Sharlene's Visions

A friend sent me an email of Sharlene's visions and we've been corresponding ever since.  Sharlene lives in Canada and has been having visions on and off since 2016.  Lately they have seemed very end time prophetic in nature and the Lord has revealed to her that she should post them publicly.  If this is your first time to read these, please start at the bottom with Vision #1.

Feel free to copy these public visions but PLEASE post a link back to this page...I feel the Lord wants people to read in full, not in part.

Hope note - I asked Sharlene about my adding interpretations to her visions as led by the Holy Spirit and she agreed.  She does not read other's visions and dreams and Messages so does not know about the multitude of confirmations out there!  She told me to go ahead with anything led by the Spirit.  You will now see interpretations below some of the visions...just like I did with Lisa's Visions.

In alphabetical order of Subject

AC - 9, 11, 15, 27

AI - 14

Aliens - 17

Armageddon - 19

Damascus - 21

Earthquakes - 16

Jesus - 18

Heaven - 24

Mark - 12

Meteors - 13, 28

Missiles Israel - 10

Missiles USA - 4, 5

Netanyahu - 8, 9, 11

Obama - 27

Other leaders - 9

Persecution - 3, 6

Terrorists - 20

Treaty - 8, 9

Trump - 8, 9

Tsunamis - 25, 26

Volcanoes - 23

War USA - 1, 2, 7, 22

Vision #28 Feb 16/18 9:30 pm

Jesus is still King of Kings sitting on this Mercy Seat in the Throne Room. I spent time just being still before Him then went into praise and worship. Jesus was there letting me become aware that there was another vision to see. I walked to the “vision room.” As I was walking down the staircase, I noticed I could see more of the expanse of the room. There were more pillars to see in the distance. They are very tall, maybe 200’ high or higher as the ceiling is veiled but it’s there. I noticed them to be smooth and solid white sitting on rounded mounds on the bottom. The mounds are smooth too. To try and describe how big the bottom mounds are, I’ve seen a Believer/saint standing near one of the closer ones near the vision room area, the Believer is very small and maybe near ½ the height of it. My saint friend was standing in the back of everyone. I also noticed now that she is wearing a white robe.  The rest of the Believers remain veiled.  She greeted me with joy and a hug and we again looked towards the screen. She didn’t speak to me. The vision opened with a scene from outer space and a large asteroid filled about half the screen. My perspective was seeing it from behind and it’s right side. It was slowly spinning closely beside a partial view of what appeared to maybe be an orange/brown planet. I could see stars in the distance and a few other planets but I didn’t recognize them. Suddenly the asteroid exploded as a giant force hit it but I didn’t see what it was. Then I saw many smaller pieces of the asteroid spinning faster and heading what I understood was towards earth. I saw earth in the far distance as a dot. I asked Jesus if these meteors hit the earth and He replied “Yes.” But I understood that they don’t destroy it. I heard Him say something about ”1/3 of the earth will be destroyed.” He wasn’t specific as to what 1/3 will be destroyed. I asked if this also is to happen soon and He replied “Yes”. So not very soon. I understood that it is part of the wrath of God. It is also connected to my vision #13 written Jan 24/18.    Revelation 8 Judgments

Hope note - it is my opinion that Sharlene is in the vision room with the "cloud of witnesses" from Hebrews 12.  Who makes up these witnesses?  The writer of Hebrews clearly tells us in the previous chapter.  They are Old Testament saints and those who have gone before us...the dead in Christ (Stephen may be the one pointed to in Heb 11:37.  Sharlene has also told me that her friend from previous visions is now identifiable to her as someone who passed a while a few years back.  The people in Heaven are more alive than we are!  They are our friends, family, and those from the Bible (vision 20) and others we have yet to meet!  I feel that Jesus is showing us two things in these to come, and a description of a part of Heaven. I have read of others who go to this place to "see" what is happening below.  Sharelene leaves the Throne Room in order to see this vision screen.  How exciting that we get to be a part of what she is seeing in Heaven...we are like the cloud of witnesses only from below! 

