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08/21/17 - I did see some of the eclipse today.  We had a cloudy sky, overcast mostly but at times you could see the sun through the thin clouds and also the moon, as I had my sun eclipse glasses on.  I feel this is Day 1 of THE WARNING TO AMERICA and I am saving my sunglasses...because at some point there will be a second sun!

08/20/17 - We are within 24 hours of the eclipse!  IMO this starts the warning period for America like never before.    The Night Psalm I received for this day even speaks of the eclipse.

Also today I posted this Word I received yesterday...and a summary on my daughter's prophetic dream from March this year, and update.

08/19/17 - I visited my mom again today and as I traveled, I saw the beautiful fields of the Midwest....Indiana.  We grow field corn and soybeans EVERYwhere and I love seeing the green growing crops.  But I don't know if they will be harvested this year.  It's highly possible that much chaos will occur before they can be harvested, and that they will not even be harvestable.  This normally happens around mid-October but I feel there will be a DIFFERENT Harvest going on, God's Harvest!

08/18/17 - Did you know that when God works through you to heal people in the coming Latter Rains...some people will be healed, and some will be healed AND transformed like you?  Lisa has seen this in her visions and others have confirmed it.  Not all will be transformed that are healed, but many will be.  God is going to use these people in the Harvest, as well as us.  I thought on this today as I was sitting in the room where all the chemotherapy is administered.  I looked around and my daughter was the youngest, most were white haired and much older but not all.  I wondered if God would allow my daughter or me to heal these people at some point.  Many of you are in the same situation where you are either with people that are not at full health, or even mentally incapacitated.  How awesome that the Lord will work through us to heal and transform some of our very loved ones, to help in the Harvest!  Even our shadows will heal people...imagine that!

08/17/17 - Well the rollercoaster is going down daughter has a cold now.  Her immune system is shot as you can imagine, so it's chicken noodle soup  time!  We have medical appts tomorrow and Monday so please ask for strength for her, and to get over this cold!  God is SO good to create chicken noodle soup though!

08/16/17 - I've gotten some communications about Godshealer's latest video titled "The Man of Sin will be Revealed for who he is".  The transcript is below.  Some people believe this "confirms" that O is the AC.  I don't see it that way because there were no literal Words pointing to that exact interpretation from God.  First He says the Restrainer will be taken away, then the man of sin revealed.  The next sentence talks about O...and in the transcripts someone added it as a new paragraph...a different subject matter so to speak. People will read and hear what they want to.  If they believe O is the AC, then that is what they heard.  If they don't believe O is the AC or ever will be, then that is what they heard.  I tend to go with the second group but can be persuaded otherwise if God chooses that I should be.  For me, it really doesn't matter.  We won't be dealing with the AC on that basis. Other chaos will be our forte, and the Harvest #1 !!!  

I DO believe O will return as some kind of ruler and have posted long ago on here that I felt he was one of "the 10" in the crown of the AC. Those continue to be my thoughts.  If you've ever studied the Illuminati, then you know that "Lucifer" has already been revealed to them and the AC will be him in bodily form. Carolyn Hamlett has actually met him and thought for a short moment that he was Christ, that's how charismatic he is.  O just don't fit da bill!  Just my thoughts.

Transcript: Daughter, speak this warning and tell the people what I have shown you. The Restrainer will be taken away. The man of sin will be revealed for who he really is, the Beast. 

Mr. Obama will return in his new position as ruler. The streets will be filled with violence, civil unrest and war. The weak will be murdered, unable to defend themselves. Children will murder parents for what they have and take it from them. Your militia will be unable to keep order or gain control. There will be riots and fires. There will be no safe place. The unbelievers will rise to power. Behold, I come quickly.

Abara, you have seen well and understood. This is the tribulation coming upon the whole earth. Many will be killed for My Name’s sake.

Link to video

08/15/17 - Here is how the Lord is blessing us right now.  The employers for both my husband and me (small businesses) are being exceptionally kind and allowing us to work whenever we can or want to.  We decided to both work a few days each week and essentially this will turn us into a one income household. However, in the past year or so, we've built up our savings and this whole year so far I kept wondering why we needed the money...we won't be here etc.  But now we DO need the money and the Lord provided this for us in advance.  God knows I like to plan things but in this case, He has planned way ahead of time so that we can continue to pay our bills.   Also we continue to maintain peace that passes understanding between the three of us. We just aren't worrying and there is no fear among us.  Our daughter got a call this morning and was told that again we need to increase one of her fluids so that'll happen Friday but we know that she is in good hands with the Lord and He is directing the medical personal.

