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Behold, I will make Jerusalem a cup of trembling unto all the people round about, when they shall be in the siege both against Judah and against Jerusalem.  

Zechariah 12:2

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State media says Saudi security forces foiled a planned attack on the Grand Mosque in Mecca
Hezbollah head: ‘Thousands’ of Muslim fighters will respond if Israel attacks 

UN force on Lebanon-Israel borders has seen no violations 

A Turkish base in Qatar was revealed by Arab states’ 13 demands 

VIDEO: ISIS releases footage of destroyed al-Nuri Mosque in Mosul. Claims it was destroyed by US 

UAE warns Qatar to accept its list of demands, including shutting down news agency Al-Jazeera, or face 'divorce' 

ISIS Is Killing Children To Force Families To Stay In Mosul 

Arab States Issue 13-Point Ultimatum To Qatar: Cut Ties With Iran, Close Al-Jazeera, Shutter Turkish Base 

Everything You're Not Being Told About The US War Against ISIS In Syria | Zero Hedge 

Russia Shoots Down US Drones Near Syria (UNCONFIRMED yet at this posting)


YEMEN: AP investigation reports hundreds have disappeared into secret prisons operated by UAE, Yemeni forces

Trump’s son-in-law launches Middle East peace effort 

Turkey sends Qatar food & soldiers, discusses Gulf tensions with Saudi 

Egypt to extend state of emergency for three months 

Israel turns to UN after NGO found disguising Hezbollah outposts 

Liberman: Abbas trying to draw Hamas into war with Israel 

Israel's Air Force chief boasts of ‘unimaginable’ power in future Lebanon war 

New Saudi prince ready for compromise on Syria and 

Top NATO official: Russia and US should resume work on flight incident 

Syria: Personal stories from the frontlines

Israel has unimaginable power to strike Hezbollah

US Plot for future Syria

Americans keep low profile in Syria

US Misslile attack in Syria: Goal of US Foreign Policy is to prolong war

Kushner Returns to U.S. After Discussing Israeli-Palestinian Peace With Netanyahu, Abbas

Saudi Arabia's New Crown Prince Mohammed Bin Salman Is Good News for Israel and U.S.


Tillerson plan may be double-edged sword

US coalition still owes explanation over downing of Syrian plane

Israeli minister threatens to destroy Syrian air defences

Netanyahu to Putin: airstrikes in Syria will continue 

Russia summoned Israeli ambassador over airstrikes near Palmyra

Saudi  King appoints son Mohammad Bin Salman as new Crown Prince

Saudi King appoints son as successor in major royal shakeup

Greenblat visits Western Wall, home of slain cop

IDF Chief says Iranian missles overhyped, but sent a message 

Israel and Jordan Grow Closer as Iranian Foothold in Southern Syria Grows Stronger

Trump Administration Pressuring Israel to Move Ahead With Peace Deal, Senior Israeli Minister Says

Three Great Faiths of Our Forefather Abraham Must Come Together to Make World Better Place"

Haley: Time is' enough is enough' to Hamas 

Egyptian court rules against island transfer to Saudi Arabia

ISIS blows up mosque where it declared 'caliphate'

Trump, new Saudi crown prince vow to ease tension with Qatar 

Saudi Arabia and its allies have drawn up a list of demands to be presented to Qatar, the United States says 

Iran’s Khamenei ordered missile strikes on Islamic State targets in Syria: Guards 

Netanyahu, Kushner agree: Mideast peace will ‘take time’ 

German parliament backs plans to withdraw troops from Turkey 


Jared Kushner going to Israel to start peace process

Tillerson draws up program for dealing with Russia — media

Rights activist labels US a rogue state

State senator calls US base a violation of international law

In Iranain strike on ISIS the missile is the message

Syrian Rebels Praise "Heroic" Israel for Support in Golan Fighting

Iranian Terrorists Vow to ‘Liberate’ Golan Heights From Israel

IDF activity increases as Ramadan winds down.

Russia not joking around - US reshuffles forces

Egypt army says 12 militants killed in North Sinai 

Islamic States chief cleric killed in Syria air strike 

UN: Israel did not comply with UN call to stop settlements 

Democrat Congresswoman Returns From Syria with Proof Obama Funded ISIS, Exposes It LIVE on CNN! 

Turning Gaza’s lights back on, Abbas’s rival Dahlan makes a deal with Egypt to ship in fuel

Israel’s top soldier: Hizballah menaces us from 200 S. Lebanon villages 

Live blog: Eisenkot says Hamas does not want another war in Gaza 

Hamas calls for ‘day of rage’ Friday over ‘holy sites,’ Gaza siege 


Iran’s leader warns Iraq not to weaken Shi’ite militias 


US shoots down Syrian aircraft for first time

Iran fires missiles at militant groups in eastern Syria


Iraq captures border crossing to Syria from ISIS


Israel, Greece, Cyprus Plan Massive Underwater Gas Pipeline


Russia Warns US-ISIS, Again


German jets to start leaving Incirlik base in Turkey for Jordan in July – defense minister


Fatah slams Israel for killing 3 Palestinians carrying out fatal attack

SAUDI ARABIA: Saudi navy captures members of Iranian elite force on intercepted boat 

PM rejects report Israel gives financial aid to Syrian rebels 

Jared Kushner will visit Israel & Palestinian Authority this week. White House: Peace deal "top priority" for Trump 

Russian warning: US planes in W. Syria are targets 

Saudi Arabia says it captured three Iranian Revolutionary Guards aboard explosive-laden boat in Gulf 

Israel reduces power supply to Hamas-ruled Gaza

Pentagon Responds: "US Pilots Will Defend Themselves If Attacked By Russians" | Zero Hedge 

White House Officials Push for Widening War in Syria Over Pentagon Objections 

Iran fires missiles into Syria "in retaliation" for the June 7 attacks on Tehran claimed by Islamic State 

Chuck Schumer Teams with Ted Cruz to Demand Moving Israel Embassy to Jerusalem


Syrian army declares city ceasefire as Russia, U.N. plan July peace talks 

Tehran says Saudi coastguard killed Iranian fisherman 

Syria army declares 48-hour truce in southern city 

Defense Minister Lieberman: 'Fatah statement proves there is no peace partner on the Palestinian side.' 

Netanyahu demands PA condemn deadly Jerusalem attack 

Abbas’s Fatah slams Israel for killing 3 Palestinians carrying out fatal attack 
https://t.co/Fsqww8iQaA via @timesofisrael

Russia has proposed July 4 as the start of a two-day round of Syria peace talks in Kazakhstan's capital Astana. 

IDF arrives at terrorists' village, begins preparing to demolish their homes

Syrian army declares 48-hour ceasefire in Deraa 

Iraq VP accuses Qatar of having tried to split his country 

Israeli military tries to distance Jerusalem attack from ISIS 

Iraqi and tribal troops capture Iraqi-Syrian crossing from ISIS 

Israel and Saudi Arabia reportedly discuss establishing economic ties


Border policewoman critically wounded in Jerusalem terror attack; 3 terrorists neutralized

Israeli Border Police guard wounded after stabbing attack in Jerusalem; three assailants shot and killed 

Islamic State claims fatal stabbing of Israeli policewoman Hadas Malka 

ISIS claims responsibility for Jerusalem attack 


WATCH: Israel Set to Meet With Egypt, E.U. Over Gaza Power Crisis

Lieberman blames Hamas for Gaza electricity crisis

Spirits high among Kurds in Syria as coalition battles for Raqqa 

PROPHECY WATCH: Convergence Of Signs Preparing The Way For “Third Temple” 

Will Trump make a peace breakthrough in 2018? 

Massive Revival in Syria Keeps Getting Stronger 


Israeli and international groups warn of looming Gaza disaster 

Looming Global Famine Will Bring World Closer to Israel in End-of-Days 

Hamas could easily solve Gaza’s electricity crisis, but prefers to finance tunnels and rockets 

Israel announces plan to double the size of Qalqilya, a Palestinian City, angering settler leaders 


US: Palestinians will stop paying families of terrorists

Trump to resume precision munitions deliveries to Saudis: officials 

Saudi Arabia insists that its neighbour Qatar is not under blockade as a Gulf diplomatic dispute escalates 

Qatari currency hits 19-year low as diplomatic crisis deepens 

US envoy to Qatar to step down amid Gulf crisis 

Iraqi armed forces announce progress in Mosul campaign, say district north of old… 


Op-ed: The Palestinian leadership cannot say it wants peace with Israel while supporting the return of refugees

Iranian Navy dispatches flotilla on mission to Oman amid Gulf tensions 

Iran's Khamenei blames US for regional instability, creation of ISIS 

Israel approves largest West Bank settlement construction in 25 years 

Death toll in the first 14 days of Ramadan has reached a grim milestone 

Eritrea sides with Gulf nations against Qatar 

Saudi Arabia becomes pro-Kurdish after Turkey sides with Qatar 

Live blog: Qatar welcomes efforts to end Gulf standoff, but defiant on its foreign policy 

Israel reduces power supply to Gaza, as Abbas pressures Hamas 

Hamas warns cutting electricity to Gaza would be 'catastrophic'

Israel will reduce electricity supplies to the Gaza Strip after funding cuts by Palestinian president Mahmud Abbas 


How an Iranian general duped US command in Syria


US Arrests 2 Men Scouting New York Terror Locations for Hezbollah

Is a "Friend of Hamas" Set to Be Next Prime Minister of England? (Hope note...no different than the mayor of London)

Liberman: Settlement building at highest level since 1992



Secret Documents Reveal A Grand Conspiracy Behind Qatar And Turkey For A Muslim Brotherhood Takeover 
https://t.co/FCXCdORsZ8 via @walidshoebat

SYRIA: Russian FM Lavrov calls for 'specific measures' to prevent further US airstrikes against pro-Assad force

SYRIA: US-backed SDF advances into opposite sides of ISIS-held Raqqa 

Christians in Iraq want to abolish Islam as official state religion. 

Russia says tells US not to strike Syrian pro-government forces again  

US-backed Syrian fighters broke into western part of IS stronghold Raqa, opening up second front in the city 

Lebanon uncovers ISIS network plotting Beirut airport attack 

Iraqi forces repel Islamic State offensive south of Mosul 



Erdogan: "I have never witnessed any Qatari support for terror, Turkey will not leave Qatar alone"

US: Israel’s plans for new settlement homes won’t ‘help advance’ peace 

Tillerson calls on Arab nations to ease blockade on Qatar 

UN condemns Hamas for tunnel under schools in Gaza 

Earlier today, Secretary Tillerson spoke to the press about the Middle East, Qatar.

