Hodge Podge

I've decided to post the words and info that are spoken in my spirit at night when I am awake.  These are different than my visions as they may just be one or two words.  Who knows what the Lord will bring but since there is some "confirmation" involved, I wanted to at least record them here.  Feel free to email me if you get insight or find confirmation of any of these.  The words come one after the other at night...then it gets quiet.

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11/23/17 - grenadine     power shop     truck driver     wheelbarrow     futility     smoke and mirrors

11/22/17 - shalom     turn the page     disaster is coming     watchmen alert     science fiction

11/21/17 - hammerhead     Tupelo     shadows     outcropping     desert streams

11/20/17 - humidor     shotgun shells     welcome     trap door     hidden in Christ

11/19/17 - clubhouse     shining star     bookworm     Hosea 4:7    where the river flows

11/18/17 - marshmellows     coffee cups     Hoosier wins     man of action

11/17/17 - superlative     outstanding young man     grappo     life giving     challenge     recapitulate

11/16/17 - sycophant     snarling     biteful     charming     3001 A Space Odyssey 

 (I questioned the Lord about this because it is not a title of anything.  There is 2001 A Space Odyssey and 3001 The Final Odyssey {there are 4 books total in this series by Arthur C Clarke] but God said, "Write down what I say...nothing else."  So that's that.  By the way, what are the odds that today marks 30 days shy of Arthur C Clarke turning 100 and I just looked it up?  He was born on 12/16/1917...yowza!)

11/15/17 - mulberry bush     hot water     forecast     shining

11/14/17 - desert handmaiden     skyblue     made in America     broach

11/13/17 - direction     Papua, New Guinea     destruction     reserved     timely

11/12/17 - indomitable spirit     Bethlehem     sharpshooter

11/11/17 - insurmountable     indeterminate     suicide     house of cards

11/10/17 - humdinger     death defying     leap of faith 

11/09/17 - Pelham (again!)     jersey     nightfall  (I found the town of Pelham in NY, NH, and Mass but not in "Jersey"

11/08/17 - Pelham     short-changed

11/07/17 - gold dust     refining

11/06/17 - overdrive     system check     manifold

11/05/17 - (none)

11/04/17 - policy     database     courage

11/03/17 - Ireland     cosmopolitan     airplanes

11/02/17 - hundred     morbid

11/01/17 - 516     Gillette     Superbowl

10/31/17 - guitar     ship      astrophysics

10/30/17 - system failure     tomahawk     explosion

10/29/17 - lever     legacy     Leviathan     dirigable

10/28/17 - debris field     martial arts     tango

10/27/17 - torture     frog     Himalayas

10/26/17 - Malcrid     vaccum     Spencer     ghost

10/25/17 - "Bullseye"     "Market Share"

Bullseye -  The centre of the target in sports such as archery, shooting, and darts. Source

Market Share -  Market share represents the percentage of an industry or market's total sales that is earned by a particular company over a specified time period. Market share is calculated by taking the company's sales over the period and dividing it by the total sales of the industry over the same period. This metric is used to give a general idea of the size of a company in relation to its market and its competitors. Source

10/24/17 - "Pasadena"

Pasadena - means "crown of the valley" and is home to NASA's Jet Propulsion Lab as well as the Tournament of Roses parade and the Rose Bowl game   Right now the temperature in Pasadena is 103 degrees.  Ouch.  I'm not sure why the Lord said this city's name in my spirit last night but I'm sure I heard it...more than once.  Perhaps something of significance will occur there soon.  Keep watching!

10/23/17 - "Wells Fargo"     "Gulf Syndrome"    "Pineapple"     "Lies Within"

If there is a theme at all, it would be what lies within these things...sometimes actual lies!

- Wells Fargo was created in 1952 by two of the founders of American Express.  In broad terms it is a banking company.  You may recall two years ago that Wells Fargo was found creating fake bank accounts (lies within) and even today is being sued for deceitfulness.

- Gulf Syndrome is most likely pointing to Gulf War Syndrome, a condition of which there is no formal definition by the Veterans Assoc but is characterized by a variety of symptoms.  These may have been caused by 1) inhaling smoke from burning oil wells, 2) sarin gas, 3) chemicals used in weapons.  Again we see that something that lies within...is causing havoc.

- Pineapple is a fruit that does not ripen much after harvest. It was cultivated at one time by the Mayans and Aztecs, and brought back to Spain by Columbus. If there is danger within the pineapple...it is that too much of it can create mouth abrasions and the acid can irritate ulcers. On an interesting note from Wikipedia..." The fruit of a pineapple is arranged in two interlocking helices, eight in one direction, 13 in the other, each being a Fibonacci number."  :-)

" What lies behind us and what lies before us are small matters compared to what lies within us."  Ralph Waldo Emerson

10/22/17 - "Pargo Day"     "Pickled Bushes"     "Asparagus"     "Duplicity"     "Ironside"     "Market Day"

Here are my thoughts on this...I have prayed about it but know that again, these are just my thoughts.  The Theme if you will, seems to be the Harvest.

 - Pargo is the Latin American Spanish word for red snapper, a fish found in the Gulf of Mexico and the Atlantic.  It is the most commonly caught snapper in the USA and you can use multiple hooks and baits to catch them.  I read one article from bahafisherman that said some days are "pargo days" I assume because that is all they catch.  

 - The pickled bushes seem to point to cucumbers.  There are hundreds of varieties of cucumbers and the bush type take very little space and produce abundantly for their size.  Pickling is the process of preserving or expanding the lifespan of food. Pickling can also protect foods from perishing for months.