Vision #27 Feb 15/18 am

After my time in the Throne Room, I sensed Jesus encouraging that there was another vision to see. As I stood on top of the staircase that goes down to the other Believers/saints below what I call the vision room, I saw more or the area. The space was huge! I saw more pillars in the distance and larger one closer to my left. The saints were really small from the top so this staircase is higher up than I thought. The Believers were below to my right but some were at about my 1 o’clock. As I got to the bottom to join the others my unidentified friend came to me and hugged me. I saw her face! I will leave that private as it’s too emotional for me to share that right now. I will hold it loosely but my suspicions are correct in who it is. Nevertheless, I will stay focused on my task at hand. She stood beside me on my left as we viewed the giant screen. The vision opened up to me seeing a man wearing a suit and having nice shoes walking down a street or a corridor with people on either side cheering him and bowing down to him. My perspective was as if I was just above him looking down. I did not see his face. The corridor or street path went towards some kind of official place like a temple or significant place of worship. 

The scene changed to seeing Obama getting out of a parked black car as someone had opened the door for him like he was some kind of great dignitary. People were cheering and he waved. Journalists were taking pictures covering the event. He got out on the right side of the car and proceeded to walk towards a man who was surrounded with an entourage; soldiers, men in suits and body guards type- like officers that surround a President. The man is the man of mystery and his face is shrouded in a blurred vision (see Vision #9) so I can’t identify him. He was wearing a suit and had those nice shoes on. Obama then walked up some stairs to shake his hand and slightly bowed towards him to give the man of mystery honour. The crowd in the background continued to cheer as journalists continued to cover the event. Then the man of mystery and Obama walk up some more steps which looks like the steps of the seat of satan. Then Obama stops before half way and watches as the man of mystery proceeds to walk up to the top of the stairs alone. The man of mystery stands on the top of the stairs on the platform, faces the crowd, raises his arms and expects praise and worship. Obama bows and worships the man of mystery. The crowd were thousands. I understood that Obama is some kind of assistant who has been given great authority; like a man second in command. I asked Jesus what Obama’s title is and He didn’t respond. He gave me the understanding that Obama will have great authority. I am sick with what I’m seeing yet not surprised. Oh Lord it’s overwhelming.

Vision #26 Feb 11/18 Sunday evg.

Another difficult vision.

After my time worshiping Jesus in the Throne Room, I went to the vision room. My saint friend that I’ve been encountering whom I still can’t identify, was standing in the back as if to wait for me. We stood beside each other with my friend on my left and we looked at the screen together. The vision opened up with President Putin’s face filling the screen. Then I saw some kind of Russian fighter jet/aircraft flying high over the Atlantic Ocean and flying towards the USA. I saw New York City in the horizon. Then the scene changed as I saw a huge underwater explosion which was in the Atlantic Ocean. I understood it was nuclear. I am wondering what the connection is with Russia and the nuclear explosion. Jesus didn’t clarify that. The scene then changed again as I was looking north mid air at an incredible massive wave that dwarfed the tall buildings on the edge of a city. I understood it was New York City. The wave poured over everything in sight. It hit fast and hard as I saw tall buildings collapse like dominoes one against the other. I turned my head west and saw that the water surge went far into the city and immersed it. I didn’t hear anyone screaming or see anyone running. They didn’t know what hit them. It was daylight. I asked Jesus, when will this happen. He replied “Soon.” I said “There will be a significant lot of loss of life.” Jesus replied, “Yes, they refuse to listen and repent. They are a wicked city.”