I would ask you to find God in all you do and say today and tomorrow.  When things go right, that is directly from the Lord.  When things go wrong, that is allowed by the Lord so that you can ask Him to make things go right again.

08/14/17 - I've had questions about an update to my daughter's health. She has about 3 visits a week to the oncology place for blood draws, IV fluids and meds of various kinds, and Dr and RN visits.  She is weak but doing well.  If you wish to pray for something specific, I would ask that her kidneys continue to function normally.  Right now this is an issue and the Dr is watching it carefully.  Also she is low on iron and may need another blood transfusion.  She does not have typical blood so it takes a while to find a match. She has had no nausea (praise God!) so this is a huge plus for her as she does not have much weight that she can lose...she is eating well.

08/13/17 - Do you know what tomorrow is?  It is 40 days before the Sept 23/Rev 12 Sign from God.  Keep watch!

08/12/17 - On July 24, 2017 Julie Whedbee posted this in her Message from the Lord:

"There are many evil powers that watch all that you say and do, everything is measured and monitored and recorded and all of it will be used against you."

The Lord measures how people react to others as well.  He looks at their heart.  All those times you were crushed in life when you didn't understand why your friends or family ignored you...God saw that and measured their hearts.  Their actions were and are against Him, not us. I am seeing this with my daughter.  Those who have not responded in any way to my husband's or my communications with them telling them about her.  Even her own friends at that.  God is still measuring hearts at this late date, and some people are found wanting.  

08/11/17 - This whole thing with North Korea...getting to be old isn't it?  Talk about wars and rumors of wars!  My thoughts are that NK may send something small towards Guam but ol' Trump will send the shock and awe missiles and Kim will run with his tail between his legs.  Truly though Trump better wait until NK hits first so he can say to China..."They drew first blood."

08/10/17 - August is 1/3 over.  Wahoo!   Only 11 more days until the solar eclipse and we sure do hope to see something we've never seen before...wouldn't it be DIVINE if God holds back ALL the clouds over that entire area where He wants the sun to cross?!?  It could happen!

08/09/17 - In the past month, the Lord has reconnected my husband and me with two couples that are our best friends from our former church.  I feel it is because soon I will need to explain to them...about the signs in the sky. We are to understand that the Lord is one with us.  He prompts us and we hear Him.  So these thoughts that come to you that are full of love and point back to God, are thoughts He is directing you to have.  Do no doubt this!

08/08/17 - We got the diagnosis today finally and tomorrow starts aggressive chemotherapy.   One word the doctor said stood out to me and that was "curable".  So our daughter is on the road to recovery.  Her dream from March is much more prophetic than we ever knew, as it pertains to possible kidney damage as well.  I'll be paying close attention to any dreams she tells me about going forward! 

Meanwhile I feel the solar eclipse is to warn, and Sept 21 with the UN Peace and Safety Day points to Sept 23 being quite interesting.  It really is for those of us that are looking because many are not, church or otherwise.  But not for much longer!  Look up my friends, it's time! 

08/07/17 - Our daughter got to come home today!!  Thank you God!  We will all be sleeping under one roof tonight so all should sleep well.  Because she works for doctors, they have called in some markers and the topnotch oncologist in her area will be seeing her first thing in the morning, final results in hand because he put in a demand that the pathology be completed for him today.  Another blessing straight from God!  I will probably not update you much after this because we already know the route...chemotherapy is next and all that goes with it.  But God holds it all, He directs our path.  I'm not just saying that and I know it sounds preachy's the truth for me. So onward and upward!

08/06/17 - My child is getting well enough to go for walks and eat real food now, praise God!  Hopefully more info tomorrow.  Meanwhile this fabulous interview by Mark Biltz starts at 55 minutes into the program.  He gives LOTS of interesting facts!

08/05/17 - Today she finally had her surgery.  The doc removed two lymph nodes and they will start dissecting them tomorrow and possibly have a concrete diagnosis on Monday.  For now it strongly appears that she has aggressive lymphoma.  Two weeks ago today the three of us went to see Dunkirk.  Then our world fell apart.  Twenty years ago this would have destroyed me...shattered my world.  But not now.  Because God let me have cancer first...and even more important He has shown all of us that we are near the end...I am not depressed at this time even.  That is a shocking statement coming from a parent with a child just diagnosed with cancer. But I am seeing some of these events unfold through God's eyes. I see how people's hearts are reacting to my daughter...and some are not reacting at all. Also I've had two opportunities to let doctors (I think she's had 7 different ones so far and more to come) know about God. For some reason today I felt led to tell her surgeon about her dream back in March where she was told that hardships were coming in six months.  I think he was a little stunned as I explained the dream was clearly prophetic from God.  I am able to see her other dreams more clearly as well, now that she has had one very prophetic dream come to pass with no mistake about what was to occur. That was straight from God and can only be a wonderful blessing!  There may be a video in this later on, because the enemy is clearly trying to take down this family, and part of the Bride.  But for now, please continue to pray for her.

