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The Father says:

I am going to tell you about
the ultimate joy that awaits you in Heaven

It is not the splendorous views
It is not the chorus of a billion Angels
It is not being reunited with loved ones

It is when you stand before Me
and become completely, utterly, enraptured as you Behold My Face

You see, My Face is what you have
Always wanted to see
Even though you may not know it

All I AM
Radiates as the brightest light
Beyond what you can imagine
From My Face

All My Love for you
Which I have treasured
Before I created the worlds
All My Hopes and Joys regarding you
All My Dreams for you
All My Infinite thoughts of love about you
All My deepest affection for you
You will finally see and know these things
My dear, dear, child
As you behold My Face
You have absolutely no idea
How much I treasure you
But as you see My Face
You will finally begin to understand
Just how much you truly mean to Me

Before this moment
You had a vague idea
But as you behold My Face
Your heart will be flooded with such joy
No ocean could contain it.

Your sorrows and cares
From your time on earth
Will dissipate in an instant
You will no longer remember them
As you are overwhelmed knowing
That I TRULY, TRULY love you
As one as never loved another

You will completely understand just why
I HAD to give My Son for you
Because the thought of losing you
Is something I could not bear

Peace, like a mighty wind,
Will flow through you
So that any worry
Any fear of Me not accepting you
Ceases forever

The Joy I feel
At knowing we will be together forever
Will become OUR joy
In that moment
You first behold My Face
You will know
Without any doubt
You are My dear child
You will know My tenderness
Regarding you
And it will make you weep with joy
As you behold My Face

You will stand
With such boldness
That no army will ever intimidate you
As My total acceptance of you
Fills your heart with new, unlimited strength
As you behold My Face.

For no other thing in Heaven
No matter how wondrous
The streets of gold
The gates of pearl
Buildings beautiful beyond compare
None of these things
Will so totally carry you away
In joy beyond description
As that moment you first stand before Me,
And behold My Face.

~ through Jeffrey Stewart

Six Encouraging words from Kathy Mote

1 -
Someone, I see God giving you the inner strength to get up and face the day in His strength instead of your own. You don't realize it yet, but your agenda has just changed from being vulnerable to those around you to being caught up into your fellowship and sense of belonging with the Lord. You have just been called into a deeper and more intimate walk with Him, and you will experience a greater sense of contentment than you have ever known. 

From this place you will begin to hear His voice more clearly, and understand and walk in His presence day and night. Very quickly He has gone from the periphery to the focal point of your awareness. This means a great shift in His importance in your heart and you will be more God minded. This is the great change that has been prophesied and it came like a thief in the night to steal you away from the world!

2 -
I hear the word turbulence, I feel the wind blow. I perceive that it is a great surge of the power of the Lord coming to us.  There is always great shaking when the winds of the Spirit move and blow. 

We are becoming more centered and anchored in the Lord, and like a sword we are being forged and honed, sharpened, and made strong like we never have before.

This shift we are experiencing in the Spirit will leave us forever changed. We will not be affected by challenge like we used to be.  We are seeing the Holy Spirit rise up within us like a soldier rises to a battle call. We are getting ready to walk in imperturbable strength in the Lord.

unable to be upset; calm.
composed, calm, cool, and collected, coolheaded, unperturbed, unflustered, unruffled; unfazed

3 -
To the warrior that the Lord now sends. You are beginning to realize that your agenda has changed. Where you were on the defensive before, you are feeling more like you will storm the enemy's camp and step on his neck! The Lord has removed all your hurt, and now you stand on the pinnacle of a great vantage point. You know first hand that the power of God is explosive in its power to heal. 

The enemy intimidated you for decades of your life, but he is about to see that he no longer has the ability to do even that! You are a testimony to God's promises being fulfilled, to His faithfulness, and to His powerful love that heals! The Light that shines from you cannot be hidden from view, and the enemy has come to fear God's power in you.