Vision #25 Feb 10/18 Sat. around 8 pm

I had been worshiping Jesus as king in the Throne Room. My perspective of the vision room- it’s what I’m calling it now- was changing as I was noticing more details of the room. It is huge and I can’t see the ceiling. I saw pillars a head of me in the distance and the staircase was stately, bright white and wide but not steep. The Believer/saint that I have been encountering remained veiled but stood up to welcome me. I went there. I greeted the saint and we both turned to the giant screen. The vision opened up to me standing on a beach in front of an ocean. I looked at the horizon and a giant wave appeared. It didn’t take long to see that it was the biggest wave I’ve ever seen! It was like out of a movie and may have been 100’. I looked to my right and my perspective changed to mid-air and I was looking north. I saw a mountain range at my 1 or 2 o’clock. There were a few people on the beach walking in a daze. I saw a few buildings that looked like they had previously collapsed. There was destruction that already had occurred. The wave was fast approaching, was about to hit and I heard screaming and saw people running but there was no place to go. The wave poured over the area and and covered everything. I looked east to see the surge travel inward for miles and miles. It was so devastating. I also saw that this wave affects Vancouver BC but I didn’t see any destruction or what occurs as a result. I understood then that the area was the NW subduction zone and the tsunami wave was the result of a massive earthquake that had hit this zone. I asked Jesus when this was to happen and He replied “Very Soon.” Lord have mercy.

Vision #24 Feb 7/18

This morning I had a beautiful vision of encouragement to all the Believers. As I was standing by a lake and forest and i looked up into the sky and I saw it full of giant eagles and we were riding on their backs as they were flying!! It was a beautiful sight. Earlier, in my devotions and time in my garden where I often sit on a bench with Jesus by a stream that runs in my garden, a bald eagle that I have seen recently was suddenly huge. Before, he was my height when I was sitting on the bench. Now he was a giant eagle, dwarfing me. I was then sitting on his back and we soared over a forest and an ocean!  I was so encouraged. The song "They that wait upon the Lord will renew their strength" came into my head.  Jesus gave me Isaiah 40:31 "But those who hope in the Lord will renew their strength. They will soar on wings like eagles; they will run and not grow weary, they will walk and not be faint." I heard Jesus say to all the Believers "For all who's hope is in ME, you will fly and soar like the eagles." I understood that this is to be a reminder for us to trust Him for what is to come.

Hope note - I asked Sharlene about the Garden and she said she learned how to set one up for herself, from this video by Dr. P Green

Vision #23 Feb 5/18 11pm

It was late and I sensed I needed to ask Jesus if there was another vision. I went to the place where I always see my visions. The other saints/Believers were there too. They are always veiled so I don’t know who they are. I turned to look at the screen and immediately I saw a volcanic eruption from a single mountain. My view was seeing the volcano in the background of the screen to the left. The huge pyroclastic grey cloud was very evident as it blew high into the air. I saw an orange/black explosion after that of lava pouring out of the mountain top. In the foreground of the scene, Asian looking children and adults were screaming and running towards me. I saw a face of a young person- maybe a teenager- with a look of terror. It was like a 3-D picture as the face stood out. I saw the lava river destroy the vegetation and homes. The landscape was tropical. I wasn’t sure if it was a densely populated area as I saw only a few homes destroyed by the lava. I asked Jesus why this had to happen. He replied: “My people need to pray, pray for their nation, repent and return to Me.” I didn’t have any clarity where this is to occur or when.

Vision #22 Feb 4/18 9:11pm

After my Throne Room time, I walked to the area where the others were. This time I actually met someone and shook their hand but their face was veiled. No idea if it was a man or woman. I said hello and greeted the saint warmly. I understood they were waiting for me. That made me smile. Looking at the screen, it revealed ½ an aircraft carrier in the ocean. It’s bow was sticking out from beside what looked like possibly an island. The port side was close to the side of the land. My view was that I was somewhat above the water looking towards the land and the carrier on the port side of it. It was a tropical setting. I noticed land on the other side of the ship in the distance as if maybe it was sitting partially in a bay. I understood that the aircraft carrier was an American ship. Then I saw a fighter jet to my left in the air and attacking it with small missiles. Then I saw an exhaust pathway of a larger missile in the sky arch it’s way toward the ship off the starboard side. It landed on the carrier. There was a huge explosion. I understood that there were other ships under attack but I didn’t see them. I mentioned to Jesus that there would be a lot of lives lost. He replied, “Yes.” I asked who is attacking them but He didn’t respond. So I thought to ask more specific questions. Was it North Korea? He replied “No.” I asked if it was Russia and He replied “Yes.” I then understood that it as part of the attack on America. Interesting that I looked at the time when I saw the vision. I don’t always think to look. It was 9:11 pm .Wow