SYRIA: Pentagon earlier Friday referred to Russia as being "very helpful" in calming situation in southern Syria

Tillerson Tells Arab States To Lift Qatar Blockade: "It's Hindering The Campaign Against ISIS" | Zero Hedge 

Lebanon's security forces arrest Islamic State-linked cell - statement 

Jerusalem Dateline: 6/9/17 Israel Sees ‘Beginning of New Era’ with Haley at UN: 

U.S. aims to trim its U.N. peacekeeping bill after Trump’s calls to slash 

Russia’s food shipments to Qatar are a soft power masterstroke 


Israel angry Turkish ambassador hosted Islamist at Iftar

Abbas said ready to drop settlement freeze precondition for talks 

Plans for first new settlement in 25 years approved 

Liberman: We are ‘closer than ever’ to deal with Palestinians 

While Christians flee Syria, Muslims turning to Christ

Qatar Conflict Imperils U.S. Interests: An unvarnished discussion about Qatar’s role in the troubled region

Red Cross calls on Hamas to clarify fate of missing Israelis

Qatar Says "We Will Never Surrender", Welcomes Turkish Troops As Iran Offers Food, Ports | Zero Hedge 


Ambassador Nikki Haley in Jerusalem: "New Day for Israel at the UN" 

Iraqi Kurds to vote on independence in September 

Knesset, US Congress celebrate Jerusalem jubilee in joint live broadcast 

Analysis: Why is Hezbollah SG Nasrallah threatening Israel again?

Iran says Saudi Arabia was behind deadly Tehran parliament building attack claimed by ISIS that left 12 people dead 

Trump says Jared Kushner, who owns 666 Fifth Avenue, will bring peace to Middle Eas
https://t.co/GaIBnsF3gi via @CrusaderJournal

Trump offers to host feuding Gulf nations at White House 

What is happening in the Middle East with the construction of the 3rd Temple? 

Speaker Ryan says, ‘United capital of Jerusalem, never to be divided again’ 

Iran's Parliament Attacked, ISIS Terrorists Strike Rival Radical Islamic Regime 

Unidentified attack against ISIS near northeastern Israeli border. Israel?

Learn how Christians and Muslims are bridging differences to rebuild relationships and Iraq

Qatar & the Rising Tensions in the Middle East – On Schedule 


Muslims wonder how Coptic Christians forgive their enemies after attacked

Trump Says Arab Leaders Warned Him Qatar Financed Radicalism 

Senate Unanimously Passes Legislation in Support of Jerusalem Embassy Move 

Jordan scales down ties with Qatar 

IDF Reforms Language of Celebration: Jerusalem ‘Unified’, Not ‘Liberated’ 50 Years Ago 

Gulf States Launch Naval Blockade Of Qatar | Zero Hedge 

"Forget Terrorism": The Real Reason Behind The Qatar Crisis Is Natural Gas | Zero Hedge 

French President Emmanuel Macron called for unity among Gulf states, wants to "encourage calm" 

Israel advances plans for 1,500 West Bank settler homes: Peace Now 

Massive Arab Riots in Kafr Qassem, an Arab-Israeli city 

Palestinian official: Israel ‘not ready’ for peace 

Analysis: Jordan’s anti-Israel rhetoric on the rise

Saudi Arabia: Qatar must stop supporting Hamas, Muslim Brotherhood 

UN Secretary-General Flips the Script on Israel 


Ramadan Bombathon 2017 - Day 10 Update: 55 Jihad Attacks - 592 Dead  via https://t.co/8d0LZixetI

Saudi Arabia and UAE - emboldened by President Trump's new approach to region - have seized chance to isolate Qatar 

Hamas leader heads to Egypt for rare talks with officials

Muslims help rebuild Christian church in Iraq after it was destroyed by ISIS 

Netanyahu: Israel to keep security control over West Ban

Palestinian PM to Kahlon: 'You prevented a third intifada'

Panicked Qatar shoppers stock up on essentials such as milk, rice and chicken 

Army of 27,000 Preparing Gaza for War with Israel 

Arab banks halt transactions in Qatari reals in deepening Gulf crisis 

UPDATE Saudi Arabia accused Al-Jazeera of promoting "terrorist groups" and supporting rebels in Yemen 

Amid Gulf crisis, Arab states sever land, sea and air routes to Qatar 

Live blog: Russia hopes Qatar-Gulf rift won’t affect global war on terror 

Arab powers sever Qatar ties, widening rift among US allies

Qatar Just Lost a Lot of Friends over Its Romance with Islamic Terrorism 


PM heads to West African summit seeking support at UN 

Western Wall must be under Jewish sovereignty, says Jibril Rajoub, a senior member of president Mahmud Abbas's Fatah 

IDF says false alarm as rocket sirens wail in Tel Aviv 

Qatar is deporting several Hamas, Muslim Brotherhood activists 

Syria's President Bashar al-Assad says war's "worst is behind us" 

Top PA official: Of course Jews must be sovereign at Western Wall 

Fighters are now within a few kilometres of Raqa, and are expected to launch their final assault soon 

Qatar says six of its soldiers wounded on Saudi-Yemeni border 

US-backed SDF: Battle for IS capital begins 'within days' 

3 gunmen from Syria killed in Jordan border attack 


Settler leaders say government’s construction plans insufficient 

2,000 new Israeli homes in West Bank up for approval

JERUSALEM Police Ready for Tens of Thousands of MUSLIMS to Ascend to TEMPLE MOUNT during Ramadan 

Kurdish rebels claim downing of Turkish military chopper 

Morocco king boycotts Africa summit to avoid Netanyahu 


Netanyahu: Any Peace Deal Must Include Israeli Control of Judea and Samaria 

Putin says he’s ready to sell S-400 anti-aircraft system to Turkey 

Israel said ready to give Palestinians extra control in some West Bank areas 

Israel agrees to expand Palestinian power in parts of WestBank, says PA official 

Trump delays moving embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem 

Trump said "no" for now, but WHITE HOUSE is still offering this promise about moving the US Embassy... 

Palestinians say Trump embassy decision shows his commitment to peace 

White House confirms no embassy move 


Gulf Arab row rattles Trump’s anti-Iran axis 

Five questions on Trump’s potential move of US embassy to Jerusalem 

CBN’s Gordon Robertson Says End Times Prophecy About Israel Is Being Fulfilled 

Turkey says US support for Kurdish YPG not befitting of alliance 

Report: Trump to sign temp. waiver to leave US Embassy in TLV

Trump to keep US embassy in Tel Aviv for now, White House sources say 


Iranian-backed militias reach Iraq-Syria border 

American envoy to UN Haley to travel to Israel next week 

Day before deadline, Trump hasn’t decided whether to sign embassy waiver 

As Yemen faces famine, U.N. works to avert attack on food port 

Turkey Replacing Jordan as the Muslim Custodian of Jerusalem, Temple Mount 

Putin: ‘No proof’ Assad behind chemical weapons assault 

Barghouti says hunger strike has not ended and could resume 

Ex-UN envoy Bolton to JPost: Trump has no chance at ultimate peace deal 

SYRIA: Rebels say the U.S. and its allies are sending more arms to fend off Iran threat: 

Yemen is descending into total collapse as the world watches, says UN aid chief 

US says ‘no formal mechanisms’ yet for Israeli-Palestinian talks 


ANALYSIS: Massive ISIS convoy bombed by Syrian and Russian Air Forces

EXCLUSIVE: Saudis foil Hamas leader’s relocation to Qatar 

The purported Trump-Abbas shouting match never happened 

Evacuation of rebels from Damascus district complete, city governor says 

Iran-backed Iraqi force says takes Islamic State villages near Syria 

Netanyahu cautions, ‘We don’t have a blank check from Trump’ 

Is Chaos in Syria Fulfilling Bible Prophecy? 

05/28/17 No Update


LIBYA: 52 killed as pro and anti-government militias clash in Tripoli 

Israeli Education Minister Warns ‘We will not divide the land with our enemies’ 

Greek, Turkish Cypriots link arms across border for peace 

Israel denies giving in to Palestinian demands in bid to end hunger strike 

Kushner back channel with Russia ‘involved Syria’ 

After UK, Egypt attacks, Libya seen as jihadist haven 

Thousands rally for peace in Tel Aviv amid renewed US efforts 

Egypt says attackers who massacred Coptic Christians had trained in Libya 

Trump: Netanyahu, Abbas vowed to reach for peace — I believe they mean it 

Syrian army, allied militia gain ground against ISIS 

Details of the end of the prisoners' hunger strike emerge

Report: Iran ready for talks 'toward peace' with Arab states 


Iraqi forces call on civilians to flee Mosul’s Islamic State-held Old City 

Report: Iran Has Built 3rd Underground Missile Factory

Taking Trump’s peace push seriously, Netanyahu said looking to broaden coalition 

Egyptian warplanes bomb targets in Libya after attack on Christians, as al-Sisi asks Trump to head fight against terrorism 

Trump pushes on terror, listens on climate at G-7 

Arab world condemns Egyptian terrorist massacre 'trying to ignite civil war'

Egyptian Christians' Reaction to ISIS: ‘Kill Us, We’re Not Afraid’ 

ISIS calls on followers to wage all-out war on the West during Ramadan 

Coptic Christians Slaughtered in Egypt As Ramadan Begins

Egypt forces hit jihadist camp after attack on Copts — Sissi 

Egyptian jets hit six ISIS bases in E. Libya 

UN body said to bury positive report on Israel under Syrian pressure 


Israel, Vatican in talks for possible papal visit to push peace — report 

Hezbollah says Saudi on path to more bloodshed in Iran struggle 

Trump trip brings "renewed hope that nations of many faiths can unite to defeat terrorism" 

Hezbollah calls Trump ‘most racist president towards Muslims’ 

Turkish Ambassador to Israel trying to coax Israelis in Turkey out and back to Antalya.

Golan Heights Critical to Maintaining Peace 

Abbas asks Trump envoy to mediate over Palestinian hunger strike 

Pope Francis may come to Israel to advance Trump peace push — report 

President Trump Declares a National Day of Prayer for ‘Permanent Peace’ 

Netanyahu to undergo medical procedure under sedation 


IN PICTURES: Palestinians in Gaza Burn Effigies of Trump, Stomp on American and Israeli Flags 

Trump Silent on Two-State Solution in Abbas Meeting 

Czech Parliament recognizes Jerusalem as the capital of Israel

Why the Date of Trump’s Visit to Israel Is Significant 

Netanyahu: 'Israel is not responsible for delaying resolution of the conflict' 

US said to be pushing Israel to transfer parts of West Bank to PA 

How God is at work on President Trump's overseas trip. Watch my analysis from Rome.  

US adds $75 million to Israel’s aid package for missile defense program 


Kurdish independence in Iraq likely ‘not if but when’: U.S. general 

Explosive Population Growth Proves Prophesied 'Third Inheritance' of Israel Imminent 

WATCH: Trump in Israel: “We Are More Than Friends” 

Clashes between US troops, al-Qaida militants in Yemen 

Tel Aviv needs an undivided Jerusalem 

Dept of State: Today, Trump met with Netanyahu.
Read about the President’s visit to Israel: 


President Trump Pays Historic Visit to the Western Wall 

Trump becomes first sitting US president to visit Kotel

Iraqi Christians ask government for help in rebuilding churches destroyed by ISIS.