4 - ️
Someone, you think you are a lone voice, speaking as He leads, but no one listens, no one hears. I hear the Lord say to you, they will come in droves to hear you. I will send the masses to you. I have placed My Word in you, and in your appointed time, they will come to you. In what you see as your lonesome walk, you are being given the eyes and ears of a hawk. You will be as effective as I have said you will be, and you, My weapon, will deliver My Word like an arrow shot into the heart of many hearers.

a large number of people undergoing the same thing.
crowd, swarm, horde, multitude, mob, throng, host, mass, army

5 -
The Lord said that for many of His children who have been frustrated in trying to accomplish what He has called them to do, He will now give the proper tool. I hear the word expediency for you. You will now see results that will be like a miracle compared to what you previously struggled and failed to do.

Things have moved in the unseen spiritual realm and will now be seen quickly in the natural realm. The Lord has built into you the necessary tools and that has caused your accelerated movement in the Spirit realm! You will now be effective in what you were unable to do.  What seemed like an impossibility will become a pleasant reality for you!

6 -
You have probably been wondering why you have endured such humbling trials and difficult temptations. Through them you were brought, with consuming and dire need, into the presence of the Lord. In response to giving Him your very life, He has given you His. All the strength and peace you now have you received by accepting Him. Even the course of your life has changed as you surrendered that to Him.
We have been prepared to enter the season in human history when Jesus is going to show up big. His Word will be vindicated in the lives of those who call on Him and He will be showing the world just Who He is to His children. There will be signs, wonders and miraculous turnarounds in the lives of His Beloved. 

This is why we have received emotional and spiritual healing that wrought humility in His presence. We have been changed, taught to honor Him, and not a single one of us would dream of falling to pride again. His Life now flows from deep within us, and we know that pride means death. The eternal Life we now live will soon become miraculous!

What will happen in heaven on September 23, 2017  (SkyWatch Media)

What will happen in heaven tomorrow, September 23?

Tomorrow Saturday will be speaking an alignment involving stars, planets, our sun and the moon in the constellation Virgo and Leo.

Tomorrow, this unique alignment will occur in history, which has never been recorded before, and in the future it will not be expected to show up again, they said astronomers consulted.

This alignment involves all stars of Virgo and leo constellations, also to our moon which will appear at the foot of the figure (Virgo-woman), the planet Jupiter will emerge from the belly of Virgo, also our solestará appearing on the shoulder Left and mercury, Venus and mars will be seen as part of Leo to add visual objects in that constellation.

The Virgin dressed in sun with the moon under her feet with a crown with twelve stars ready to enter labor; it is for many to fulfil a prophecy written many years ago. For others it is the appearance in the sky of a new object (a new planet).

Which prophecy is the one that announced this event?

This unique prophecy is found in the book of revelations written by John in the late th century or early th century while serving a conviction on the island of patmos.

Quote Verbatim In Revelation 12:

1-a great sign appeared in the sky: a woman dressed in the sun, with the moon under her feet, and on her head a 1-Star Crown.

2-and being pregnant, cried with pain in childbirth, in the anguish of childbirth.

3-also appeared another sign in the sky: Behold a great scarlet dragon, which had seven heads and ten horns, and in their heads seven tiaras.

The astronomical models (Stellarium, skymap among others) scientists confirmed that this alignment is going to happen and the simulitud between John's written and this astronomical alignment is a reason for debate on social networks.

Being a unique event in history, never before has happened, and that will not be presented again, many wonder how it is possible that someone (John) two thousand years ago, without knowledge or instruments and platforms such as the current described Exactly what will happen tomorrow.

And something else that draws attention is that the fullness of this alignment will be seen only over the skies and territory of Israel where yesterday the new year was held within the lunar system and calendar used in that nation.

According to and the Bible (Christian), John was a disciple and apostle of Jesus. Also several historians of the time said when he wrote the book of revelation or apocalypse he was imprisoned on the island of patmos where he was banished as a conviction by a Roman court.

He is also recognized to be the last of the twelve disciples of Jesus to be alive for those years. He is believed to have died of old age on that island, not before writing revelations.

This is the sign of great changes to come.