Vision #21 Feb 3/18 late evg

I was in the Throne Room and Jesus is still the King. He even stood while we were singing to Him. I noticed, although they were very veiled, I saw some of the Elders standing and clapping their hands when I was singing: The Joy of the Lord is my strength. I gave them honour and smiled at them. After I finished praise and worship and praying, I went down to the others where the screen is. They were all murmuring among themselves. One pointed to the screen and was surprised! So I looked and all I saw was a fighter jet close up, but viewing it from behind, maneuvering this way and that way like it was trying to avoid getting shot down. It all went quite quickly. Then I noticed a small force of jet fighters coming in from my right. They were with the jet that I was so closely viewing. At first I didn’t know what was going on. The jet I saw close up started shooting missiles at some kind of target below. The small force of jets were very close by and seem to be engaged in attack as well. I understood now that the fighter jets belonged to the IDF. I asked Jesus what was going on? I was at a loss of what I was observing. Then I understood to look down. I was still up in the air observing this like the jet's point of view. I saw a city in the short distance with a rocky sandy landscape around it. Then I saw a huge explosion!! It was bright! It filled the screen. The jet quickly banked to my left and I heard the pilot was speaking in Hebrew as if to confirm that the target was hit. I asked Jesus what just happened. What was just destroyed? Was that Damascus? He replied “Yes.” Wow.

Vision #20 Feb 2/18 8pm

My time in the Throne Room is changing. Jesus is now a King wearing His bright white robe, on His head is His golden crown with gems and this is the first time I noticed His golden scepter in His right hand. On His feet were golden sandals. I also saw some of the 24 Elders bowing low before the King Jesus. I followed their lead and was incredibly humbled. Oh wow! For some reason I understood one of them to be Jeremiah.  (I’m studying Jeremiah right now) Then after some time of praise and worship, they got up and sat on their thrones. They were gold. Then I heard a voice saying “Who will go for us?” I said “I will if you prepare me and equip me, knowing You carry my burdens for me and will be with me.” But I noticed a different saint go forward. It wasn’t my time yet. Then I was thinking it was time to see if there were any more visions. So I left the area and went down some stairs to the area where I watch the visions. The screen was filled with an ISIS soldier: he was wearing all black and a black bandana type head covering and was standing inside of a bus by the driver pointing a machine gun at a bus full of children and some adults! I didn’t know if they were missionary or regular school children. But Jesus did confirm they were school children. Then I had a side profile look as if I was in the air and saw the bus surrounded by ISIS soldiers and a couple of military vehicles. I saw the ISIS black flag attached to one of the military vehicles. The road was a sandy dirt road. The land was rocky, dry, sandy and dusty. I did not see any trees. I was thinking maybe it was northern Syria but I didn’t get any confirmation. I understood we need to pray! I do not know if this has happened or will. I don’t even know if the media will pick this up. But God have mercy! We need to pray!!

Vision #19 Jan 31/18 950 pm

I was in the area with all the others where I view the visions. I wasn’t sure if there were more to see after the last one seeing Jesus as The King. But the screen opened to the view of a huge Archangel battling a huge demonic principality. Looking beyond them as they were in the front of the scene I saw a huge battle of angels and demons fighting in the heavenlies what looked to be over the land of Israel. I recognized the land. I understood the Archangel to be the angel that guards Israel which is Michael. Then off in the upper left to my 11 o’clock I saw Jesus coming in the clouds riding on a white horse in bright glory with the saints surrounding Him. Jesus was wearing white and His eyes were blazing. I thought they looked like blue fire. There were thousands and thousands of saints- probably more like multitudes- I couldn’t count- all wearing armour with their swords drawn. Looking again at the Archangel, his face was human like but I didn’t see it closely. He was wearing some white with beautiful golden armour. I thought I saw something red- maybe his belt or the gems on his belt? (that area wasn’t so clear) His sword was bright, huge and golden. His wings were large white and bright. The entity he was battling was a large black dragon type- I understood it to be a principality. I also understood that this was the final battle.

