After much prayer and pondering, I feel it is time to close the website.  The reason for this is because at this point, the Lord has "called in" most of His remnant of the Bride.  Everyone that reads this knows by now whether they are part of the future harvest or not. This means I will NOT have another website.  It seems this website will be cancelled October 10 but after that someone else will either have the domain name, or it will disappear.  But it will no longer be edited by me.

I am not stopping watching, trust me! I am posting daily Words from the Lord on Facebook:

While I've not felt led to record a video in a while, my Youtube channel can be found here:

Do NOT worry about getting an email or notification about the 3 day warning.  If I am on Facebook and Youtube, I will surely record that there.  However we have been told that ALL of the Remnant will KNOW that the darkness is coming.  No "man" will have to tell you.  You should all be hearing from the Lord at this point, even if just once in a while.  


I will begin to remove all the pages on this website so if you want to keep any of them, copy and paste them now into a Word document or editor of your own.  I would HIGHLY suggest downloading the PDFs that I've posted.  Most importantly Lisa's VIsions PDF.

If you have any questions, you can email me here.  It's been a pleasure to have this website and I couldn't ask for a better ministry than one of calling in and edifying the Bride of Christ.  I plan to see you all in Heaven if not before!  :)