The 144,000 - (I think she needs more subscribers...very prophetic dreams! - Hope)

US warns no one will be ‘fully pleased’ by
 Israeli-Palestinian peace plan

Hope note - pay attention to the articles that discuss both peace and Kushner.  Remember #86 of Sharlene's visions?  The "mystery man" is working behind the scenes while Jared is doing his dirty work. The USA EQ will be triggered by the signing of this forthcoming plan....keep watch!

I've ordered this series and am starting it the weekend of Labor Day >>>

The Being with God series that I will be starting soon, contains the first several pages of each book in the series...for your perusal.  This one caught my attention!  >>>>>

Understanding who we are - Graham Cooke

I listened to this is powerful!  if you are feeling very pfft and human, like you are never going to amount to much, LISTEN to this!   I have had a few prophetic Words spoken over me from the past 5 years and they were SO important to me...that I laminated them!  It's not because of what God says about me...but

that these Words are FROM God,

the SAME God that spoke to all the prophets.  So these prophetic Words MUST be true and I have held them close to me all these years! ~ Hope

Powers will quake and topple by My Glory

Those who know Me will then arise and make known to others the truths of the end of the age. My glory will be poured out, and healing, salvation, and deliverance will be evident for the unbelieving to see, drawing them into My kingdom as the world powers quake and topple by the sovereign move of My glory.

This explains why I've not read much about ISIS 

these past few months.Excerpt: 

" Islamic State transforming from 'proto-state' to covert terrorist network"

Beginning of Woes

Is not My Wisdom, My Dear Son, My Great Plan for Mankind! These, My Son has been Wooing for sometime now. This Company is His Bride that has been preparing Herself in Me.

If you are discouraged because God seems to be taking longer than you had Lisa's visions!  Even the first few pages are very uplifting and prompt you to think about things above, not below!

Hope here - my favorite thing about this woman to the left, is that she goes to the Lord for her dream interpretations.  She does ask for our thoughts sporadically, but otherwise goes to God.  He told me a while back, "You cannot trust others to give you correct interpretation of what I am trying to show you."

 So I only go to Him now!

ALL the Words from Julie Whedbee in a PDF-free!

Julie has made all her Message available at no charge.  Also you can now purchase DVDs from her at a very reasonable charge...again these are Messages from God Himself in my opinion.  ~ Hope

Along with Graham...

The anointing the Lord placed on your life is the reason you stand where you are today. The plot twists, the rejection, the damage to your health and appearance, and your ruined reputation are not a sentence against you, they are the backdrop and springboard for the glory of the Lord to be seen.

Message to Anne Shikuh

I desire to give you a permanent healing, from the inside out. When you have truly healed from your past, you can be in those places or with people and in situations that used to trigger all the pain on the inside, but you now don't feel the pain.


When you truly come to Me in unity, your spirit is drawn back into harmony with My Spirit, and you will have the understanding that I (We) exist outside of the parameters this world operates from. With Me, in Me, there is no past, present, or future. There is only the moment of NOW, as I am Eternal-- no beginning, no end.

   I favorited this one!

"My message and my preaching were not in persuasive words of wisdom, but in demonstration of the Spirit and of power,  so that your faith would not rest on the wisdom of men, but on the power of God."

1 Corinthians 2:4-5