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 Jan 23, 2017 - Three Meetings on UNSC 2334

Dawn Wyatt

World leaders from the four corners of the earth took momentous steps this week, trying to box Israel into a corner over settlements built in Judea and Samaria - otherwise known as the West Bank - only to strike out at every turn.

Leaders from 70 nations gathered in Paris on Sunday for a peace summit on the Israeli-Palestinian stalemate. Rather than adopting UNSCR 2334 as is, Sunday’s confab produced a Paris-Lite declaration, a watered-down version of the UN resolution, which merely called for both sides to return to the negotiation table.

Monday, the European Union leaders met to discuss the same UNSC resolution only to be blocked by the British from adoption. The EU, however, did advise President-elect Donald Trump to abandon plans to relocate the US Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. This, however, fell on deaf ears.

Finally, the UNSC reconvened Tuesday for their monthly anti-Israel meeting in New York. The resolution was again on the agenda and many leaders spoke out against Israel, the settlements and “Israeli aggression” against Arabs. Once all the leaders had had their turn in bashing the Jewish state, the meeting was suddenly dismissed without further actions or new resolutions.

Incoming press secretary Sean Spicer said yesterday that we should expect an announcement “soon” on the Embassy in Jerusalem. The announcement will be made Monday, Jan. 23rd.

Friday, the US swore in a new President. Donald Trump will be the most pro-Israel President America has ever seen and the nation will be blessed because of it.

Jan. 13, 2017 -  48 Hours Until the Paris Partition

Dawn Wyatt

In fewer than 48 hours, world leaders from more than 70 nations will gather in Paris to essentially divide Jerusalem and the State of Israel. The attendees will vote on the “Principals of a Palestinian State,” resolution which will establish the borders of Israel and the new State of Palestine along the 1967 Armistice Lines.

The Paris peace initiative, which is expected to pass easily at Sunday’s meeting, will then be presented on Monday to an EU foreign ministers council and the foreign ministers of the Quartet in Brussels. Tuesday, the resolution will then travel to the monthly UNSC meeting in New York to be confirmed into international law which will be binding on the Israelis and the Palestinians.

The confab is a follow up to the initial Paris meeting in June and a vote of support for the UNSCR 2334, passed in December. The resolution condemned the existence of Israeli settlements in Palestinian-claimed territories, including the Jewish Quarter and the Western Wall, both located in east Jerusalem.

The US failure to protect Israel from the UN resolution was met with an outcry from the Israeli government, members of Congress and the American people. The backlash prompted a press conference by Sec. of State John Kerry, who attempted to explain how betraying the country’s closest ally was in line with American values.

President-Elect Donald Trump condemned the US abstention from the UN vote and ramped up efforts to fulfill his campaign promise to move the US Embassy from Tel Aviv to the Israeli capital of Jerusalem, much to the chagrin of the Palestinians. The new US Ambassador to Israel, David Friedman, will conduct business from the US Consulate in Jerusalem until the move is completed.

Congress also jumped into the national protests. Ala. Congressman Mike Rogers introduced HR 193, “The American Sovereignty Restoration Act of 2017,” to repeal the “UN Participation Act of 1945,” which would terminate US membership in the UN, including UNESCO, the WHO and the Human Rights Council. The repeal would also evict the NGO from US soil and strip dignitaries of Diplomatic Immunity.

South Carolina Sen. Lindsey Graham and Texas Congressman Ted Cruz submitted their own bill, the “Safeguard Israel Act,” to defund the UN until Resolution 2334 is repealed. The US currently contributes $8 Billion, nearly a quarter of the UN’s annual budget.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who has denounced the UNSC resolution has refused to abide by the UNSC resolutions, stating peace can only come through direct negotiations with both parties.
Dec. 30, 2016 -  The Week the World Abandoned Israel

Dawn Wyatt

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is bracing for fallout after the Dec. 23rd United Nations Security Council vote and subsequent victory speech from Sec of State John Kerry. Resolution 2334 condemning Jewish settlements in Palestinian territories passed unanimously, 14-0, after the US abstained, breaking decades of shielding the Jewish state from dozens of anti-Israel resolutions proposed by the UN.

