Every year we receive this catalog at my house and my husband and I make decisions to give gifts.  I thought this year you may want to look at it and see where God leads.  ~ Hope 

The Wonder Women are Coming out of the Trenches!

When I got home The Lord showed me a scene from the movie “Wonder Woman”.  In this scene Wonder Woman was in the trenches and could see what was taking place. She was protected and hidden from the enemy.  The soldiers began to tell her what was happening to a nearby village that the enemy had destroyed. As she heard the level of attack against the innocent she was filled with compassion. You could see her eyes fill with the love of the broken, wounded and lost villagers. 


What Cannot Be Shaken

(this one is most excellent!)

The saint also closed the book where his heart cry had been recorded and went about his day’s responsibilities. I watched the book as it lay there. It seemed to be vibrating as if it was a living thing and I could see fragrance trails rise into the atmosphere and move heavenward. The book had a warm glow, like a nightlight next to a small child’s bed,  I watched as at various times, an angel would be sent to fetch the book and carry it to the Throneroom and then the One on the throne would pick up the book, breathe its fragrance and then hold it close to His heart.

Latest Vision from Sarah Jubilee

He continued speaking: "I want to take you into a place of repentance beyond the veil. Follow your High Priest." The moment He said 'follow Me' I was walking behind Him. I was looking at His back focusing on staying behind Him wherever He was leading.   The authority and glory radiating from Him drew me into repentance. It made me want to follow Him closer.  

The Book Is About To Close On The
Late Great United States Of America

Guys, this is an article by Michael Snyder that was sent to me, and it contains a VERY interesting dream from Joannie Stahl!  Also Marty Breeden, both of whom I post on here periodically.   ~ Hope

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A Time for Full Repentence and Change Has Come!

Wise as Serpents — Harmless as Doves

Words of Wisdom


The Shofar Blast!

" But as for me, I watch in hope for the Lord, I wait for God my Savior; my God will hear me."

Micah 7:7