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Discerning the Times of the Army of God

When the Glory begins to manifest in such a way that people begin to come to Me, the leaders of both the organized Church and the Nation will take notice and they will begin to feel that they have lost their place.

The Israeli government votes the leaders in this Sunday.  Since their country has many parallels with the USA election, I'm wondering if this will indeed be a difficult transition.  ~ Hope

Behold, Your God

Folks, I saw this Pastor Paul and Steve Quayle video and it blew me away.  Here is the 5 minute video Pastor Paul talks about if you don't want to watch all the video to the left.  

Also, Cindy by the Sea has some interesting info as well. Be sure to check out her article.  

~ Hope

My Encounter with an Angel named Acceleration

" I bring the Wind and the Lightning which accelerates your process of change and I bring to birth the New Heavenly Realities that you are called to walk in. Get ready for more changes and new directions. "

The Lord said, You have lost every notion and delusion of grandeur as you acknowledged your undoing was by My hand. By telling you the Truth, I saved you from falling into Lucifer's hands. You will stand in My presence and I will stand in yours as my glory is revealed. All this is according to My plan.

You will no longer have a carnal or Earthbound perspective on anything you see. Instead you will see Me, My Kingdom, My power, My glory and My will that every heart know Who I AM. Your life was not to give you an Earthly life but to bring you to Life in My presence.  Kathy Mote - FB

Warriors of Endurance

The Testing Floor & Watchmen and
 Fire Wind

Kevin Zadai - 06/08/21

Valiant and Fearless

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" And Enoch walked with God: and he was not; for God took him ."

Genesis 5:24