Vision #18 Jan 30/18 noon

I had been worshiping Jesus in The Throne Room and as I was being still before Him but I knew Jesus was waiting to show me another vision. I started singing my way to the spot where all the others were where we viewed the visions. But when I got there, they were all on their knees bowing in reverence. So I stopped singing and followed their lead. When I looked up as to why, oh wow! There stood King Jesus in all His glory, with a golden crown with gems on His head and wearing a brilliant white robe. His arms were somewhat outstretched and His palms facing me. The light was warm and beaming so brightly. I think it must have been somewhat veiled otherwise I don’t think I could have looked at it! His hair was dark brown wavy medium length and His beard was short. I was too far away to see the colour of His eyes. He smiled and His glory warmed me. I was in awe! Then He began speaking: “I am coming soon. Whoever has ears let them hear. Listen to the words of MY prophets. Be ready. Here I am! I stand at the door and knock. If anyone hears My voice and opens the door, I will come in and eat with that person and they with Me. I am The Alpha and The Omega, The Beginning and The End.” ( He had emphasized MY prophets and I understood this as a warning to be discerning of false ones.) I am wondering if this is the end of my visions? (Hope note - I told her no...He was just getting started)

Vision #17 Jan 28/18 Sunday late evg. 

It seems that I prefer to go to the area where many others are viewing the same visions as me. Jesus is allowing me to go there. I looked around me and saw many other Believers but did not see clearly anyone’s face to be able to identify them. Looking at the screen, a face of an alien filled it. The eyes were huge and completely black. It reminded me of what many sci-fi movies show. The skin was smooth and greenish. The head was somewhat enlongated when I saw a side profile. Then the picture went into night time sci-fi scene where I saw an alien spaceship flying above tall buildings in a city. It was weird, something out of a movie like Independence Day but different. The space ship was grey/black and I saw flashing red lights on its side and underside. The underside had designs or markings on it of some kind. Then the scene went to a mountain top where I saw demon looking angels. I understood them to be fallen angels. There were about 3 of them. I saw their talons and dark wings which reminded me of bats but these creatures were very large. They were muscular and grotesque. I didn’t see them up close. They reminded me of satan when I saw them but different. (I’ve seen satan a couple of times in different visions which have nothing to do with these visions) I understood them to be connected to the nephilim. It was a bit confusing. I asked Jesus if the fallen angels were part of the Nephilim and He replied “Yes”. Then the picture changed to police officers and a pilot who had completely black eyes, even the sclera. I understood that there was demonic possession with them. There is also an understanding that there will be a deception with the aliens as they are not aliens but rather demons in disguise.

Vision #16 Jan 27/18

Same as always, I was worshiping in the Throne Room. I went to view with the others right away. The screen was filled with a mountain and then mountain range. Then there was great shaking. Earthquakes! I saw California and the NW coast shaking. Streets were cracking down the middle and one side was rising and the other falling. A satellite view showed part of California fall into the ocean! Then there was the picture of people screaming and running; it was horrendous- utter Chaos. Then I saw the big mountain I saw in the beginning begin to crack and crumble. The entire screen was shaking! Great destruction was happening along the west coast of America and Canada too. I saw buildings collapse, large buildings collapsing. I saw I think was the golden gate bridge- the one in San Fransisco Bay fall apart. I asked Jesus when this will happen and He said “Very soon.” There will a lot of loss of life I said. He said “It has to be. They haven’t repented.” I asked about the righteous- would He destroy the righteous along with the wicked? He replied He would warn the righteous. If they listen to Me, they will hear and they will go.”