Prophecy Watchers   08/28/17

100 years ago a world-changing event happened in the village of Fatima, Portugal. An apparition appeared to three children, who many believed to be the Mary of the Bible. They were told a miracle would soon occur, and on October 13, 1917, as more than 70,000 peasants stood in the rain, the so-called "Miracle of the Sun" occurred. This of course is public record. Suddenly, what appeared to be the sun began to dance wildly in the sky, mimicking a giant kaleidoscope. Then suddenly it came streaking towards Earth as people quickly became hysterical. Many began confessing their sins, thinking the end of the world was at hand!   Then, just as suddenly, it returned to its place in the sky. Just as bizarre, all of the people quickly realized their clothes were completely dry after spending hours in the rain! Are you kidding me?

What did the witnesses really see that day? Did psychics really predict the events of Fatima? Why did the aberration speak telepathically only to the children? What happened to the original testimonies of the witnesses taken back in 1917? Why was the main seer, Lucia, cloistered with a vow of silence for almost two decades? What actually appeared in the sky in 1917? Many witnesses described seeing a dull, silver disc beneath the sun. Was it a UFO? . . . a Satanic deception?

The Watchman Chronicles team and your intrepid host, L.A. Marzulli, traveled all the way to Fatima, Portugal to interview the experts and obtain the answers to these questions from an impressive array of guests who suggest a different story than what we've been told. You will be astounded when you hear what amounts to a completely different version of events than the one everyone has been led to believe for the past 100 years. This is L.A. Marzulli on the trail of the real truth . . . at his very best!

Can you believe that on the 100th anniversary of Fatima, L.A. Marzulli will be delivering the keynote message on Fatima at our upcoming Blessed Hope Prophecy Forum? Just a coincidence? SPACE IS FILLING UP QUICKLY. Join us!

Attend the conference in Norman, OK on October 13-15th, and hear 33 of the top prophecy experts in the world! YES, 33!

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Kathy Mote - 07/11/17

In a vision I see a dragon whose wings have become too heavy to fly. he is cast down to the earth and he roars in frustration, for things are not going his way! 

This is what the Lord said. The dragon thinks he can fly, but I will knock him to the ground. He thinks his power is limitless, but My children know My promise, and are not afraid of him. No longer beautiful, his time to shine is done. Leviathan, Leviathan, My children see right through you! All your lies are exposed, you are not the bearer of light, and not the morning Son, but you paved the road He traveled on! Oh, devastated one, it seems you have purpose after all. You have set the stage to display God's greatest Gift of all! What the world took for wisdom was the simple mockery of God. What the blind eyes did not see was that you lied to them! They say misery loves company, and you have had your share, for many have strayed from righteousness because of your lies and the pride in them! But ho, the misery of death led them to the cross, and the Lamb who saved them. The triumphant Life given in the Son is greater than death without Him!

identified in different passages with he Devil (after Isa. 27:1).
Gill Broussard 08/02/17 (was asked this question)

Q:  is there any date on it about nibiru arriving?

A:I can not confirm an arrival without a sighting, there are no sightings that are valid in the public realm. Let me give an analogy, let's say we have a forest fire, and we see smoke and feel the heat,... but we still can't see the flames. There is enough evidence of tugs from unknown gravity (magnetism) affecting all our planets, moons and our Sun in our solar system. These effects on our Sun is causing a change in the Sun's output of energy. this causes all the planets to heat-up as we have observed. This, in turn, is the root cause of all the disastrous effects we see on Earth 
Let's say that P-7X distance from Earth is at Neptune orbit. Then using Kepler's laws of planetary motion shows us that it would take 16 years to reach the Sun, with the present signs we see on Earth and our solar system it's much closer than 16 years.
Marty Breeden - 08/03/17 

Yesterday, and I wasn't even praying at the time, I heard the Lord say multiple times,..."There is a new music coming!" "There is a new music coming!"  Then late last night, I believe this to be a word from the Lord. (You by judge it)

There is a new music coming! A music that will usher you into my PRESENCE in a way you have not known before.....because in the midst of your praise, you will be joined by a sound from Heaven that your heart and spirit will immediately recognize that is coming from me.

The Lord says, "We will have a closeness and a communion that you've not known before....your praise will draw you closer to me and my love and care for you will be tangible. 
There will be no question as to where this is coming from and those with ears to hear and a heart that is open, will experience my glory in ways that they have only dreamed of.

