Dailies - 2018

I am now writing into my 4th year of doing the Dailies.  This is the second most read page of my website on a daily basis so I feel I am to leave it here and simply keep adding to it each day, however the Lord leads. I am a very quiet person, keeping to myself a lot...but you guys know me better than the people I am with each day.  I hope to meet each one of you at the Wedding Supper!  :-)

01/17/18 - Due to all the snowstorms over weekends, plus my entire family got this cold that is going around...there has been a delay in visiting my Mom for "Christmas".  I called her tonight to schedule it for this Saturday, we'll go up and take breakfast and enjoy some time together.  She knows we have all been sick and asked how we were doing and I said we're all better now.  Then she told me we needed to get a flu shot.  WHAT?!?!?  NO WAY JOSE!  lol  For once, Mother does NOT know best!  :-)

01/16/18 - My happy thought for the day was...January is half over.  Yippppeeee!!

01/15/18 - Lymphoma aside...my daughter is now scheduled to have at least part of her thyroid removed in March...possibly the entire thyroid. She has had a biopsy and a few PET scans but no one can tell if it's cancerous or not, not until it's removed.  So...we are believing there is NO cancer!  I'd really like to think the outpouring of gifts happens BEFORE March but if not, it's good to know the Lord has all this!

01/14/18 - Last night I watched (again) Independence Day: Resurgence.  At one point in the movie they were looking for something from Area 51 and one of the military men said, "The Smithsonian was supposed to come and get it but they never picked it up."  I started laughing...just another subtle movie confirmation that the Smithsonian is housing MUCH of the Fallen's stuff.  Link to interesting article (one of many).

01/13/18 - I am often questioned about Lisa so I wanted to give you a quick update.  She is doing fine and still walks and talks with God.  :-)  She has dreams and visions but like many of those who Hear Him, at this point she is not to share them.  They do not come as often as they used to but we both know that when God has something to show her...show her He will!  And she always knows when it is meant to be public so no worries that anything is being held back.  All is well!

UPDATE:  Several hours after we talked, Lisa was given a vision.  Read her Harvesting in France vision from 01/13/18

01/12/18 - We are blessed to have a fireplace (an Amish one no less).  On nights like these, I have to drive a half hour through snow and ice, while it's getting dark, and it's cold and blustery, snow blowing across the highway as I drive home.  Picture that being our path through this world.  When I arrive home (Heaven), my husband (Jesus our groom) has the fireplace going, and supper on the table.  I arrive to find a warm and lighted home, comfortably warm and good food waiting for me, and someone who loves me ready to hear about my day.  THIS is Heaven!  This is exactly how Heaven will be for each and every one of us.  These types of days do not occur often for me but when they do, they are appreciated.  Just imagine how our arrival will be once we are welcomed into Jesus's Home.  Never to lift a finger again unless we WANT to, never to cook or bake unless we WANT to, and always perfectly comfortable even if the sun is high in the Heavenly sky in the suburbs...or we are up in the divine mountains of God climbing the highest snow peak.  All is calm...all is bright.  That's your happy thought.

01/11/18 - Next time you look up and see a cloud, remember...it is but a dust particle to God.

" The Lord has His way in the whirlwind and in the storm, and the clouds are the dust of His feet."  Nahum 1:3

01/10/18 - Thank you for praying for my cold...I felt it "lift" yesterday about 3 in the after noon...48 hours after it started.  I worked all day and did just fine.  It is such a BLESSING to know that I can ask you all for prayer!  I've not had that before in my life.  I know the prayer of a righteous person availeth much and I believe that which is why I ask you for prayer.  Also my daughter is doing fine.  She continues to work part time and we are awaiting a doctor visit after which a surgery date for thyroid removal will be done.

01/09/18 - So I look out onto our porch and something catches my eye that I have NEVER seen in January...ever in all my 56 years!  A caterpillar....in January!   We had the cold snap you know...the "broke numerous records" cold snap...so how did this little guy survive?  As I watched him, he was making his way very slowly across the wooden planks of our porch (a frozen tundra for him).  I decided to take this picture, then scooped him up and put him in the green part of protected grass near the house in the hopes that he survives this season.  Interesting...the dark lines at the top near his head, show the beginning of winter to be harsh (which it has been).  His remaining brown body supposedly reflects an easier winter for us.  Give me a few months and I'll let you know how it works out!