Donald Trump becomes first sitting US president to visit Western Wall 

After Western Wall visit, Trump gears up for Netanyahu meeting 

Rouhani: No regional stability without Iran 

Russian paratroops move to Syrian border triangle 

Gen. Keane: Trump Building 'Framework of an Arab NATO' During Mideast Visit 

Trump: ‘We love Israel, we respect Israel, we are with you’ 

Trump Tells Israelis: Arab Neighbors In 'Common Cause With You' Against Iran 

Trump sets out Mideast vision: backing Arab strongmen against Iran 

Iran's President Rouhani ridiculed US strategy in the Middle East and insisted missile tests will continue

Trump: A peace deal is tough, but we’ll get there eventually 

Trump's historic visit to Israel a "game changer!" 

Full text of Netanyahu, Trump remarks in Jerusalem 

Skirting own policy, White House puts ‘Jerusalem, Israel’ on website 

A GUIDE TO UNDERSTANDING THE TRUMP-SAUDI DEAL: Joseph Farah answers pressing questions in wake of big agreement

Trump’s visit to Saudi a ‘turning point,’ king says 

Trump urges Netanyahu to seize ‘new partnerships’ with Arab world 

Egyptian President Says Trump ‘Capable of Doing Impossible’… 

Netanyahu: Israel can ‘roll back Iran’s march of aggression’ 


In contrast to Obama, Saudi king bows to our president rather than the other way round. No veil for Melania. 

Warmth and scale of Trump-Saudi embrace could spell trouble for Netanyahu 
https://t.co/HfhVow8TwW via @timesofisrael

'Drain The Swamp': Saudi Foreign Minister Borrows Trump Slogan

Finish Special Forces Enter Syria 

Iran's President Rouhani secures second term in decisive win 

Trump Orders Pentagon to “Annihilate” the Islamic State 

Israel said to be bolstering Trump’s welcome ceremony 

ISIS goes on rampage dismembering Christians in Syria. 

Decisively re-elected, Rouhani defies hardliners, pledges to open Iran to the world

Tillerson: Centerpiece of Trump’s Saudi visit is to curb Iran 

Iraq's special forces declare their Mosul mission complete 


ISIS is facing its final hour in Mosul. Read more 

Palestinians protest throughout territories in 'day of rage'

Jerusalem Dateline: US Delays Jerusalem Embassy Move Ahead of Trump Trip 5/19/17: 

Trump Travels to SaudiArabia to Strengthen Ties With Muslim World 

Saudi Arabia looks to assert regional role with Trump summit 

IDF invited to International Army Games competition in Russia

Did Turkey's president order an attack on protesters in D.C.? New video shows him watching the "brutal attack" More: 

Poll: Sharp Drop in Israeli Trust of Trump 

Hizballah’s elite force sustains heavy casualties from US air strike 

Will the US Embassy ever move to Jerusalem? Full report here: 

Hizballah’s elite unit pointedly sent to Lebanese-Israeli border for Trump’s ME visit 

Massive sandstorm shuts down airport and streets in Eilat, Israel 


Arab States Offer Normalized Ties With Israel in Exchange for Concessions 

U.N. says 200,000 more people could flee Mosul as fighting intensifies 

US official denies Trump made decision not to move embassy for now 

Fresh Syria peace talks off to another stumbling start 

Christians in Iraq see way of life disappearing 

Senior WH official: No meeting planned between Trump, Netanyahu and Mahmoud Abbas during his visit 

Erdogan says Turkey cannot lift state of emergency until fully calm 

PM Netanyahu: Palestinians are the Stumbling Block to Peace 

U.S. military launches fresh air strikes against pro-Assad forces in Syria

Trump Launches 8-Nation Operation to Block Iran’s Takeover of Syrian-Iraqi Border. ISIS Left for Later 

Trump claims he will strengthen America’s alliance with Israel

Palestinians taking Trump peace efforts seriously — minister 


Sudan’s president invited by Saudi Arabia to Trump meeting 

Trump to give ‘inspiring’ speech on Islam in Saudi Arabia 

Spicer confirms Western Wall ‘clearly in Jerusalem’ 

U.S. signs new defense accord with Gulf ally UAE 

Trump, Turkish leader hail ties despite US arming of Kurds 

US official: ‘we’ll move the embassy, just give us time’ — repor

Live blog: Israeli officials mum on reports Trump shared Israeli intelligence with Russia 

Sanhedrin Calls For Trump to Fulfill King Solomon’s Mandate by Praying on Temple Mount 

Shin Bet foils Negev terror plot on IDF soldiers

Hizballah rush 1,000 troops to S. Syrian borders 

Syrian government denies US allegations of mass killings 

US Consulate’s political counselor named as official who told Israelis: Western Wall is not yours 

Netanyahu said he was "angered and distressed" at Lauder's intervention in Israel's dealings with the U.S. admin. 

Yemen cholera outbreak spreads amid conflict YemenCrisis Sanaa 

Turkey detains dozens of ministry staff in post-coup investigation 

Terror mastermind’s assassins confessed to working for Israel, says Hamas 

Netanyahu tells Friedman all embassies should move to Jerusalem 

Netanyahu welcomes envoy Friedman to ‘Jerusalem, our eternal capital’ 
Trump can change Jerusalem’s status 

White House: Western Wall comments ‘unauthorized,’ do not represent Trump’s stance 

Tensions Rise Between Trump and Netanyahu Days Before Visit to Israel 

US officials said to be pressuring Trump not to recognize Jerusalem as Israel’s capital 

Harsh altercation reported between US and Israeli officials ahead of Trump visit 

A "human slaughterhouse" where thousands have been taken for execution...

Saudi king touts Trump’s Islamic summit as ‘new partnership’ 

Ahead of Trump visit, US official says Western Wall ‘in the West Bank’ 


Herzog: Trump’s envoy ‘unequivocally’ stated president’s determination for peace deal


Netanyahu: Jordan is playing both sides of the game


White House: Trump to push Palestinian ‘self-determination’ on Mideast trip



Abbas Agrees To Sign “Peace Deal” with Israel!  (the title is a bit misleading)

US Embassy will stay in Tel Aviv and Not Be Moved To Jerusalem 

Israel plans 15,000 Jerusalem apartments beyond Green Line

Abbas Says Russia must be part of “Peace Process” 

Nasrallah: Next war with Israel could be waged inside Israeli territory 

Iraq’s Shi’ite paramilitaries squeeze Islamic State toward Syria border 

Mass Exodus Of Christians Fleeing the Middle East 


The U.S. Embassy will move to Jerusalem’ 

Nasrallah: Next war with Israel could be waged inside Israeli territory 

Netanyahu: All embassies, especially US, should move to Jerusalem 

Abbas, in meeting with Putin, says Moscow must be part of peace process 

Clashes erupt at Palestinian protest in support of hunger strikers 

Palestinian leader hails Trump's Mideast peace efforts -

Drone Images Expose Major US, Jordan Military Build-up On Syrian Border | Zero Hedge 


Hezbollah presence in Syria a big threat to Israel, Dunford says 

Abbas said to agree to summit with Netanyahu and Trump 

Trump ‘still reviewing’ embassy move to Jerusalem – White House 

Leading Hamas official says no softened stance towards Israel

Trump asks Russia to rein in Iran, Syria’s Assad 

Report: ISIS fighters killed 10 Bedouin tribesmen in northern Sinai 

Trump tells Russia to ‘rein in’ Syria’s Assad during meeting with minister 

Turkish President Tells Muslims to Flood Temple Mount, Warns against moving U.S. embassy to Jerusalem @CBNNews 

Hamas assures critics Israel’s destruction still a goal 

Archbishop of Canterbury backs Trump’s Mideast peace bid 

Turkish FM: US decision to arm Syrian Kurds endangers Turkey 

The King of Saudi Arabia invites Mahmoud Abbas to participate in the summit of the Arab leaders with Trump 

Netanyahu discusses peace process, Syria with Putin 

Iran threatens to destroy Saudi Arabia 

Turkey & Pakistan sign warship, training plane deals 


US and Israel to Conduct Joint Air Force Drill Over Arava Desert  

Israel summons Turkish ambassador for clarifications 
US Embassy in SaudiArabia Edits Israel Out of Trump’s Trip Annoucement

Abbas reiterates readiness to meet Netanyahu under Trump auspices 

PalestinianAuthority “Refuses” to Stop Paying Terrorists @PresidentAbbas 

Turkish President rails against ‘racist’ Israel, calls for Muslims to flood Temple Mount 

Erdogan slams treatment of Palestinians @CNN 

Netanyahu: Joint Israeli-US security relations ‘good for peace’ 

Turkish President: We will protect against the Judaization of Jerusalem - Israel News - Jerusalem Post 

Iran Guards look beyond election to next supreme leader 

In Anti-Israel Tirade, Erdogan Calls for Thousands of Muslims to Ascend TempleMount 

In jab at Turkey, Rivlin says Jerusalem has Jewish majority since Ottoman rule 

Palestinian hunger strike heightens tension with Israel 

Anglican archbishop: Balfour Declaration ‘unfinished’ until peace is reached 

Iraq forces advance in west Mosul, set up final showdown with jihadists in the Old City 


Egyptian air force destroys 15 ISIS vehicles crossing from Libya 

First evacuations of rebels and their families begin in Damascus 

Erdogan calls on Muslims to go to Al Aqsa Mosque 

Erdogan: US debates over Jerusalem embassy move ‘extremely wrong’ 

Op-ed: Previous agreements with the Palestinians have failed due to their refusal to compromise on the refugee issue

Eastern Libya general's troops push into central Benghazi 

Prince Charles’ First State Visit to #Israel Cancelled  

1 million children refugees from South Sudan's civil war 

President Trump’s Message to Israel 

US army chief on official visit to Israel 

Iran warns will hit militant ‘safe havens’ inside Pakistan 

Archbishop of Canterbury says Mideast peace talks will need to include Hamas 

Erdogan lashes ‘racist’ Israel, calls for Muslims to flood Temple Mount 

Erdogan will not “allow Muslim prayers silenced in Jerusalem” 

Erdoğan rebukes Israel over Muezzin Bill and calls on Muslims to go en masse to Al-Aqsa

Russian Plan for Syria Places Iranian Military In the Golan 


German president lands in Israel in wake of diplomatic spat


Pro-Abbas Lauder, hawkish Adelson said battling to influence Trump on Mideast


Did Israel ask to delay Trump visit?



US delegation due in Israel to finalize itinerary ahead of Trump visit


As winds of war rise, Israel must decide whether to pull the plug on Gaza


All the headlines on Times of Israel today are about...Trump.

Easier to just show you the pictures.


Trump: I’ll visit Israel, after meeting Muslim leaders in Saudi Arabia



Hamas rejects Abbas peace proposal outline to Trump 

Trump says he will launch new Middle East peace process - Arab-Israeli Conflict - Jerusalem Post 

Netanyahu: I warned Putin we either coordinate or clash 

Trump, Abbas link renewed peace talks to countering Islamic State 

Iran says Saudis seeking tension, calls Riyadh comments "destructive" 

Pastor Says Muslims in Middle East Have ‘Huge Thirst’ for Gospel 

Live blog: Abbas: ‘It’s about time for Israel to end its occupation of our land’ 

Abbas: ‘God willing,’ Israelis and Palestinians have new opportunity for peace 

US, Russia agree to increased diplomacy on Syria 

Israel to withhold $1M in UN funding after UNESCO vote 

Trump hails ‘unbelievable’ Israeli-Palestinian security cooperation 

Hamas leader urges ‘bold’ Trump to press for ‘equitable solution’ 

Libyan rivals say will calm tensions, but political roadmap unclear 

Hamas Calls for Israel's Annihilation as Abbas Meets Trump 

Live blog: Red Cross to Israel: Allow visits to hunger-striking Palestinians 

Abbas stops funding Gaza electricity to pressure Hamas 

Putin says Russia’s relations with Turkey have fully recovered 


Abbas’s Trump meeting may be his chance to shine, but can he deliver?