08/04/17 - A week ago my daughter was pretty sick, very lethargic.  We took her to the emergency room on Sat July 29 and by today we have found out that there is a "working diagnosis" of lymphoma...cancer of the immune system.  The hematologist tells us that there are around 40 kinds of lymphoma so tomorrow more (today's surgery was cancelled) they are going to remove one of her lymph nodes and start looking at it over the weekend.  They hope to have an answer for us as to treatment by Monday.  At this point, there is that tiny chance that she does not have cancer.  All indications point to it but we have a Mighty God and if He has decided my daughter does not have cancer, then that is the way it is!  But if He is allowing this disease in her life, then it is for a reason and this entire family will learn from it.  My hope is that God will heal her through me during the Harvest, right after my Transformation!  We certainly don't understand His ways do we!?!  Why cancer at this late date? I do not know, but He does, and He is our Shepherd and protects us under His wing. In God we trust...we truly do.

08/03/17 - We found out today that our daughter has lymphoma.  Tomorrow they are doing surgery to remove a lymph node so they can discover which of the 40 kinds it is, and then establish treatment.  This is one of my worst fears come true.  I know the devil understands this and is trying to use it against me.  He will not succeed.  This is establishing in me, a more compassionate person that can be used in the Harvest, and what he takes away, God will return many times over.  There are so many things to be grateful for with our daughter and I do not believe it is a test for me, but simply a trial.  Like Job, I am supposed to crumble but I can only draw closer to Jesus in this, as will our daughter.  I am established in the fact that God has this as part of His plan and always has, and I can relax and let Him take care of us.  However wonderful and blessed I am to know so much more than I did many years ago, about the Lord's plan.  This will assure my daughter as well, when the calamities strike.  My husband too will gain new strength now...this is how it was meant to be

08/02/17 - The biopsy test came back ok!  Once less thing to worry about!  Thank you Jesus, most precious Savior who holds my daughter in His hand, same as He holds me. And this just in...kidneys are fine for the most part!  That is a PRAISE to Jesus Christ!  I know how much you have been praying and this means SO much to me!  Tomorrow is a PET scan....the doctors are truly flummoxed about this and are looking for a tumor SOMEwhere.  But for now, I'm very grateful!  There is only One to praise through all this and we call Him Jehovah Rapha!

08/01/17 - Our daughter's overall symptoms have improved today!  This is thanks to all your prayers!  When I went in to relieve my husband this morning, my daughter was hooked up to 4 IV bags.  This along with her heart monitor thing (telly they call it) and embolism socks.  However all that stuff seemed to work with her today as she got up and walked around a bit and ate a bowl of peaches and some Sierra Mist.  Mostly she stayed more awake this afternoon and even sat in the recliner, and after 4 days they have removed the telly.  They did the biopsy today but no results until Thursday or Friday. I dread them.  I have a feeling they are keeping some things from us so they can deliver then 1-2 punch all at once. Anyway, we are all in a better mood tonight because she is feeling better!  Praise Jesus because there is no other name in Heaven which can do these things!

07/31/17 - No improvement with our daughter.  Tomorrow is a biopsy but know that she is having severe kidney problems.  I refuse to type the words I read on the for now just know that she needs much prayer.  I do not understand why God is allowing this Job moment but He is in control of this situation so I will rest in that.

07/30/17 - I share these updates on our daughter because I covet your prayers.  I asked the Lord to hear them and let them be a sweet aroma to Him.  She is not doing better.  Lots of IV fluids and some meds are going in but she is weak and dizzy and sleeping a lot. Problems seem to be kidneys and thyroid.  For those parents that have gone through that  point where you desperately wish there was something you could do for your child....I am there. I've not experienced this before and I hope it goes away soon.  My hope and prayer for her is 100% recovery but only the Lord knows for sure. I trust Him through the fire.