When you sense me drawing close, do not fear, but move into the glory.
For you will be joining angels that minister to me and we will commune with an intimacy that will drown out the fears and sorrows of this world and there you will find rest for your weary soul.
Have I not spoken in my Word that times of refreshing will come from my PRESENCE?

You will need my PRESENCE in the days ahead, and you will find it and you will both see and sense my heart for you, my love for you and your understanding will be opened for I will allow you to see my heart and in my glory you will see that this was my will all along to draw you near to me!
Come now, and begin to enter in, for I will meet you there!

Marty Breeden   07/25/17 - 6: 00 a.m.ish

There is a coming event. This statement is not hyperbole nor conjecture. In my spirit for days now I have both seen and heard people frantically saying these EXACT words with both FEAR and confusion in their faces.

I can hear it and I can see it....they are walking around in a dazed state, hands clasping their heads, as one can see the chaos and devastation all around them and they say:

"MY GOD!!!... I never thought this would really happen, I never thought it would ever really be this way!, This should have never happened, .....What shall we do now??"

Again , I can see the devastation behind them, I cannot discern whether this is man made or natural or a series of both, but this I know, ....IT'S COMING!!!

God is both warning now and calling now, let Him bring His peace into your life, so WHEN that day arrives, you will intimately know the source of your strength and that which will sustain you and your family!

Jeffrey Stewart    07/13/17

The Father says:

"I allow My Children to go through tests because man's natural tendency is to believe that what they SEE is more real than what they cannot see. The opposite is true. Everything you see around you will be gone a billion years from now. But Spirit, which is INVISIBLE, will REMAIN forever.

I am Spirit, and I remain forever. You and other people are Spirit, and will remain forever, somewhere, as well. My Word is also Spirit (John 6:63), and My Word remains forever.

My Word is INFINITELY MORE REAL than ANYTHING you see with your eyes, because My Word created everything that you see with your eyes.

Job 9:8 "He alone stretches out the heavens and treads on the waves of the sea."

Jesus walked on this promise when He walked on the water.

He could do this because this promise in My Word is INFINITELY MORE REAL than the water He walked on. This Promise in My Word is infinitely more solid, sturdy, and reliable than ANYTHING in ALL Creation, because My Word created All Creation.

So If you STAND on My Word, nothing IN ALL CREATION can move you. My Promises, which ARE MY WORD, are settled FOREVER in Heaven.

My Promises to you are INFINITELY MORE RELIABLE than what your eyes tell you. So you can STAND ON THEM, and your heart can be forever settled on the matter.

This is why I allow trials to come. I am training you to rule and reign. AS you learn to rely on what My Word says, on what My Spirit says ALONE, and not on what your eyes and other senses say, you become the type of Leader My Son Jesus is.

Isaiah 11:3,4

"His delight is in the fear of the Lord, And He shall not judge by the sight of His eyes, Nor decide by the hearing of His ears; But with righteousness He shall judge the poor, And decide with equity for the meek of the earth;"

When you learn to TRUST in My Word, I will in turn trust you with levels of My Anointing that you cannot comprehend right now. I will cause your life to glorify My Son. And through you, I will shake the world."

Marty Breeden shared his post.    07/06/17
13 hrs ·

Remember my post from Saturday July 3rd?........
Well check out this 2 hour old headline from TODAY from Newsweek:

"Russia has also fortified its side of the border, which includes the Baltic exclave of Kaliningrad. Last year, Moscow moved nuclear-capable missiles along with other military assets to the coastal territory, which lies between Lithuania and Poland. Both sides of the conflict have also separately held a number of drills in the strategic region. Russia’s latest drill includes China, and an upcoming exercise with Belarus called Zapad, or “West,” will utilize up to 100,000 troops in a simulated NATO invasion from the Baltics. Defense Secretary James Mattis echoed local allied leaders in calling the massive maneuvers “destabilizing.”

Marty Breeden

I awoke this morning and heard "Watch the Baltic Sea, Watch the Baltic States!"

"My message and my preaching were not in persuasive words of wisdom, but in demonstration of the Spirit and of power,  so that your faith would not rest on the wisdom of men, but on the power of God."

1 Corinthians 2:4-5