Vision #15 Jan 26/18

This is crazy but serious information. This vision started with the screen filled with the face of Hitler! He was speaking German, addressing the masses, like a pep talk, what appeared to be a rally. It looked like the entire German army was on display in front of him yet I also saw them marching on the streets. This is in Berlin. Then the picture changed to the Pergamon Museum which is also in Berlin. I saw the seat of satan. I quickly went to google it and it matched the picture in my vision. It is the Pergamon Altar aka seat of satan. I asked Jesus what the connection is and if this is about the rising of the antichrist? He replied: “Yes”. Then I went back to the vision and saw that man wearing that suit- that same man who is in my other visions- walk up those steps of that museum. When he got to the top, he turned around lifted his arms in the air and demanded praise and worship. I was too far away to see his face.

Vision #14 Jan 25/18 evg

I had spent a lot of time P&W and praying this evg in the Throne Room. After I was in my worship position when Jesus came over to me and I saw Him tap me on my shoulder and motioned me to go and look. At first I thought I saw a robot. I was a bit confused and I asked Jesus what He was trying to show me. Then I looked closely and saw a beautiful woman’s head fill the screen. She was bald and the back of her head was missing. She was connected to machines or computers. I noticed in the computer room was a heart that belonged to this model. It looked human but wasn’t real. I understood this was Artificial Intelligence and something to do with the NWO. I had some trouble seeing the next scene. I thought I saw giants walking on the earth. Then I heard Jesus saying “As in the days of Noah.” So I viewed the others below me look at the screen and thought to join them. When I walked to where they were looking, I found myself looking straight ahead. The scene changed to a place in Israel and I immediately saw David and Goliath! David was wearing a tan/cream tunic of some kind and a leather pouch that was tied around his waist. He had just let a rock fly from his leather sling and it had struck Goliath in the forehead. Goliath was thick and tall maybe about 10 feet or so and had  thick black hair somewhat curly and a full medium length black beard. He had somekind of armour on with a tunic under it. The tunic wasn’t long maybe just passed his thighs. He went down face first and hit the ground. It happened fairly fast so I didn’t see much of the details of the armour.  I noticed when Goliath hit the ground it was dusty as he created a dusty cloud when he landed with a thud. David went and removed the sword from Goliath’s sheath and it looked like it was really heavy as it took both arms to lift it and he had trouble raising it to cut Goliaths head off. He lifted the head up in the air. David was far away from me so I didn’t see his facial features. I did notice his hair was wavy, dark and medium length. So I’m wondering why I was shown this.  I asked Jesus if this had something to do with the nephilim. Jesus replied “Yes. As in the days of Noah.”  It is my understanding that some will face giants but we can defeat them.   Also I understood that there is a connection between the giants and the AI as a future army or police force in the NOW. Thought of genetic engineering have been mentioned.

Vision #13 Jan 24/18

I was as always in Throne Room P&W Jesus. I went to look at the screen. I had a satellite point of view but closer. I saw fireballs of rock like meteors from space fall onto the earth. They left a smoky path like the rocket or missile vision. They caused a lot of destruction. I understood this was part of the wrath of God. I said to Jesus, “How can anyone survive that?” and He replied “Not many do.” That was the end of the vision.

Vision #12 Jan 21 evg.

I was in the Throne Room as always as I was praying and Praise and Worshiping Jesus on His Mercy Seat. I went to the same area to the right of Jesus. I saw a giant hand fill the entire screen. The hand faced palm in towards me and I was drawn to the thumb. I immediately understood that this vision was about the micro chip or the mark of the beast. I then was shown a room with a woman in uniform- someone with authority like a police officer, seated injecting a chip into someone’s hand. Her hair was up in a bun and she was wearing blue gloves. The uniform was not the typical uniform our officers use here in Manitoba. They were dark with minimal markings. I also then was shown law court buildings. I understood that the chip would become imposed by the law. Back at the room with the officer injecting the chip, I saw other stations like the one I saw first, and people in lines who were waiting to receive their chip.  I asked Jesus if this was the mark of the beast and He replied “Yes”. I did not ask when this was to happen. But it seems everything is “soon” and we are to be ready spiritually for whenever it happens. Then the next part of the vision was really hard for me to see. I had to leave the vision and go back. In one of the line ups, for the chip injection, I saw someone freak out and go crazy who did not want the chip. An officer pulled out her gun (it happened to be a female officer) and shot him in the head! I was sickened. I understood that there will be consequences for refusing the chip. Not everyone will be necessarily shot but I guess some will be. That was it. Sigh.

