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The Lord said we are about to receive the deepest revelation of His heart. It comes to us on the crest of a great wave that is being poured out. The revelation of His heart will quicken our heart. We will be alive to Him. We will literally stand in His embrace. Our every thought will be hearing His thoughts of us. This is how we will know His will, by knowing His heart as we give ear to what He says. We will live with the revelation of His deepest grace. We are one step closer to His return. Kathy Mote
The Lord said, You are now standing where no one has stood before, in a place that has not been revealed until now. You will see what it has all been for. Realizing the desire of My heart, you will be transformed. Those who don't know will not be utterly left behind. Seeing you shine, many will rise to the light. At first they won't track you as you traverse the sky, all your cares left behind and every tear you have shed dried. Your joy will not be contained as you leave this life. You will be as a flame of fire, a shining and bright light. My darling, My Beloved, you are Mine, and all that you will become is Mine. Kathy Mote

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Recently the Lord has spoken to me early in the morning just before I get out of bed.  I feel we are all able to hear Him more easily at this time and so I encourage you to ask Him to speak and then just "listen" and wait upon Him.  You might be surprised what you hear and how it affects you.

Move out in March!

A Remnant 

In a time when many are gathering on the battlefield, there stands a remnant, few in number, separated, set apart from those set apart. In a vision I see them, standing together, straight and still. There is no murmuring among them, no complaining, and no tears will be shed for the price they paid to stand where they stand.
I have said this before and I am told to say it again. Trump will have a second term. He will accomplish all the Lord built him for during that time.  Kathy Mote 02/28/21

Kathy Mote - Vision of a Deep Tar Pit (DC)

In a vision I saw a deep tar pit. The stench of it corrupted all who came near and all who were corrupted fell into it. The Lord said, You have no idea how deep the pit is, how deep the corruption goes, or the point of it.   
The Lord said, I will make war on those who war against peace. Those gathered together have gathered to war against Me. I will come with a sword. I will bring peace, and all the ceaseless clamor and violence will cease. They are utterly unaware that I have gathered them all in one place. I will bring silence to the battlefield, but oh, what devastation there will be.

Breaking New Ground

Go Deep!  Go Deep!

Golden Oil flowing thru United States

Magical sunset in Trondheim, Norway

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" And Enoch walked with God: and he was not; for God took him ."

Genesis 5:24