 - Asparagus is planted in patches early in the spring.  You only have to plant it once, then it grows on its own each year.   It takes a few seasons before you can eat them because they must mature before harvest.  They do best in areas with long, cold winters. 

 - Duplicity means deceitful, underhanded, fraud, trickery

 - Ironside has been used in many ways but the one that stood out to me was simply the meaning..."a strong person with great power of endurance or resistance

 - Market Day is a term used around the world and points to a specific day of the week when people come together to trade and buy.

How does all this apply to our upcoming Harvest?  I see God's parables in many ways...you've already seen them in my videos regarding Ants and Hibiscus.  With the words above, we could be seeing that there will be different types of people harvested for the Rapture, and also some that will be left behind to grow or mature in their walk with Christ.  There will be multiple ways for us to be fishers of men and the entire harvest period will be market day for us as we come to gather what God has purchased. There are many varieties of the called out ones...we are from different backgrounds and cultures but everything that has occurred to us in this life will be used soon.  Some of those we will influence may not be harvested right away, they may need to mature first and go through part of the Great Wrath.   They may go through some long, cold winters but what they will witness from us will protect and preserve them through their lifespan.  The devil will be quick to try to deceive them as they were not raptured with the rest, but will come to understand their need for Jesus.  The enemy will use trickery and underhanded schemes to deceive them but the Lord will protect them...they will be as ironside...a strong people with great power of endurance...to the end!

10/21/17 - "Genghis Khan"             "Governor"           "Putrid"

Boy was THIS different!  The only thing I knew about Genghis Khan was that he was a bad guy, nothing else.  I recall he appeared in a Star Trek episode and that was the most I knew (sorry history buffs). I was more familiar with the Ricardo Montalban and/or Benedict Cumberbatch Khan.  But ANYway...let's move on to factual history.  I won't go into detail here because you either want to know more and in that case you will do your own research as God leads you, or you don't want to know and will quit reading soon.  :-)  I get that. 

Moving on I found that GK was indeed a conqueror.  I read that he did some great things for his people such as having them learn to write, and having a postal service.  He also exchanged ambassadors from countries and allowed religious freedom when there simply was none.  He did away with slavery and kidnapping within his own tribes and people, but went on to slaughter millions in the most horrifying ways at times.  There is a story about a Governor that I read in more than one article, which was interesting.  His death was caused when GK put molten silver in his eyes and ears.  Yeah.  Also the word "putrid" was found in the link below, when describing the living conditions of a Yurt tent.  These are similar to teepees only many families can live in them.  

I'm not sure why God used these words today, but as I read about the atrocities committed by Khan, I was reminded of ISIS.  

History - Genghis Khan  (means Universal Leader)

The Psychological Profile of Genghis Khan

10/20/17 - "Zepas"  (Zone of Special Protection of Birds)

This is a name for bird sanctuaries in Spain.   This info was sent to me by a few of you readers, and once again I looked at it too literally.  I was thinking, ok maybe these are areas of safety for the left behind people (although many of God's puzzle pieces have more than one meaning).  But one of the senders said that the word might have a more spiritual meaning.  I think she is right. Birds are generally interpreted as messengers in divine dreams, so perhaps God is telling us that we will be kept safe while we are delivering His Message during the Harvest.  It has precedent in Psalm 91.

Another Link to Zepas article   (you should be able to right click and choose "translate" if you are on a desktop)

10/19/17 - "Harbor Town"                  "Failure to win"               "Momentum"

This reminded me of John Paul Jackson's headlines visions, although I did not see anything.

UPDATE  10/20/17 - Boston (harbor town) lost (failure to win) in a game to the Cavaliers on Monday night 10/18/17 and the word "momentum" was in this article below.  I don't know if what I heard was about this or not but it sure caught my eye!  I wouldn't have thought to look for it except my husband is a huge Celtics fan, AND they have a former Indiana coach and the player that got hurt was also from Indiana, so hubby was all over the story last night, Oct 19.


10/16/17 - "Squabble"

I felt this to be pointing to the Hamas/Fatah bickering over the years.  Now they are back together again, hand in hand.  But will they stay together?  Over the years I've seen all the factions of the PLO (which is the terrorist named group I grew up hearing about and will label them in this post) get together, then breakup.  Generally they make a deal or treaty, then a leader of Israel complains, and eventually the two or so that got together from the PLO, disband.  It's happened over and over...due to squabbles.  The reason I am paying more attention to these agreements, is that the peace treaty is soon to come about and I feel these leaders without a land...will play a major role of welcoming the AC to the table.  They will need to be in agreement at that time, and right now they are!

Hamas and Fatah sign deal over control of Gaza Strip

Definition of Squabble

Genesis 16:12 -

He shall be a wild man;
His hand shall be against every man,
And every man’s hand against him.
And he shall dwell in the presence of all his brethren. 

09/30/17 - "Goldfinger"

All I could think of was the movie but for some reason that did not seem to fit.  When I got up for the day I researched the word and found this article on Operation Goldfinger!  I did not post this at the time because it seemed too strange and was not connected to anything.  My bad...I received a confirmation last week when there was a Jeopardy question and the answer was Goldfinger.  Fast forward to Oct 16:

Scientists witness huge cosmic crash, find origins of gold

I can just see those scientist pointing to the sky and saying, "There's gold in them thar stars!"  :-)

PS:  I did write this down in my Night Psalms journal at the time which is why I know the day of Sept 30.

"My message and my preaching were not in persuasive words of wisdom, but in demonstration of the Spirit and of power,  so that your faith would not rest on the wisdom of men, but on the power of God."

1 Corinthians 2:4-5