 Vision #11

It was  evg prayer time after Praise and worship in the Throne Room.


I saw in a birds eye view,(over head looking down point of view) a man with a white and blue prayer shawl with tassels at the ends of the shawl over his head. He was praying in a temple. Then I had a right side profile look at him praying. He turned to his right as if to look at me and just for an instant, his face became hideous then went back to a somewhat veiled good-looking man. I have seen this hideous face before in a different vision. I knew instantly that it was satan. The man then got up, took the prayer shawl off, walked forward and may have gone up a few steps and turned around to face the opposite direction in this temple. His face was still somewhat veiled but I saw enough that I understood he was good looking or pleasant to look at. I actually saw he had short dark hair and was wearing a suit with really expensive shoes. He was very well put together; someone of wealth, a man who could be on a cover for the GQ magazine. Yet, I couldn't see any details of his face. Odd but I this is what knew. When he turned to face the other direction of the temple he had his arms raised and declared himself to be god. "Worship me" he said. I thought this was the end of the vision. So I went back to praying but then I felt I should go back and  look one more time. I immediately saw Prime Minister Netanyahu shaking that man's hand. This saddened me and I felt I should pray for him immediately. The Prime Minister will be deceived. Pray for him!!!

Vision #10 Jan 17/18

This is the last vision to date. I am unsure if I will receive any more but if I do, I will send them to you. The same routine of praise and worship in the Throne Room.  The vision took me to Israel. I recognized the landscape as I was there Feb 2017 on a 2 week tour. The area was hilly, rocky and dry with sporadic green grass and trees. I don’t know where in Israel this was. I’m thinking north east but I’m not sure. I saw a large tank stop and a soldier who popped his head out from the top. He was middle-eastern looking,wearing green army garb with red on the uniform and on his cap or hat.  His hair was short and dark and he had a dark mustache. I saw him point ahead to something and I heard him bark a command in a foreign language I didn’t understand. I saw missiles coming into Israel from the north and the east. I understood that this was a future attack on the nation of Israel. It made me so sad. But Jesus said it had to be to bring back His people to Him. Pray for Israel!

.Vision #9 Jan 13/18 Evg prayer

Same routine. I saw President Trump standing behind and beside a seated Prime Minister Netanyahu at a very lovely and large ( meant for a king-type) table who was signing what appeared to be an important document. There were flashes going off and I could hear them as journalists were continuously taking pictures. Then a certain dignitary walked in from my right and proceeded to shake President Trump’s hand. He was Arabic in appearance, wearing a white robe and a checkered type head covering. He had a short dark beard. It was a side profile and I didn’t recognize him. Interestingly, I saw Trump’s son-in-law standing in the corner (my right or their left) from the table. Beside him, stood a man shrouded in darkness; a man of mystery. I knew he was wearing a suit but I couldn’t identify him. I actually asked Jesus about this man and He said: “It’s not the time to know that yet”. I was wondering if the man was the antichrist but I didn’t receive a confirmation of yes or no.

Also....the AC may be the one in the shadows because he has not yet been revealed: " For the secret power of lawlessness is already at work; but the one who now holds it back will continue to do so till he is taken out of the way.  And then the lawless one will be revealed, whom the Lord Jesus will overthrow with the breath of his mouth and destroy by the splendor of his coming."  2 Thess 2:7-8

Vision #8 Jan 13/18 Morning prayer

Same as all the others in the Throne Room of Jesus. This time I was seeing other people viewing what I was looking at in heaven! I saw them look at that gigantic screen which was several stories high. I didn’t see any faces as I was too far away. It seems I was looking down at the scene from a higher up point of veiw. Then I looked ahead at the screen and saw your President Donald Trump. He was walking down the steps  of a parked jet and walked across a tarmac where he met Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and shook his hand. I didn’t hear any talking but I understood that this meeting had something to do in relation to a treaty

Hope note - it appears that Trump will be leaving the WH in order to sign a treaty...this is a new piece of information!