On Independence Day, UNESCO okays resolution denying Israeli claims to Jerusalem


New Hamas Policy Lays Claim to Holy Places in Jerusalem, "The Muslim Birthplace of Jesus"

The day Israel tore the United Nations to shreds 

Israeli strikes raise stakes in face-off with Hezbollah 

Hamas gives Israel 24 hours to meet Palestinian prisoner demands 

Hezbollah slams Hamas for accepting Palestinian state in ’67 lines 

Powerful Saudi prince sees no chance for dialogue with Iran 

President urges world to recognize Jerusalem, move embassies 

Netanyahu: ‘Absurd’ UNESCO vote heralds ‘change’ in world support 

Live blog: Minister calls for annexation of Jerusalem-area settlements 

UNESCO resolution passes calling to reject Israeli sovereignty over all Jerusalem

Live blog: After UNESCO vote, Rivlin calls to move all foreign embassies to Jerusalem 

Cholera is killing people fleeing conflict and famine in South Sudan. 

900 Jordanian militants fighting in Syria & Iraq: senior official 

Is the UK about to recognize a Palestinian Statehood? 

Egypt tribesmen kill 8 suspected ISIS militants in Sinai 


Hamas promises to remove the call for Israel’s destruction, drop Muslim Brotherhood association

Israel celebrates its 69th anniversary of independence 

UNESCO to fire another volley at Israel – on Independence Day, Italy so far only EU state to say it will oppose... 

Rights group accuses Syria of several likely nerve agent attacks 

Main points of new Hamas policy document 

Trump to continue talking to Netanyahu about settlements 

Trump to continue talking to Netanyahu about settlements 

Jordan Tells Israel: Withdraw And You’ll Get “Security” 

Hamas Accepts 1967 Borders, but Will Never Recognize Israel, Top Official Says 

Trump: 'Ask me in a month': Rumors Swirl on Moving US Embassy to Jerusalem 

Israel says Hamas trying to fool the world with new policy paper 

Full text of May 2017 UNESCO resolution on ‘Occupied Palestine’ (posted on Global Transcripts as well)

Hamas said to drop Israel’s destruction in new document 


Hamas thanks N. Korea for its support against ‘Israeli occupation’


Hamas accuses Abbas of ‘crimes against humanity’ in Gaza


Turkey threatens more strikes on US-allied Syrian Kurds



North Korea Threatens Israel With “Merciless, Thousand-Fold Punishment” 

Syrian military sources deny reports Israel struck Quneitra 

Israel Downs Syrian Drone with Patriot Missile 

Arab media reports Israeli strike on Syrian army near border 

Israeli air strike reported against Syrian-Hizballah force nearing Quneitra 

Shaked: Failure to secure US Embassy move a ‘great missed opportunity’ 

Syria government repels ISIS attack in Aleppo province 

Pope tells Egypt mass that dialogue can battle extremism 


Israel, US eyeing Trump visit on May 22-23 immediately before Jerusalem Day

Pope Francis pleads for ‘holy’ peace during Egypt visit 

Reports: US troops deploy along Syria-Turkish border 


Patriot Missile intercepts Drone over Golan Heights


Russia Condemns alleged Israeli missile strike in Syria


Israel’s intelligence minister urges US to team up with Russia against Iran


Israel scrambles to prevent EU-Arab consensus resolution at UNESCO


Congressman Ron DeSantis: In Israel, Trump will announce embassy move



Israeli cyber authority says it stopped ‘major’ hacking attack 

Mortar fire from Syrian government area hits Turkish military outpost: army 

Syria condemns Turkish attack on Kurds 

Israel & White House discussing Trump visit: Israeli official 

Trump expected in Israel in last week of May; Nikki Haley to visit in June 

Iranian ‘attack craft’ approaches US Navy destroyer in Persian Gulf 

Report highlights Kushner ties with one of Israel's wealthiest families

Liberman says Israel ‘won’t allow’ new Iranian front on Golan Heights 

Officials laying groundwork for Trump visit to Israel in late May: sources 

Russia says Turkey's air strikes on Iraq, Syria are unacceptable 

Erdan issues order banning PA meeting in Jerusalem 


Senior IDF officer: North Korean crisis may affect Israeli security 

Reports Indicating President Trump Will Increase Aid to Palestinian Authority 

U.S. deeply concerned by Turkish air strikes on Kurdish fighters 

U.S. slams South Sudan’s Kiir over ‘man-made’ famine, urges truce 

UK tells Palestinians there will be no apology for Balfour Declaration 

IDF officer warns Gaza fuel shortage could lead to war 

Palestinian caught smuggling cash from Jordan for Hamas 

Austrian chancellor: EU must contribute more to Mideast peace 

Abbas may cut off cash to Gaza, marking break with West Bank 

Ministers back Netanyahu over ultimatum to German foreign minister 


Adelson, miffed at Trump over embassy about-face, said to shut spigot 

Aid agencies call for life-saving support to Yemen 

Twin mid-sized earthquakes shake western #Turkey 

IDF chief at Auschwitz vows to fight enemies ‘bent on Israel’s destruction’ 

Israel receives three more F-35 warplanes

UNESCO head calls Temple Mount ‘holiest place in Judaism’ 

What This Rabbi Predicted 22 Years Ago About Korea’s Role In the End-Time Will Shock You 

Netanyahu will skip talks if German minister meets left-wing group: Israeli official 


Israel-Sinai border crossing re-opens, terror threat remains in place

Clashes erupt after settlers said to attack Palestinian homes in West Bank 

Chinese jihadis’ rise in Syria raises concerns at home 

Cynically led, and out of electricity, Gaza is close to breaking point again 

Netanyahu: Palestinians must make ‘real change’ for peace 


Only 7 Christian Families Remain in Iraq’s Largest Christian Town 

Lebanese PM asks UN to help seek permanent truce with Israel

Israeli army strikes Syrian sources of mortar fire on Golan 

IDF attacks Syria in response to mortar hits in Golan

Egyptian liberals are fighting Christian persecution and promoting religious freedom

Jordan rejects Assad claim it plans to send troops to Syria 


Nikki Haley urges UN to shift its criticism from Israel to Iran 

UN Security Council debates the ‘Palestinian question’ 

US ambassador to UN: 'Hezbollah uses towns to protect tens of thousands of rockets'

Turkey Is Now An Islamic Caliphate In All But Name 

Turkish terror group provided funds for St. Petersburg metro attack: judge 

Trump to Host Abbas May 3 at White House, Seeks ‘Conflict-Ending’ Deal 

ISIS Opens Its Next Front in Sinai and Gulf of Aqaba 

Raqqa Op on Hold: Trump like Putin Refuses More Troops for Syria 

Egypt army says senior Islamic State cleric killed in Sinai 

Hezbollah gives reporters grand tour of new Israeli defenses 

Palestinians clash with security forces outside West Bank prison 

Only 7 Christian Families Remain in Iraq’s Largest Christian Town 


Abbas says ready to meet Netanyahu ‘anytime’ in Washington 

A resident of Gaza entered Israel for cancer treatment—and smuggled explosives

Abbas: Ready to meet Netanyahu under Trump's patronage in Washington 

Hosting Abbas on May 3, Trump seeks ‘conflict-ending’ deal 

Israel says Assad still has chemical weapons 

Senior IDF officer: US attack on Syria was no turning point in the civil war

Police: Fresno triple killer motivated by hate, not terrorism 


Iran shows off new air defense systems, declares ‘Death to Israel’ 

Turkey extends state of emergency declared after failed coup 

Top Hamas leader says group not seeking war with Israel 

Trapped Mosul civilians could face worst catastrophe of Iraq conflict, U.N. warns 

Iraq opens new Tigris bridge escape route for people fleeing Mosul 

Public security minister: No talks with Palestinian hunger strikers

Russia Says Evidence growing, Syria Chemical Attack Was Staged 
https://t.co/0iVh8eyUTE via @walidshoebat

Live blog: Taba Border Crossing into Egypt to remain closed to Israelis 

PROPHECY WATCH: Push to rebuild Jerusalem Temple has earth-shaking implications 


Turkey opposition disputes Erdogan poll win, monitors concerned 

UN says Mosul op has displaced nearly half a million 

Iraqi forces fight door-to-door in Mosul as battles enters seventh month 

Hundreds of Palestinians in Israeli jails begin hunger strike 

13 Palestinians wounded in clashes with Israeli forces over hunger strike 

Abbas: World must intervene to ‘save’ hunger-striking prisoners 

Thousands of 'No' supporters protest Turkey vote in Istanbul 

Clashes erupt between tribes and IS group in Sinai


US said preparing strike to ‘utterly destroy’ N. Korean nuclear program



ISIS Planned an Attack to Follow Palm Sunday Bombings 

Iraq: ISIS launches chlorine gas attacks in western Mosul 

Security tight as Egypt Copts prepare for Easter mass 

Turkey votes Sunday on sweeping new presidential powers 

Former Syrian general: Assad has hundreds of tons of chemical weapons


House Democrats want Jared Kushner’s security clearance revoked 

Assad comments on chemical attack ‘100% lies’ – French FM 

Residents, fighters evacuate from four besieged Syria towns 

US defense secretary expected in Israel next week 

Trump May Send Up To 50,000 Troops To Syria | Zero Hedge 

Another attack on Egypt's Christians! Click here to read the latest

Churches are being rebuilt in Aleppo and Christian traditions are being observed once again thanks to the Syrian Army defeating Al-Qaeda


Iran’s Strategy to Sabotage World Trade 

Thousands flock to Jerusalem for holiday blessing at Western Wall

Japan PM: North Korea may be capable of sarin-loaded missiles 

Palestinians demand Britain apologize for Balfour Declaration

Local forces deploy in Palestinian camp in Lebanon after clashes 

Israeli forces foiled terrorist attack on eve of Passover 


Russia vetoes UN draft resolution on Syria gas attack probe


Iran's Ahmadinejad registers as presidential candidate


Moscow boosting naval forces in Syrian theater following US strike



"Vicar of Baghdad’ Says Christianity is Gone from Middle East: ‘It is Over’ 

Putin says Russia knows about planned 'provocations' to put the blame for chemical attack on Syrian government 

Syrians protesting US airstrikes chant ‘Death to Israel’ 

Jordan, Egypt have ‘special’ relationship with Israel, says Jordanian king 

Has Hell Frozen Over? Top UN Official Calls Jerusalem the Ancient Capital of Israel 


Egypt under emergency rule after church attacks 

Hours before Passover, ISIS fires missile from Sinai into Israel 

US says Russia knew in advance of Syria chemical attack

Drone strike in southern Sinai said to kill one person 

IDF chief: Terrorists are out to ruin Passover 

Islamic State in Sinai claims Passover-eve rocket attack on Israel 

Islamic State in Sinai claims Passover-eve rocket attack on Israel 


Reeling from bombs, Egypt deploys guards, declares 3-month emergency


WHAT NEXT? Trump team tries to clarify Syria stance after strikes


Assad allies say U.S. attack on Syria air base crosses 'red lines'



Israel closes air space above Golan Heights following US airstrike in Syria 

Arab League calls for ‘de-escalation’ in Syria 

Israel may be heading for a harder time with Russia in Syria 

Tens of thousands protest in Gaza against PA salary cuts 

Protesting US airstrikes, Syrians chant ‘death to Israel’ 


Putin Responds: Syria Strikes "Cripple US-Russia Relations"; Deploys Missile Warship To Syria 

'Muslims—Clear the Temple Mount',  this coming Monday to allow the performance of the Passover sacrifice.

