGHING shall flee, and the tears of defeat shall turn to SHOUTS OF VICTORY. Hold on, Child of God, I hear, “You ain’t seen nothin’ yet!!”

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It's Time to Come Inside!

The first week in April, the Holy Spirit told me I was to quickly finish the assignments He’d given, then to “come inside.”  He showed me a vision of myself walking into my house, turning and shutting the door behind me.  

The Way Home 

Early this morning I had a couple dreams that were all about the way home. In the first dream the highway I was on turned into a rocky grass path, not even a road. Yet I knew it was the path I had to take home.

The Father says:
"I want My People to stop speaking as the world speaks. Most of the people in the world system are spiritually dead. The words they say are dead. They come from death, and perpetuate death. My people need to speak LIFE. They should speak life over themselves, over their family members, over their city, over their nation. My Spirit will give you the words to say. Say those words, and watch as I bring life and restoration."  Jeffrey Stewart


Everyone thought that the Abraham Accords would end when Joe Biden became the pretend president, but in fact, just the opposite is taking place...

(I don't agree with everything Snyder says but we DO need to keep watch on this, thanks Dee!)

The Appearance,
The Last Door and
The Revelation Gate


Nothing Shall be Wasted!

Do not Fear!  Help is on the Way!  -  Vision

Standing Strong in a
Tug of War

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" And Enoch walked with God: and he was not; for God took him ."

Genesis 5:24