From John Clements on FB - 1-11-21
For I have not changed my mind concerning what will take place, my David who will sit in the White House another fours years , and not only will I drain the swamp, But I will remove every creature in it, and this will happen for I am not a man that I would lie , for what I have spoken will come to pass , and in this next two weeks there will begin a ground swell, and even as they have begun to censor the truth , I tell you now I will begin to censor them they will lose there fortunes and even their minds , for they have not given me the Glory , actually they have robbed me the Glory due my name, Watch what happens next the one thing about their arrogance they will not be able to see it coming, if they would humbled them selves than I would extend my mercy to them , but they have said within we are are own masters , and that is a lie , they will find out when all the control that they had will be stripped from them ,for they are about to enter my dark night. saith God

Word to Kathy Mote

The Lord showed me this picture and said, This is you now. You are weary and tired from the wait, much too tired to go on. But you refuse to budge. You won't relent.

(Hope note - SO TRUE!!!)

A Good Daily Devotional to Watch

Stand Still!

I have you, safe in My arms, and you are not a prey to the enemy. I will fight for you, defend you, protect you and provision you.

(Hope note - this picture looks a lot like my daughter...and this is EXACTLY where she is!)

Last night while sitting on my bed, I heard the sound of marching. I turned my head and in the Spirit I saw massive amounts of angels all marching in military fashion row by row as they marched by my bed. They were being sent from Heaven to take up positions everywhere for heavens purposes for our land.  Susan O'Marra

Just Be!

I AM turning your spirit of “sighing” into a “sigh of relief.” You are the REDEEMED of The LORD. Let this TRUTH set you free, Beloved. Gladness and joy will overtake you and sorrow and SIGHING will flee!

Wait for Me, All is not as it Seems, America

All is not as it seems.

Do not open the door to fear, through your own anxiety, worry, and watching and listening to the enemy’s projections, threats, intimidation, and bullying of what he says will happen.

I’ve got his number. Many think I AM puny and weak, that I lie, as men lie.

Another Army

Off with her Head

At this point, I can’t repent of what I have written or spoken because I am still getting insight from The LORD to continue to write concerning Trump and other topics.

Removing Conservative Voices

The Birds & the Maul

Why I believe Trump remains in office

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" And Enoch walked with God: and he was not; for God took him ."

Genesis 5:24