Excerpt: " We wanted children to walk into school and show off their new bionic hand and 

make their friends envious."

It's Time to Possess the Heavens

There shall be a Spiritual catching up of the 144 000 forerunner sons of God after the order of Melchizedeck and this Kingdom shift into the glory realm and fullness of God shall be the fulfillment of the Lord's prayer

She will Rise from the Dead

Recently, while speaking with a prophet of the Lord, he said, ‘Diana, God told me while I was praying for you yesterday, “I had to wound her deeply to prepare her for what I have called her to do.”

Vision 105 - The Persecuted Church in China

Then the scene changed and I saw the President of China sitting at a large table surrounded by other Chinese government dignitaries. But hovering behind him was a huge evil spirit- probably a principality, who was whispering in his right ear.  


He asked me to come walk with Him, that He wanted to talk to me and show me some things for further understanding. He took my hand, and as He moved to my right side, He began speaking as we walked. Then He stopped and pointed and told me to look.

Precious Stone - Anne Shikuh

There are My precious stones buried and dumped here. Abandoned. Trampled on. Left alone. Rejected. Outcast. People have given up on them. Despised. Bruised and left for dead. Misunderstood and castaway.”

I look around. I can’t see any precious stone. Honestly. The Lord sees the bewilderment in my eyes.

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My Precious One,

Do you remember how I sent an angel to speak to Joseph in a dream to save their marriage? Mary had no way of convincing him to stay. She could not persuade him in any way to believe her. I used an angel. And a dream. I can do it again. I know how to access places in your spouse's heart that are impossible for you to access. I can turn the heart and I can transform any life. Do not argue. Do not fight. Come to Me. Trust Me. (Anne Shikuh)

The Barley Fruit is Ripe

I have my first-fruits company, My wave offering. They stand head and shoulders above the rest in terms of readiness for reaping for they have yielded to the ministrations of My wind and My rain and they have soaked in the light of the Sun of Righteousness. These are the ones that are My jewels. No leaven is in them. I will gather them by My own hand and wave them as a trophy and an offering before My Father
(thanks Michael!)

October 2018, 5779 and Beyond!

MY Army will Manifest


Putin absolves Israel in downing of spy plane, but warns PM:
Don’t let it recur

We know how Putin gets revenge...poison.  IMO this "using" of the Russian spy plane as a shield for the Israel jets...

is GENIUS!  

"My message and my preaching were not in persuasive words of wisdom, but in demonstration of the Spirit and of power,  so that your faith would not rest on the wisdom of men, but on the power of God."

1 Corinthians 2:4-5