Nikki Haley: US prepared to do more in Syria but hopes it won’t be necessary 

US probes whether Russia took part in Syria chemical attack 

Israeli minister says Syria strike repositions US as regional leader 

In Israeli eyes, Trump’s tomahawks correct the course of history 


Israeli cabinet to meet on Sunday to discuss humanitarian intervention in Syria. (Via Israel's Channel 10) 

PROPHECY WATCH: Coalition Forming To Remove Assad! -

US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson says steps are being taken to remove Syrian President Bashar al-Assad

WAR DRUMS: Putin rebukes Netanyahu over ‘groundless’ accusations on suspected chemical incident in Syria 

Bannon said to call Kushner a ‘cuck’ and ‘globalist’ as tensions between them escalate 

What does Jerusalem expect from the ‘new sheriff’ at the UN? 

Syria: Israel ‘main beneficiary’ of gas attack allegations 


King Abdullah Visits White House to Talk Peace in Wake of Syrian Chemical Attack 

Abdullah welcomes Trump engagement in Israel-Palestinian peace

US dismisses Russian assertion rebels to blame for Syria gas attack  

Syrian rebel leader denies Russian claim gas came from rebels' depot 

US threatens response against Syria for attack, as Russia balks at condemnation

Jordan's King Abdullah says Arab league peace initiative can help Trump as he tries to bring Israelis, Palestinian… 

Trump says he's working 'very, very hard' to try to create peace between Palestinians and Israel 

Live blog: Abdullah says Trump ‘understands the nuances’ of Israeli-Palestinian conflict 

Live blog: US threatens unilateral action if UN fails to act on Syria attack 

Live blog: Hollande urges international response to Syria ‘war crime’ 

Live blog: Syria opposition says US comments on Assad encourage ‘more crimes’ 

Trump: Assad regime ‘crossed many lines’ with chemical attack 

Trump vows he’ll ‘be successful’ on Israeli-Palestinian peace 

Israeli intelligence believes Assad behind chemical attack 


Suspicious envelope found at Netanyahu’s office; staff sent for hospital checks 

At White House, Jordan king to present Arabs’ view on peace 

Trump, Sissi said to plan peace summit during their meeting 


Analysis: Restarting the peace process by flipping the formula

Syrian government forces besiege rebel-held Damascus area 

Visiting Sissi says Trump can solve Israeli-Palestinian conflict 

Egypt’s Sissi said set to present Trump with Mideast peace plan


White House says no ‘formal negotiations’ with Israel on settlements


With a storm on the horizon, Israel turns on its latest missile defense system


In DC visit, Egypt’s el-Sissi to test ‘chemistry’ with Trump


King of Jordan to visit Trump next week



ISIS threatens to take over Iran in a last attempt to appear dominant. Read more: 

Jordan says Israel’s new settlement undermines peace 

Norway FM: Two-state solution ‘under pressure’ 


Iran Asks for EMERGENCY Security Council Meeting at UN - May Declare War against USA 

Though politically challenging, new settlement curb likely a win-win for Netanyahu 

Trump Allows First Israeli Settlement in Over 20 Years: UN Sides With PA Outrage 

Israel says will curb settlement expansion to satisfy Trump 


Ynetnews News - Arab states remove Jerusalem sites from UNESCO resolution...

Dozens of Palestinians said injured in Land Day clashes with IDF 

Arab leaders send a message to Trump: Palestine first 

Arab leaders ready to work with Trump on Mideast peace deal 

Iran denies Arab League accusation of Mideast meddling 

Russia’s Putin says would support Trump in fighting terrorism 

PROPHECY WATCH: Fatah Urges Tens of Thousands to Rise Up Against Israel 

Trump Shifts 2 Mid-East Peace Obstacles: Saudis Will Amend Peace Plan, Netanyahu Will Cede Land

US, Russia Ratchet up Mid-East Military Cooperation 

Trump Pumps More US Troops into Syria, Iraq and Yemen 

Iran Offers Air Base to Break up Russia’s Syria Partnership with the US 

Russia’s Plan for a Nuclear Submarine Port at Tartus Jolts US, Israeli Navies 


Abbas says Arab Peace Initiative is the only diplomatic plan on the table 

Abbas: Arab Peace Initiative remains the only option.

Turkey's military operation inside northern Syria is over: officials 

Turkey suddenly ends Euphrates shield invasion of Syria 

Israel slashes dues to UN following anti-Israel votes 

Arab leaders warn Israel against abandoning 2-state solution 

Live blog: Arab leaders reaffirm support for 2002 peace plan 

Arab leaders endorse two-state solution, say ready for reconciliation with Israel

East Libyan fighter jet crashes outside Tobruk, four killed 


Trump’s peace envoy meets Abbas as he returns to region for fresh talks


New Palestinian envoy in DC sees ‘opportunity’ in Trump


Iranian foreign minister: Russia may use our bases to hit Syria


Jordan says Arabs must unite to address crises


PM intends to allow lawmakers to resume Temple Mount visits


PM: Israel ‘committed’ to working with Trump on peace process


Trump ‘heavily committed’ to Mideast peace, says Herzog


EU: Israeli-Palestinian peace deal a ‘top priority’



New details reveal stealthy, professional hit on Hamas terror leader


Egyptian president meets with US Jewish leader ahead of White House trip


Abbas to meet Putin in Moscow in May


In Amman, Arab League set to reaffirm Saudi Peace Initiative


Settler leader: Population growth is end of 2-state solution - The number of Israeli settlers living in the West Bank has soared 


Hezbollah blames Israel for assassination of slain Hamas terrorist 

Syria threatens to fire Scud missiles at Israel — report 

Israel may agree to slow settlement construction — report 

UN: Israel didn’t comply with Security Council call to stop settlements 

US command: Mosul airstrikes were at the request of Iraq 


Palestinians To Present “Peace Plan” Next Week! 


UK delivers unprecedented condemnation of UN anti-Israel ‘bias’ 

Merkel: Two-state solution has ‘no reasonable alternative’ 

Israel fails to heed demand for end to settlement building: UN 


Israel Allies Worldwide Flock to Train in Massive IAF Air Defense Exercises 

David's Sling: Israel's Next Level of Defense 

Jews enter legal battle for rights to the Jewish TempleMount 

Israeli, Trump Officials Meet in D.C. to Talk Settlement Building 

IAF strikes Syria for the third time in as many days 

Egypt says Sinai fighting kills 12 security forces 

Israeli official denies reports US demanded freeze in isolated settlements 

Israel to host seven overseas air forces for massive drill 

Surprise War Drill in Israel Calls Up Thousands of IDF Soldiers 


Hamas’s Gaza chief vows to ‘liberate all of Palestine’ 

Netanyahu: ‘Significant progress’ in settlement talks with US 

More East Jerusalem Palestinians seek Israeli citizenship 

Dramatic ruling paves way for thousands of East Jerusalemites to regain residency rights 

US Marines said to land behind Islamic State lines in Syria 

Syrian rebels report fresh Israeli airstrikes near Damascus 

SYRIA: @CJTFOIR statement on the SDF/US multi-pronged offensive behind enemy lines to capture Tabqah Dam near Raqqa 

We now know an ISIS terror alert is the reason for the electronics ban; terrorists designing bombs that could fit into laptop batteries 


Hamas tried to get more accurate maps to aim rockets 

Iran says it’s ‘completely ready’ to restart nuclear program 

Iraqi leader: Trump to accelerate support 

IDF to test rocket warning system in southern Israel 

Undermining Iran’s president, supreme leader says economy ailing 

IDF confirms Israeli drone shot down by Syria forces 

Intelligence official says Russia must contain Iran in Syria - Warns that Iran is seeking to expand its military presence in Syria

Israel plans mass evacuation from border communities if war erupts again


Syria war: Damascus sees fierce clashes after rebel attack 

Netanyahu official heads to US to hammer out understanding on settlements 

Israeli-Russian clash over Hizballah’s Golan grab. Steven Ben-Noon comment: The latest moves by Israel targeting Hezbollah supply lines in Syria have not gone unnoticed by Putin. Twice the Russian Government has summoned the Israeli Ambassador to the Kremlin for a stern warning not to escalate the situation in Syria. But what many do not know is that Russia has warned Israel and Saudi Arabia that they are prepared to use Tactical Nuclear weapons against any invading force against Syria. 

Israel launches large-scale call-up of military resources 

Syrian rebels attack Russian embassy in Damascus 

Liberman says Israel not looking to intervene in Syria 

Israel sets to annex disputed maritime border area

Assad: Russia has ‘important role’ in preventing Israel-Syria clash 

Air Force defends use of Arrow system against Syrian missile 


Analysis:  Putin is the Middle East's New Boss


Egyptian President to make first White House visit in early April


Then Abbas visits in mid-April


Finally pope F visits Egypt...completing the circle


Clashes in Syria capital after surprise rebel assault 

IDF chief says Lebanon responsible for next conflict with Hezbollah 

‘Resist Israel,’ father tells new leader of Lebanon’s Druze 

Israeli airstrike said to kill driver in Syrian Golan Heights 

IDF launches 2 drills in Israel’s south 

“The next time the Syrians use their air defense systems against our planes we will destroy them...” says Lieberman 

Islamic State’s wane sets the stage for regional superpower Iran 

Egyptian president to make first White House visit in Apri

Pope Francis to visit Egypt in April in interfaith effort 

Islamic State claims Israel bombed its members in Sinai 


An inevitable conflict in Gaza. (Good opinion piece.)

Israeli ambassador to Russia summoned over Syria airstrike. 

Netanyahu: Syria raids targeted ‘advanced’ Hezbollah arms 

Iran Closing In On Israel – Deal With Syria Could See New Military Base 


Syria files complaint with UN following Israel’s airstrikes targeting weapons meant for Hezbollah.


Israel's Arrow anti-missile system scores first hit


Russia summons Israeli envoy, demands clarifications on Syria strike


Netanyahu Asks Italy to Oppose UNESCO Resolutions Minimizing Jewish Ties to Jerusalem


Netanyahu: We are in dialogue with White House on settlements


In 2nd meeting, Netanyahu and Trump envoy fail to reach agreement on settlements


03/15/17 (The Ides of March)

Israel fumes as UN board censures ‘apartheid’ and ‘racial domination’ over Palestinians


Saudi Arabia: Trump meeting a 'historic turning point'


Netanyahu to meet with Trump envoy for second time on Thursday



US hosts anti-ISIS meeting of 68 nations, fails to invite Russia, Iran (Hope note...getting close to that "70 nations" thing again)


Abbas to US envoy: Peace deal possible under Trump


Saudi Crown Prince Flies To Washington To Meet With Donald Trump (Hope note - are they discussing a region for the Palestinians?)