After a global outcry accusing the Obama Administration of colluding with UNSC members to draft the resolution, Kerry delivered a speech Wednesday, defending the US abstention from the vote. In his speech, broadcast from the State Dept., Kerry attempted to explain how it was in America’s best interests to betray her closest ally in the Middle East. He presented an outline of how Israel was allegedly trying to destroy the prospects of a future Palestinian state by building settlements and outposts on land claimed by the Arabs.

Kerry went on to announce to the Israelis that if they chose keep the one-state status quo it could either be Jewish or democratic, but it could not be both. (full speech here)

Last week’s vote was only the first of several anti-Israel meetings planned. A Paris Peace Conference, originally scheduled for December, has been rescheduled for the first of the year. Representatives from 70 countries will gather in Paris on Jan. 15 to vote on a draft resolution which proposes an outline and parameters to recognize a Palestinian State in the West Bank, based upon the 1967 Armistice Lines with east Jerusalem as its capital.

The draft, which is expected to have overwhelming support, will be then delivered to the UN for ratification. If passed, it would create a defacto Palestinian State, and Israel would have no choice but to cooperate or face international sanctions.

In protest of the actions being taken against Israel, several members of Congress have stepped forward calling for the defunding of the UN. Texas Congressman Louie Gohmert is drafting legislation to defund the UN until they rescind Resolution 2334. The US currently pays one third of the international body’s yearly budget, paying approximately $3 billion annually.

Dec 26, 2016 - UN Sticks its International Finger in Israel’s Eye

Dawn Wyatt

The United Nations Security Council voted this week to divide the city of Jerusalem between Israel and the Palestinians, using the 1967 Armistice Lines as the new boundaries. With the US abstaining, Resolution 2334 was passed unanimously, 14-0, by the remaining members of the UNSC. The measure reiterates the council’s earlier declaration that Israel has no legal rights over east Jerusalem. It also condemns Israeli settlements in the areas known as the West Bank which the Palestinians claim as territory for their future state.

Ironically, the resolution was passed Dec. 23, the day before the start of the Jewish celebration of Hanukkah, which marks the rededication of the Jewish Temple after Israel defeated the oppressive Seleucid Empire in 165 BCE.

This latest action by the council is the latest in 14-months of pro-Palestinian support at the UN.

In October 2015, the 58 members of the United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) passed a resolution erasing millennia of Jewish and Christian ties to the Temple Mount and the Western Wall. Referring to the sites by their Arabic names, UNESCO declared Buraq Plaza belonged to the al-Aksa Mosque and that both were Islamic sites.

Weeks later, in November, the UN adopted six non-binding resolutions concerning Israel and Palestine. The measures call for mutual respect for holy sites, a halt to violence, and urged both parties to resume negotiations for a two-state solution.

France hosted 65 nations for an international peace conference, June 3, 2016. Attendees were invited to discuss possible solutions to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, however Israel and Palestine were noticeably left off the guest list. The conference concluded with plans to reconvene in December.

Two months ago, on the Jewish High Holy Day of Yom Kippur, Oct. 13, Israel received a new UNESCO resolution entitled “Occupied Palestine.” Approved in committee, 24-6, with 26 abstaining, the resolution labels Israel as the ‘occupying power’ and calls for a permanent UNSECO representative to be stationed in east Jerusalem to monitor the situation in the city.

On the 69th anniversary of the approval of UN Res 181, which created the State of Israel, Nov. 30, 1948, the UN hosed Palestinian Day, complete with condemnations of the Jewish state. The UN passed six resolutions denying any Jewish connections to their Holy sites and calls for the Golan Heights to be returned to Syria.

This week, at the beginning of Hanukkah, the UN passed Res 2334, dividing the city of Jerusalem between the Israelis and the Palestinians. However, this major milestone for the Palestinians was still not enough. Hamas Politburo Chief Khalid Mashaal praised the UN’s support and expressed a Palestinian expectation that the international community will take more steps to support their cause.

The second Paris Peace Conference was postponed until January 15, 2017. Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu expressed concerns that President Obama will support the “Principals of a Palestinian State,” a draft resolution outlining the implementation of a Palestinian State, drafted during the June gathering. The meeting will take place one week before Obama leaves office and could be his final parting gift to his Israeli counterpart.

Regardless of what happens during the January meeting, Israel still maintains that peace with the Palestinians cannot be forced, but can only come by direct negotiations between the two parties. Netanyahu has also said Israel will not comply with any resolutions passed by the international body.

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1 Corinthians 2:4-5