Vision #7 Jan 8/17

Same routine as before with all the other visions. I saw a train moving across the USA from the east to the west carrying military vehicles. In another scene, I saw a semi-trailer truck carrying a load of hummer-type military vehicles on the American highways. 

On Jan 9/18

I asked Jesus who I should tell about my visions and what was His response. Jesus gave me the name of Lyn Leahz and the verse from 2 Chron. 2:17. “If My people who are called by My name will humble themselves and pray and seek My face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven and I will forgive their sin and will heal their land.”

Vision #6 Jan 7/18

This would be the most difficult vision of all. Same routine of worship in the Throne Room and same place. I saw a guillotine machine with a man laying on it about to have his head removed. I also saw a soldier wearing black beheading someone with a sword. I understood that the people being beheaded were Believers. I wept and prayed for comfort and Jesus ministered to me. Jesus told me there is a connection between this vision and vision #3.

Vision #5 Jan 6/18

Back in the Throne Room, same place, I was seeing the first vision where I was looking at North America from space from a satellite point of view. I saw a huge exhaust path from that rocket that was launching from vision #4. The path was from the north and it went over Manitoba (central Canada) and landed in the middle of your nation. I saw a huge explosion and a mushroom cloud. It reminded me of a nuclear explosion. It was day time.

Vision #4 Jan 5/18 evg prayer time

I was worshiping same place as always and I saw a huge white rocket or missile with unreadable markings on it about to be launched. It was sitting on a large launch pad with exhaust billowing out of it. I knew it was bound for the USA.

Vision #3 Jan 5/18

Again always during my praise, worship and prayer time, I was back at the same place in the Throne Room. I asked if there was more to see. I was immediately shown a dark screen as it was night time. I was viewing what reminded me of a jail or compound. There was a huge spread-out building sitting on a parking lot type place surrounded by high chain-linked fence with curly barbed wire across the top of the fence. The building reminded me of a Walmart. There was a guard tower in the front of the jail with an armed soldier in it. A gate was below to the right next to the tower. A German Shepherd dog was patrolling along the outside of the fence in the foreground. There were hummer type-military vehicles in the parking lot in front of the compound. I recognized them from a vision I had in Dec 2015 where they came down my street in my town.  They are grayish in color. The lights were strategically placed around the “jail” as that’s why I could see it. I understood that this was part of the coming persecution of the Believers. It shook me. I was scared but knew I didn’t need to be. 

Vision #2 Jan 4/18

I went back to the place where I saw the first vision to see if there was more. I looked again at the screen and saw helicopters- green army ones with open doors on the sides of them with soldiers propelling down a cable. The helicopters had 2 sets of blades; one large one on the main part of the machine and a smaller one on top of the tail. There was also a red marking on the tail but I couldn’t make out the detail.  There were other helicopters in the background. It was a mid-air point of view. I understood that this was part of the attack on the USA. It was dawn.

Vision #1 Jan 1/18

I was worshiping the Lord Jesus seated on His Mercy Seat in His Throne Room. I was to His right side. He walked up to me in regular size and I almost laughed! I said: “What are you doing, Jesus. I am trying to worship you?!” He motioned for me to stand up. I stood up beside Him and he turned and pointed to a wall which turned into a giant screen and said “Look”.  I immediately saw a huge orange/black fire ball. I thought it may be a volcanic eruption but Jesus said, “Look closely.” So I took a few steps closer to the gigantic screen and I saw that I was looking at the earth from a satellite view. It was North America and I saw the Atlantic Ocean but it was darkened. I knew it was night time on our side of the world. Then I saw flashes of light and explosions going off all across the land of the USA from the east to the west coast. They must have been big explosions for me to see them from space! I understood this is about the future attack on your nation (USA). I asked Jesus when this was to happen and He said: “Soon”. I asked what is soon? And He didn’t give me an answer.

"My message and my preaching were not in persuasive words of wisdom, but in demonstration of the Spirit and of power,  so that your faith would not rest on the wisdom of men, but on the power of God."

1 Corinthians 2:4-5