Russian elite units land on Egypt-Libya border


Iran Established Secret Rocket Factories in Lebanon



Mubarak gets nod to exit prison on Monday

Monitor tallies over 320,000 dead after six years of war in Syria 

Ehud Barak warns against taking Trump at his word 

As Trump envoy set to visit, Liberman pushes population transfer plan - 
Saying Arab politicians should not have Israeli citizenship, defense minister predicts any land-for-peace deal will fail if Arab towns not made Palestinian


Abbas tells Abdullah of Trump’s commitment to peace process 


Turkish officials continue name-calling barrage as dispute over political rallying in foreign nations intensifies.


Netanyahu On Purim: Like Ancient Persia, Modern Iran Will Fail To Destroy Jews
Iraqi forces take third of west Mosul, jihadists 'trapped' 

Death toll from Damascus bombing climbs to 74: Observatory 

Iraqi forces unearth mass grave of Shiite inmates killed by ISIS 

46 killed, dozens missing in Ethiopia garbage dump landslide 

Tel Aviv-bound flight returns to Austria due to sandstorm 

PA security forces suppress protest in Ramallah 

Abbas: Trump told me he wants two-state solution 

Iran unveils new homemade tank, launches production line 


Netanyahu ‘has no intention of resigning’ if indicted, coalition chair says 

Erdogan accuses Netherlands of ‘Nazism’ as feud with Europe escalates 

TRUMP tells TERRORIST LEADER Abbas: "Time has come to Make a DEAL" 

Abbas tells Abdullah of Trump’s commitment to peace process 


Defiant Iran Conducts More Ballistic Missile Tests; This Time From Naval Vessel 

UN accuses Turkey of 'serious' violations in majority-Kurdish region

US Reform leaders talk two-state solution with Abbas 

Rejecting Purim spiel, Putin tells Netanyahu to stop dwelling on past 

US planning longer, larger presence in Syria, top general says 


US deploys Rangers in Syria heading towards the flashpoint city of Manbij, near the ISIS stronghold of Raqqa

Netanyahu tells Putin that Iran must not replace IS in Syria 

Israel’s economy gets big boost in 2016 

Weeks after berating Senegal and Venezuela for anti-settlement motion at UN, Israel seeks warmer ties with them 

US considering sending 1,000 troops to Kuwait — report 

Israeli envoy to Jordan ‘warns of growing instability’ 

Jordan says ‘Muezzin Bill’ is discriminatory, violates peace treaty 




Proof That Zechariah 12:3 Is Literally Unfolding Before Our Eyes 

Defense Minister to VP Pence: “We Expect to See US Embassy in Jerusalem Soon” 

Erdogan turning Turkey into next Syria, says PYD representative - Kom News 

Hamas said set to recognize 1967 borders, but not Israel 

Egyptians protest over new bread subsidies system 


Sea of Galilee at lowest level in century after driest February


Ancient Roman roadway turns up near Beit Shemesh


ISIS murdering Coptic Christians on Egypt's Sinai Peninsula over faith


Sea of Galilee Level Dangerously Low, Bringing Spiritual Warning to Israel 

Egyptians protest over new bread subsidies system 

Netanyahu: Israel won’t tolerate violations of its borders 

Hamas accuses Abbas of contributing to ‘siege’ of Gaza 

PM promises tit for tat on attacks against Israel 


ISIS Proves Far Deadlier Than Expected In Fight For Mosul 

US Navy ship changes course after Iran vessel interaction: US official 

PM Netanyahu in fourth round of police questioning 

Netanyahu ‘could not have signed peace letter,’ says minister: 
Likud’s Yariv Levin says talks on coalition with center-left Zionist Union broke down over PM’s adherence to coalition guidelines, not over illegal outpost

Netanyahu: 80% of security threats against Israel emanate from Iran 


Trump Takes First Step Towards Relocating Jerusalem Embassy, Sends Delegation to Israel

Cross-border skirmishes in Somalia, Ethiopia, and Kenya leave hundreds dead. 


Netanyahu vows to remove Arafat street sign in Arab village


Jordan hangs 15 convicts as deterrent to terrorism


Bahrain 'uncovers terrorist cell' plotting attacks


East Libyan forces target rivals with air strikes to regain oil ports (Hope note - keep an eye on this...missiles from Libya!)


Dichter remains one of the few MKs in Likud that believes in 2 states

Iran announces successful missile test

'Work on the bad guys': US to deploy more Delta Force & SEALs for Middle East covert ops – report 

Border Patrol Spokesperson: the fighters foil a  terrorist attack in Hebron 


ISIS continues to eliminate Coptic Christians in Egypt as promised. 

Libyan armed faction enter oil port, airport after clashes: officials, residents 

Lavrov: Russia wants to see Libya united, prosperous and supported by reliable state institutions and capable army 

Mosul victims treated for chemical agents as displacement accelerates 

EU-Israel high-level talks in doubt over settlements 

Palestinians clash with Israeli settlers in West Bank 

Rival groups race for control of Syria’s Raqqa 

Gaza rocket strikes field south of Ashkelon; none injured 

Al-Qaeda confirms death of senior leader in Syria: statement 

BREAKING: Egypt top appeals court acquits Mubarak on charges of involvement in killing protesters in 2011 

EGYPT: Russian passenger detained with IED in Alexandria trying to board Turkish airlines flight to Istanbul

Palestinians more pessimistic about peace with Israel under Trump — poll 

In politely devastating critique, Israeli negotiator skewers Kerry for dooming peace talks 
https://t.co/75pbrwOvqO via @timesofisrael

Gaza gunfire hits IDF vehicle, prompting tank shelling 
https://t.co/3JA4VykvPL via @timesofisrael

Syria war created “strong imbalance in the region to Iran’s benefit" 
https://t.co/QoIGClYg6U via @timesofisrael 


US tells UN rights body to end focus on Israel 

Newly appointed Abbas deputy says he’d accept one-state solution 

Ofra settlement homes bulldozed after final protesters evacuated 

Special forces remove final protesters from Ofra rooftops 
https://t.co/RSDvicrr0Y via @timesofisrael

"Revealed Miracle" of Trump and Jeremiah's Prophecy Prove: Time for Christians to Help Rebuild Holy Land 


Police taking away Ofra protesters in buses 

Blistering Gaza war report scorches Netanyahu, Ya’alon and Gantz over tunnel failures 

Israel's State Comptroller: Cabinet ministers were not sufficiently updated on Hamas tunnel threat in Gaza 

Christian-Jewish Fellowship Urges Interfaith Unity Against Anti-Semitism 

Egyptian President Offers Assistance for Fleeing Christians. 

Herzog: Netanyahu should resign over scathing Gaza war report 

Youth Gather in Song and Prayer to Protest Eviction of #Samarian Outpost 


Pandemic of anti-Semitism taking place worldwide

Peru president, son of Jewish refugees, tells Trump he prefers bridges to walls

Israeli Jets hit Gaza after overnight rocket attacks

Hamas says it will not accept Israeli aggression in Gaza

Abbas rejects regional approach, temporary solutions to conflict

PLO Envoy to Iran says he hopes Iran will produce 1000 nukes

Ex-Mossad chief says concerning Iran, Netanyahu should be speaking with Putin, not Trump

A rocket hits Israel this morning and Netanyahu fires back 4 strikes wounding 4 people in Gaza

Terrorist Rocket Hits Southern Israel in Dead of Night 

Netanyahu: We will never relinquish security control of West Bank

Palestinian rocket fire draws Israeli air strikes against Hamas 


Michael Youssef, Egyptian American pastor: Please...pray for Christians in the Sinai..Muslim terrorists are slitting the throats of children in front of their parents, and 1000s are escaping. (tweeted prayer request)

Syria vows ‘retaliation’ as attack jolts peace talks 

Hamas blames Egypt for death of 3 in Gaza tunnel 

Pence pledges Trump will keep Iran from going nuclear, walks back embassy promise 

Palestinian terror leader urges Iran to join ‘all-out war’ on Israel, then Jordan 

Dozens of Lebanese cross Israeli border during protest (Hope note - I feel like this is a test to see how they react!)

Merkel: Keep working on the two-state solution 

Iran requests 950 tons of uranium from Kazakhstan 

Hamas blames Egypt for deaths of 3 from toxic gas in Gaza tunnel


Saudi spy chief visits Israel, Ramallah (Hope note - I feel this is VERY significant!)


Iran’s Khamenei Calls for Palestinian Intifada, Israel a ‘Cancerous Tumor’ 

Russia Issues New Rules In Syria Any Aircraft Threatening The Syrian Army Will Be Shot Down 

Assad Will Let Hizballah Fire Rockets against Israel from Syrian Soil 

Netanyahu avoids endorsing two states in Sydney statement 

Saudi Arabia and Israel Coordinate Military Steps to Face Iran 

Iran Makes Oman Main Way-Station for Smuggling Arms to Yemeni Rebels 


A commentator for Iran's Tasnim news agency was quoted as saying that Hizballah could use the Iranian Fateh 110 missiles in its possession to strike Israel's nuclear reactor in Dimona."

Amnesty report: Israel unlawfully killed and tortured Palestinians

Turkey condemns Israel’s ‘illegal settlement policies’ 

Israel in no position to attack us, Iranian commander gloats 

Lebanese media: Israeli troops cross border, plant ‘spying devices’ 

Islamic State affiliate in Sinai claims rocket fire on Israel 

Israeli jets strike outside Damascus – Syrian media 

Jordan’s King Abdullah II pays official visit to Egypt
Reclaiming Judea and Samaria: Israel's Biblical Heartland 

Jordan, Egypt insist on 2-state solution for Israel, Palestinians 

Day before Netanyahu arrives, Australia backs 2-state solution 


At secret summit, Netanyahu said to have offered freeze on settlements

Netanyahu caved on peace deal that would have ‘changed the region’
(The PA has rejected more than 30 offers for a state since 1947. Why isn’t that news?)

New travel ban will target same 7 countries

Two rockets from Sinai land in Israel

Arab Israeli charged with bus bombing in Tel Aviv, teaching ISIS to make nerve gas

Egyptian lawyers to block PA settlement in Sinai

PM has not backtracked on pledge for new Amona settlement, says aide 

Saudi Arabia praises Trump, warms up towards Israel 

ISIS branch in the Golan takes control of additional areas in the vicinity of the Israeli border 

Arab world is opening up to Israel

Israeli opposition: Netanyahu 'blinked' on peace initiative 

Iran warns Israel: ‘Don’t get into serious trouble’ with us 

Videos show Iranians testing advanced rockets 

First ISIS rocket attack on Israel from N. Sinai 

02/19/17  (Hope note - Are you all noticing that the Times of Israel is against both their PM and our President)

Merkel says Islam is not source of terror (also Pope says, "Muslim terrorism does not exist..what is he smoking?!)

