"In this season My People will fully understand My Grace, My Glory, what it means to be in My Son, what it means for My Son to be in them, what My Son purchased for them on the Cross - all things - so My Children can walk as Jesus walked and minister as He ministered - so My Purposes for His Bride will be completely fulfilled, and My Son's joy will be made full."  Jeffrey Stewart

On the Third Day!

He is rising up an end time overcoming people, a man-child company, a bride, sons and daughters who will complete the work Jesus started on the earth.

God gave me a word while pondering the Liberty Bell in the dream below >>>

"The Data Dream" - new Pastor Dana Dream

Pastor Dana shares this new prophetic dream regarding congress, the 2020 election and the Biden family. This is the Data Dream

The Return -
Word to 

Kent Christmas

Amazing Grace in 50 Countries...gave me Holy Spirit chills!

“These covenant men and women of God will be like hot irons plucked from the fire. They will press in and apply great pressure to anything and everything that is uncleaned and defiled.
They will be oracles of righteousness, messengers gripped by repentance and the fear of the Lord, prophets who despise and weep over wickedness, and sin. They are forerunners, deliverers, and faithful to the truth no matter what it costs them.
Their convictions are FIERCE.
Their consecration is INTENSE.
and everyone wants them to tone it down.
These are the righteous ones who are called to prepare the Bride for her Bridegroom.”   (Jeremiah Johnson's book)

" The rioters started assaulting the protesters who weren't violent and they were beaten and left for dead on the side of the roads."  from Pastor Dana dreams..."Two Weeks in October"

My Glory is Breaking Out Around You

The LORD is sitting upon His Throne and My Glory is all around you.  You shall see it not only in The Spirit but in the natural also as a sign that I AM with you.

Therefore I will again confound the world with wonder upon wonder.  The wisdom of the wise will vanish, and the intelligence of the intelligent will be hidden. 

The Righteous One knows what is going on in the homes of the wicked; He will bring disaster on them. 
Proverbs 21:12

"Early-season winter storm hits northern U.S., breaking scores of snowfall records"

"A great earthquake is coming to your land. Your government will try to help but will only be able to help a small number. No food, no water no electricity will be common place and to add insult to injury it is going to be cold, freezing cold." 278pikelk 2012

A Season of Victory and Recovery

Mike FATW's Meteor Storm, Coming to a Sky near You!

Judgement on the 
House of God

Waltzing with His Bride

Braced for the
Journey Ahead

" And Enoch walked with God: and he was not; for God took him ."

Genesis 5:24