01/08/18 - I don't know if I mentioned this or not on the 2017 dailies but...a few months ago I was sent paperwork to fill out for jury duty.  My whole life I wanted to do this, be on a jury.  I'm a fair and balanced person, I work in accounting for pete's sake so both sides have to be equal and all that.  I always thought I'd make a good jurist.  So I filled out the paperwork.  Then in December, I got CALLED...SUMMONED to jury duty!  I start to get upset and fret about it and so I asked God what I should do and I felt very led to try and defer it based on still taking care of my daughter.  Funny thing...she TOO had been summoned for jury duty in August, just after her cancer diagnosis.  She got out of it of course, so I filled out my paperwork for a deferral and the city was very kind to agree.  Today was supposed to be my first day.  Today...icey conditions with many businesses including my own, delaying schools and work for at least 2 hours.  Snow we can handle, ice not so much.  I stayed home anyway because (see yesterday) I'm sick.  What a blessing God gave me because I had forgotten all about the jury thing but my daughter and I were watching I Love Lucy today and Ricky was summoned to court.  It hit me!  I was supposed to go today!  Praise Jesus I did not!  I am feverish and the roads were bad and thank you God for knowing all this in advance and taking care of me.  :-)

01/07/18 - I could use your prayers...between family and work somewhere I picked up a bug and now have a headcold or "the plague" as we call it at work.  Plus tomorrow morning is going to be treacherous driving thanks to incoming ice and snow.  Wahoo.  Is it summer yet?

01/06/18 - Last night I remember a part of a dream.  I was with my daughter looking out a window and I felt that I was being given a vision in the dream.  Since I was aware of this, I knew I should look UP out the window, at the sky, and not at the ground or the people.  As I looked up, I saw 100s of stuffed animals coming down from the sky.  They looked like very fluffy and colorful teddy bears and even some muppets...all things a child would delight in.  Then I woke up.

I feel that this is pointing to the great deception for children as well (since my daughter was with me).  We do not know how long the children will be here, but they will look up and see the "aliens" in the sky, perhaps the UFOs and flying machines.  However the aliens will disguise things for the children so they will not be afraid and in fact will WELCOME the aliens and their gifts.  We know that when the children DO disappear (thanks to God taking them), that the aliens/Fallen will tell everyone that they have them in their ships for safety reason (due to the calamities that arrived before the Fallen)...enticing the parents into their ships.  Perhaps these stuffed animals were for adult benefit as well..."we come in peace"...blah blah blah!

01/05/18 - Lately I've had a "feeling" that I will be going back to church.  I've not attended for several years now but if I return, it won't be to the same one (most likely).  Either way, I don't know what to do so I told God that if He wants me to attend church, He is going to have to send an invitation in the mail.  I am telling you all as a witness...this would be incredible if we actually got something in the mail because in the past several years, we've received nothing, not even from our old church.  So we shall see if God wants this or not!  I LOVE leaving these kinds of decisions in His hands because I don't know what to do, and I wish I had learned to have this faith long ago.

01/04/18 - Last year I was prompted by the Holy Spirit to watch the Stargate series.  I understood while watching it, why God wanted me to see it.  In fact there are several confirmations of secret space programs, lenses in the sky, aliens stuff, stargates and other things He had wanted me to see...things I did not believe.  So now I have finally completed that series and now I have moved on to Babylon 5.  Today I watched the first episode and one of the characters was watching Bugs Bunny and guess what...they found Planet X!  lol  You can't make this stuff up!  

01/03/18 - I finished reading The Invisible Man today and focused on listening to a few more Howard Storm NDE videos where he goes into detail about his experience with Jesus and the angels.  I got so excited about it, that I sent Howard an email asking him if Jesus had shown him the Bride of Christ.  Amongst other things, Howard wrote, "Jesus and I did not discus the Bride of Christ during my NDE.".  Bummer.  :-)

01/02/18 - I had an idea today.  You know how you get free calendars in the mail and you only need one or two of them?  I've decided to use one of my spare calendars to "record" when a prophet says that something will happen.  For example, all those that said. "Thus saith the Lord...Obama will never leave office" ..or those that said, "Thus saith the Lord, Hillary will become president, " I want to record those supposed prophetic words because there are some prophets who are false, and they do not hear from God.  They prophesy from either their own thoughts or from the enemy.  So if they are saying that GOD SAYS this and that will happen and it's an event that we can note a time or date, then I will do so with my calendar.  I feel this is one of the ways we are to test the spirits.  Are we not told to be as a Berean?  Well then, when we DO act as a Berean and find that prophets spoke as if God said this, and tell us something that did NOT come to pass, I know I can strike them off my list of who tells the Truth from the Lord.  It's a very simple concept...did it come to pass or not.

“If what a prophet proclaims in the name of the Lord does not take place or come true, that is a message the Lord has not spoken. That prophet has spoken presumptuously. Do not be afraid of him” (Deut. 18:22)

01/01/18 - Invisible Man update - This was written by H.G. Wells in 1897 and I found something humorous in this story.  The invisible man is making headlines in the story, and the outlying towns where he has been, are reading these stories of him and assuming they are FAKE NEWS!  lol  They feel it is made up, a "fabrication" in the news, it's quite funny because in THIS fictional story, an invisible man is truth!

"My message and my preaching were not in persuasive words of wisdom, but in demonstration of the Spirit and of power,  so that your faith would not rest on the wisdom of men, but on the power of God."

1 Corinthians 2:4-5