Trump working in streamlined travel ban

Netanyahu said to have rejected peace deal last year

Netanyahu: New day after talks with Trump

Iran to hold new military drills despite US warnings
ISIS says Israel killed 5 of its members in the Sinai

Egyptian president tells US Jews peace deal at top of agenda 

Praising Trump, Saudi FM urges progress toward Israeli-Arab peace 

Netanyahu says peace summit with Sissi, Abdullah was his idea 

Veteran Israeli diplomat predicts premature end to Trump presidency 

Israeli threats to Lebanese sovereignty will meet 'appropriate response' 

Iran to hold new military drill despite US warnings 

Egypt says it killed senior operative of IS in Sinai 

UN chief: US blocking Palestinian pick for Libya envoy was ‘serious mistake’ 

Pence: US will ‘never’ allow Iran to threaten Israel with nukes 

Israeli Navy fires warning shots at Palestinian boat in Gaza 

Islamic State group’s ‘business model’ may be near collapse 
One state, two state

Trump’s Israel envoy financed illegal building on Palestinian land – report 

Hamas rejects Liberman’s offer of aid for disarmament 

Justice minister vows new settlement will be built 

PM: Speaking up on Iran threat on behalf of Arabs too 


UN: Two-state solution remains the ‘only way’ 

US Ends Commitment to Two State Solution 

Two-state solution still the most popular option among Israelis and Palestinians 

Arab League chief says peace requires two-state solution 

Trump considering Arab peace summit in Washington, report says 

Iran says Israel is ‘biggest threat’ to world peace 

Netanyahu’s ‘betrayal,’ Trump’s ‘one state, two state’ rile Israeli press 

Netanyahu asks Trump to recognize Israeli sovereignty over Golan 


In "Dramatic Break" From US Policy, Trump Set To Drop "Two State Solution" In Netanyahu Meeting | Zero Hedge 

White House Official: Not Tied to the Two-State Solution 

Israel quietly pulls out Egypt ambassador over security concerns 

Resignation of Michael Flynn Puts Netanyahu on Uneven Footing 

Latest: Netanyahu says he’ll explain view on settlements, defends Trump from anti-Semitism claims

Hamas political chief hails ‘democratic’ rise of new Gaza leader 

Trump rolls back US obligation to two states, but vows to pursue a ‘great peace deal’


El Al turns to courts to stop pilots from resigning 

Syrian shell lands in Golan Heights 

Will Tzipi Livni be the first Israeli deputy chief of the UN? (Hope note - keep an eye on any relationship between her and J Kushner)
The US in return allowing the appointment of Fayyad, a former World Bank economist, as envoy on the Libya conflict, fears it unintentionally signals recognition for Palestinian statehood. 

El Al: If pilots quit, all flights will be grounded

Dennis Ross: Trump likely to restore Bush-Sharon agreement on settlements 

Lebanese president calls on Arab League to protect Jerusalem 

Minister claims Netanyahu, Trump will push for Palestinian state in Sinai

2 states or not 2 states, that is the question when Netanyahu meets Trump 

The US and Israel must grow their economic alliance under Trump

The rocket attack on Eilat: Why now? 

State invokes controversial new law to defend illegal West Bank outpost 


Netanyahu Cautions ‘Excited’ Right-Wingers, ‘There are Limits With Trump’

Netanyahu: I Told Trump Palestinians Won't Budge, He Said They'll Make Concessions

Lebanese president and long-time Hezbollah ally says Iran’s support for terror group could ‘continue indefinitely’

Islamic State leadership targeted in air strike, Baghdadi fate unclear: Iraqi military 

Netanyahu Visits Trump, Opposes Palestinian State


Hundreds of thousands rally in Iran against Trump, chant ‘Death to America’

Turkey detains 4 ISIS suspects, seizes 24 suicide attack belts
allegedly were planning to carry out a “sensational” attack in Turkey

Massive Anti-American Protests Break Out in the Islamic Republic of Iran

Islamic State claims Eilat rocket attack, threatens moreGroup’s Sinai-based affiliate says it fired rockets ‘to teach Jews, crusaders a proxy war will not avail them of anything’

Turkey nabs Islamic State suspects planning ‘sensational’ attack

Hamas upgrades cyber espionage capability 

Exclusive: In call with Putin, Trump denounced Obama-era nuclear arms treaty

Iran Fires Another Missile From Launch Pad, US official Says 

Christians Supporting Jerusalem Embassy Could Help Bring Third Temple 

Ignoring warnings, Iran fires another missile
(Tomorrow is the day they promised a response to Trump’s threats)

IDF responds after Syrian mortar explodes in Israel

French Jews have to give up Israeli citizenship


‘US finally getting it right on Iran’
"This government is not afraid Iran will walk away from the deal, so it has more freedom... this advantage allows it to put pressure on Iran”

Palestinians demand world punish Israel over settlements bill

UN: Israel outpost law crosses ‘thick red line’


Ballistic missile strikes Riyadh, Saudi Arabia military camp

Israeli Air Force fighter planes targeted three Hamas positions in the northwestern Gaza Strip

The Israel Air Force struck targets in the Gaza Strip in retaliation to earlier rocket fire

Iran official: Only 7 minutes needed for missile to hit Tel Aviv - 
threatens attack on Israel if US launches military strike on Islamic Republic

IDF thwarts ‘Hamas infiltration’ in massive military drills (VIDEO) 

Demolition orders issued for homes in Wadi Ara

Netanyahu asks to delay settlements bill vote so he can coordinate with US


Iran vows ‘roaring missiles’ if threatened, defies new sanctions


Top Iran officer: If enemies do wrong, missiles will come down on them

Anti-IS Syria force launches new phase in Raqa campaign

Defiant Iran holds ‘massive’ missile drill day after US sanctions

Emboldened by Amona evacuation, Palestinian mayor sets sights on Ofra

Despite losing Amona, Israeli settlers expect to win war for West Bank

Iran announces ‘reciprocal action’ to US sanctions

White House declines to voice support for two-state solutionSean Spicer says ‘the president is committed to peace,’ will discuss issue with Netanyahu when he visits Washington

UN peacekeepers say attacked in south LebanonSoldiers unharmed but vehicles damaged when ‘groups of aggressive men’ block road, don’t let UNIFIL cars pass

White House imposes fresh sanctions after Tehran’s ballistic missile test

Trump's 'Muslim ban': Ploy to stem refugee flow or strategy for war with Iran?

WH to refocus anti-extremism program on radical Islam


UN Violates 1922 Agreement Removing Amona Residents From Jewish Homeland 
Helpful brief overview of historical events behind the Jewish homeland. 8 minute video:

Palestinians rejoice as Amona outpost evacuated

Slowly, amid clashes and tears, Israel evacuates Amona outpost

Amona residents to accept deal to set up new settlement elsewhere

IDF vehicles reportedly operating inside Lebanon

Palestinians call ‘urgent’ meeting to respond to settlement spurt


Netanyahu to meet with Trump Feb 15

UNSC to hold talks on Iranian missile test

Abbas to Africa: Put Palestinians before Israel

Israelis born in Arab states excluded from travel ban

EXCLUSIVE: Pentagon believes attack on Saudi frigate meant for US warship

High Court of Justice issues a conditional order demanding that Netanyahu justify retaining control over the foreign affairs and communications portfolios, rather than handing over the reins to another minister

Terror group seen rehabilitating network of cross-border tunnels, missile arsenal after last round of fighting devastated Gaza’s military infrastructure


Immigration Ban "Remains in full force and effect" Despite Judges Orders

New UN Chief says not planning to initiate a political move between Israel and the Palestinian Authority, even though he does believe in a two-state solution

Palestinians demand apology after UN chief says there was a Jewish temple on Temple Mount

Damascus denies rumors from outlets claiming President Assad was hospitalized after suffering a stroke 

Palestinians jailed for planning ISIS-inspired attack in Jerusalem


Trump’s travel ban blocked by Federal judge

Jews see ‘tragic irony’ of ban on Holocaust Memorial Day

Trump defends Muslim ban

Muslim world in outrage over Trump’s ban

Netanyahu: Trump right to build wall

Disappointed Mexico rebukes Israel over wall praises


Video: Trump comparing border wall with Israel’s wall

Fatah planning terror attacks in Jerusalem

Trump signs temporary ban on refugees from Muslim countries


Rep. Gabbard calls on US govt to stop ‘supporting terrorists’ after meeting Syria civilians & Assad 

Israel okays 153 homes in East Jerusalem neighborhood Gilo

Trump says he will ‘absolutely do safe zones in Syria’

Trump said set to halt funding for UN agencies, other groups that give PA, PLO full membership


Giuliani: Trump will move embassy to Jerusalem

Germany condemns Israel's plans for 2,500 units in West Bank

Palestinians say Obama’s last-minute $221 million payout frozen by Trump

PM faces down MKs over criminal probes, rebuffs resignation calls

New settlement homes are just a ‘taste,’ Netanyahu tells MKs

Australia criticizes settlement expansion

Researchers find hundreds of unknown Nazi killing fields and camps

Arab League accuses Israel of ‘contempt’ over settlements


Netanyahu Orders Annexation Bill Frozen Until He Meets With Trump


Israel okays 2,500 new settlement homes, 2 days after PM talks to Trump

Iraq cleric warns US: Moving embassy is ‘declaration of war on Islam

Abbas Meets Jordanian King Over Proposed U.S. Embassy Move

Israel advises citizens in Egypt's Sinai to leave, cites attack risk

IDF shells Hamas position in Gaza after troops come under fire

What Trump’s Decision to Move Embassy to Jerusalem Would Mean

Chinese Warships In Persian Gulf For First Time Since 2010


Netanyahu to discuss Iranian threat with Trump

Bid proposed to annex parts of West Bank

Netanyahu tries to stop annexation bill

Netanyahu Ahead of Trump Phone Call: I Am Willing to Give Palestinians a 'State-minus'

Defense minister: No possibility of bilateral agreement with Palestinians

Annexation bill put off until after Trump-Netanyahu meeting

1,000s of Israeli Arabs protest against housing demolitions & killing of Bedouin teacher

Jerusalem city council approves construction of hundreds of homes outside Green Line

Abbas's office condemns Jerusalem construction plan

Syrian rebels say government, Iran seek to wreck Russian shift to "neutrality"


Car-ramming highlights radicalism’s inroads among Negev Bedouin

Officer of the Israel police was killed during clashes between security forces and residents of an unrecognized Bedouin encampment in the Negev Desert.

Obama admitted that it had been his decision to abstain from voting on the anti-Israel United Nations resolution.


Palestinian official: 'Gates of Hell will open' if Trump moves embassy

Netanyahu accuses media of ‘unprecedented’ campaign to oust him

Kerry calls PM from Paris, vows no further UN action

UK refuses to sign Paris declaration, warns summit may harden Palestinian positions

Palestinians may reverse recognition of Israel if Trump moves US embassy to Jerusalem – Abbas

Netanyahu: Paris conference 'distances peace'

Will be brought up again tomorrow at the UNSC

World leaders met today at the EU headquarters in Brussels  --  Next meeting to discuss is Feb 2

EU opposes move of Embassy to Jerusalem

New elections to remove Netanyahu?

Riots over electricity shortages in Gaza

Agreement to improve West Bank water supply

Qater sends $12 Million in fuel for Gaza power plant

KURSHNER to negotiate peace deal????
"Kerry to Netanyahu: Paris peace summit won't lead to further action at UN; Closing statement of Paris peace conference still contested; French FM: Only solution is two-state solution."
Over 70 countries reaffirm commitment to two-state solution; diplomats say subliminal message sent to Trump administration; Britain has 'particular reservations,' doesn't sign; French FM says basis of peace talks remains pre-1967 borders; Israel is relieved by final communiqué, while Palestinians are pleased.

(Hope note - I read Psalm 124 yesterday and I was hoping it pointed to the conference and so far it seems to be!)  Psalm 124


Palestinian President Abbas says U.S. Embassy move would hurt peace

Fatah warns moving US embassy will ‘open gates of hell’Spokesman for Abbas’s party says Palestinian people ‘won’t allow’ Trump to relocate embassy to Jerusalem

Republicans introduce bill to defund UN until anti-Israel resolution repealed
Hollande says Sunday’s peace conference in Paris is not meant to replace Israel-Palestinian talks

Trump team is reportedly searching Jerusalem for a feasible site in which to locate the U.S. Embassy


President Obama on Israeli TV Tuesday said it is Netanyahu's fault that there is no 2-State Solution 

Congress urging Trump to relocate the U.S. embassy in Israel to Jerusalem ASAP

72 countries set to attend Paris peace confab

Obama omits efforts in Mid East peace from Farewell Address to the Nation

Kerry to attend Paris Peace Conference next week

Obama explains why he did not veto UN resolution

Israel to annex 60 percent of West Bank with Trump

Pope to host Abbas

(Dawn: will they discuss the Vatican overseeing the Holy sites?)
Ambassador to work from Jerusalem with Embassy in Tel Aviv

(Dawn: This is NOT a fulfillment of what Trump promised)
Negotiations underway for Israeli-Hamas prisoner swap

Israel demolishes 11 illegal Palestinian homes constructed without building permits


Older articles to a developing story.

(we know this doesn’t involve Israel yet, but it will as this is part of the buildup to Eze 38-39)

US tanks roll into Germany to stop Russian invasion

(from article, “Massive US military deployment should be ready by January 20.” (Inauguration Day) Will Obama call it off due to war?)

3600 tanks deployed to Russia

Bill introduced to remove US from UN

Mayor quits, strike called after 11 illegal buildings razed in Arab city

Obama ships Uranium to Iran
Barely a fifth of Jewish Israelis think Obama was friendly to Israel, poll shows

Palestinian rock attacks on the rise since UN settlement vote

The cleric who legitimized suicide attacks against Israel has reversed his ruling. Hamas isn’t listening

ExxonMobil, headed by Trump pick Tillerson, made deals with Iran, Syria


Top PA Imam: Moving US embassy to Jerusalem a ‘declaration of war’ 

Erekat slams US House for condemning anti-settlements UN resolution

Syria’s Assad ‘optimistic’ on new peace talks: French MP 


Jordan: Moving US Embassy to Jerusalem is a ‘red line’


Explosion rocks stronghold of Syrian President Assad. At least 25 dead


Russia 'starts to withdraw' forces from Syria



In Congress, a new battle emerges: 2 states or not 2 states


UN Security Council unanimously passes resolution supporting the ceasefire and peace talks.


Abbas: 2017 will be the year of Palestinian statehood

Palestinian leader Abbas says he's willing to work with Trump to reach two-state solution.

Minister of Regional Cooperation Tzachi Hanegbi, a close ally of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, rejected suggestions that Israel may unilaterally annex the West Bank Saturday, saying such a course of action would be “a disaster” for the country. Zionist Union chairman Isaac Herzog said annexing part of the West Bank would lead to a reality similar to that created by the civil wars in Syria and Bosnia. 

Netanyahu made a very startling statement to Putin suggesting Israeli Army may invade Syria. !!!


Four million people in Damascus have been without safe drinking water supplies for more than a week after springs outside the Syrian capital were deliberately targeted.

With clock ticking, Palestinians pin hopes on Paris summit

Zionist Union chairman Isaac Herzog called on Education Minister Naftali Bennett, the head of the pro-settler Jewish Home party, to support a public poll that would decide the fate of settlements in the West Bank. 

Australian PM condemns ‘one-sided’ UN resolution on settlements

Britain and the US in deepening war of words over Kerry’s anti-settlement speech

10 Lies Secretary of State Kerry Told During His Big Middle East Peace Speech

Arab states welcome Kerry’s framework for Israeli-Palestinian peace 

UK condemns Kerry after settlements speech: 
UK issues unprecedented rebuke towards its closest ally America but defends decision to back UN motion


Jesus Appears Before Islamist Militants Chasing Christians Amid Dust Storm, Asks Them, 'Why Do You Persecute Me?'

Netanyahu reportedly requested President-elect Donald Trump to block any more of the administration’s actions against Israel.


Israel fears that Obama will strike diplomatically again, and is taking measures to counter the attack and ensure that other countries don’t follow suit. 

Days after UN vote, Israel to consider okaying hundreds of new homes in East Jerusalem 

Ahead of Kerry speech, new East Jerusalem homes off the agenda at the request of the prime minister due to growing pressure

Jerusalem okays one building permit in East Jerusalem — report

Israel postpones vote on new East Jerusalem homes before Kerry speech 

Video: John Kerry throws Netanyahu under the bus 

Kerry says Netanyahu actions on settlements ‘invited UN action’ 

John Kerry laid out the US proposal for a peace agreement between Israel and the Palestinians


Why Netanyahu refuses to ‘turn the other cheek’ in his response to the UN defeat 

The UN Declares War on Judeo-Christian Civilization
The UN's war on the Israel's Jews is, at heart, a war against the West. The UN and its backers are briskly paving the way for the European Caliphate.

10 TIMES THAT GOD HAS HIT AMERICA WITH A MAJOR DISASTER AFTER THE U.S. ATTEMPTED TO DIVIDE THE LAND OF ISRAELBecause Barack Obama has cursed Israel at the United Nations, America is now under a curse


Netanyahu expressed certainty that the Obama Administration played an important role in the passage of a ‘shameful, distorted’ UN Security Council resolution on Friday. 

“From the information that we have, we have no doubt that the Obama administration initiated it, stood behind it, coordinated on the wording and demanded that it be passed,” Netanyahu said at his weekly Cabinet meeting on Sunday."


Official: ‘Rather ironclad’ intel shows Obama behind UN voteCiting Arab and Western sources, Netanyahu spokesperson says anti-settlement resolution ‘a deliberate push by the United States’

Benjamin Netanyahu is waging diplomatic war against the world

Obama may push for UN vote on Principals of Palestinian statehood before end of term.
Netanyahu goes to war with the world

(After supporting the anti-Israel resolution, these nations have some nerve!)

After UN vote, New Zealand urges Israel to keep embassy open

UK disappointed Netanyahu cancelled planned meeting in May
Ukraine blames Russians for vote
Senegal defends its UN vote

Abbas planning to take hundreds of IDF soldiers to International Criminal Court

Israel assures Pakistan it’s not making nuclear threat

Trump’s pick for Ambassador to Israel has all sides on edge

(Is an internal attack being planned?)

In the heart of Jerusalem a squalid Palestinian “refugee camp” festers

Secretary of State John Kerry Drafting UN Resolution Recognizing "State of Palestine" (includes maps) 

Israel suspends "working ties" with all 12 nations who voted for UN resolution on settlements:
-New Zealand

70 Nations To Meet To Part The Land Of Israel

France: Israeli-Palestinian peace summit set for January 15

Neither Israel nor the Palestinians will be at meeting, but Paris will brief Netanyahu, Abbas afterwards; 70 countries to attend


Pakistan Defense Minister makes Nuclear Threats to Israel

After UN vote, Netanyahu lashes out at Obama

Jordan praises UN settlement vote

White House explains UN settlement actions

Israeli officials: US abstention ‘exposes true face’ of Obama 

Official said, “Now it’s easier to understand what we dealt with the past eight years," and charged that “the United States acted behind the back in composing and advancing the resolution against Israel. We knew about it through Arab and international sources.”

12/23/16 - UN Resolution passes to halt Israeli "settlements"

In a dramatic departure from the longstanding U.S. policy of vetoing anti-Israel resolutions, the Obama administration on Friday abstained from voting on a United Nations Security Council resolution calling for a halt to Israeli construction in the West Bank and eastern Jerusalem, thereby allowing the measure to pass.



Ezekiel prophecy seems closer to fruition than ever

“There is a clear trajectory to create a situation where just by an American abstention, a de-facto Palestinian State will be created,” he warned. Should that happen, “This state will forcibly divide Jerusalem, ripping out the Jewish Nation’s capital from within it and handing most of the holy sites to a made-up people that never existed.” Last week, John Kerry refused to confirm that Obama had “nearly ruled out” any last-minute efforts to hurt Israel at the UN.



Russian ambassador killed by Nusra jihadist


Russian and Turkish ministers expect operation to be complete by the week's end as Syria agrees to sending UN observers.
President Obama should protect the prospect of Israeli-Palestinian peace

The Israeli DefenSe Minister has threatened to “destroy” Pakistan-after Pakistan said on Thursday it will send Sunni fighters to Syria
The UN has a “disproportionate” amount of resolutions against Israel foiling is ability to help the Palestinian issue.
Canadian woman among 7 killed in shootout in Jordan


France confirmed Saturday it is postponing an international peace conference on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict that was set to take place in Paris later this month, citing a lack of suitable diplomatic conditions.

Netanyahu “is determined to see equal enforcement of the law regarding illegal construction, both in the Arab and Jewish sectors."

IDF Troops Gathering at Amona as Saturday Evacuation Deadline Nears


Ban Ki Moon Admits Anti-Israel Bias at UN


Palestinians Say Moving US Embassy to Jerusalem will Destroy Peace Process


Iran Seeks Meetings in Protest of US Sanctions Restart


Top general steps down after IDF computer stolen from home


Russian Special Forces Help Liberate Palmyra

Men, women and children are executed in Aleppo, Syria


Bill Banning Non-Orthodox Services at Western Wall Submitted to Knesset

New Bill pits the Ultra Orthodox Rabbis against Israeli Women, Conservatives and Reformed Jews.  If passed this will also impact tourists who visit the Wall and will make Bar/Bat Mitzvah celebrations held at the Wall illegal for non-Orthodox Jews. (There’s a whole tourism industry just for these)


Israel to Publish Criteria for Recognizing Rabbis Who Perform Conversions Abroad

Leaders of Israel’s rabbinical establishment will convene this week to begin drawing up a list of criteria for recognizing Orthodox rabbis abroad who are approved to perform conversions.  Currently, Israel’s Chief Rabbinate does not recognize conversions performed by Reform or Conservative rabbis.  Under the new system, only the identity of the approved converting rabbi needs to be checked for the conversion to be validated.