07/29/17 - Our daughter took a turn for the worse this morning and a phonecall to a nurse had us taking her to the ER by noon.  I'm so glad we did!  They gave her fluids and nausea and pain daughter was not even able to sign her own name.  She is 34 and is an assistant to a doctor and lives on her own.  Of course she stayed with us since Tuesday as we were watching out for her.  After 5 different bloods draws (one of which the doctor said the results were "wacky"...they have decided she has a tumor in her neck which may need to come out.  She is now at the hospital and in good hands.  I anointed the room and prayed for healing angels to attend her.  Tomorrow I will be going to the Throne Room which I've only done maybe 5 times ever...but I will ask the Lord to see that the tumor is non-malignant.  You see...I've always felt that since I had cancer 2x...that I "took one extra for the team" in place of my daughter.  Plus with my recent rereadings of 278pikelk Messages..Jesus clearly tells us to speak positive Words about our health and so I shall.  I'll update when I can.  

PS:  Thank you for your emails and please accept my apologies in advance for not answering.  Know that I have given my child over to the Lord and understand that the enemy is behind this.  But I told my daughter this morning that sometimes we have to go through the wilderness in order to get whatever blessings God has for us.  This may be her wilderness.

07/28/17 - No update on my daughter's tests...not likely until Monday at this point.  However the Lord has prompted me on what is causing her dizzyness and blurred is the nausea Rx she is taking.  So she is going to cut down on that since she is no longer nauseated. :-)

Meanwhile, I found this Word very uplifting.  A Daughter of Messiah

07/27/17 - Our daughter is no better and we are waiting again on blood tests.  The ones taken on Tuesday were "invalid" so they redid them all today.  No results on the xray either.  This is a major distraction for me and is quite distressful.  I came home and asked my daughter if there was anything I could do and she said, "Ask Jesus to come back now and heal me."  She does not even walk upright because she is too weak.  She couldn't make it up a flight of stairs if you paid her.  We may take her to the ER tomorrow morning for an IV. We simply don't know what to do but of course I know the Lord is in full control and I've laid her at His feet. There are SO many things in this life that you do not know the purpose of, but we still need the faith to know that God is in perfect control and everything is happening as it should.  My daughter has a heart for the Lord so we wait for His timing.  You may recall her dream where she was told that in 6 months she will undergo hardships.  Both of us told God it's a month too early.  :-(  

07/26/17 - Our daughter is feeling better but needs more blood tests per the doc.  Continued prayers are appreciated as your prayers are a wonderful aroma to the Lord.  Many NDErs have seen prayers for them going up to God.  I believe this to be true.

The gentleman in this video is in a FB "Fallen Angels" group I am in so I am listening to his video.  30 minutes in and so far so good!  He brings out a lot from the book of Enoch.   YT Video

07/25/17 - Today is my 36th wedding anniversary and my daughter was so sick she almost had to go to the hospital.  I took her to her doc and they ran blood tests, and then she had an xray based on other symptoms and a quick stop to pick up a prescription.  The good news is so far she has not vomited since she was at the doctor's!  Believe me...this is good news!  So thank you for all your prayers (I had posted this on the home page) because God has heard and sent healing angels.  We still don't know what is wrong but that will come in due time.  She looks very pallid with dark circles...but she is resting and is with her momma.  :D  At least I feel better...since she is under my wing now.

07/24/17 - Today these two VERY tall guys came in and brought a large container to our office.  They had to be at least 6'4" each...300-400 lbs.  I almost asked them why they weren't linebackers but thought that might be offensive.  As I stood in front of them, I felt a little like the spies from the Old Testament that felt like grasshoppers.  I was wondering somewhat seriously if these two men had giant dna in them.  :/  

07/23/17 - Tomorrow the UNSC is having an emergency meeting regarding the Temple if they had any say.  Yet they WILL have a say.  And it won't be good.  The Arabs are meeting Wednesday...they too think they have a say.  Meanwhile, Israel asks...."where is Donald Trump?" as if he had any say.  These are all men, women, people that never declared Israel to be the apple of their eye.  God said that.  So they need to watch out.  Imagine what would happen if the Jewish people would call on God to defend them. Yet I believe He WILL defend them and do something miraculous that will point to HIM, very soon!

" For this is what the Lord Almighty says: “After the Glorious One has sent me against the nations that have plundered you—for whoever touches you touches the apple of his eye—  I will surely raise my hand against them so that their slaves will plunder them. Then you will know that the Lord Almighty has sent me."  Zechariah 2:8-9

07/22/17 - My family and I went to see Dunkirk today. We've found a very nice movie theater with leather seats and they serve food, even a call button to call the "waiter" during the movie if you want further service.  It was a wonderful experience and yet while watching the movie, I was reminded that war really is hell.  The devil has ruined this earth...death among humans, slaughter among animals, and damage to nature. The soldiers in the movie were grateful for a simple peanut butter sandwich, yet many of us live in luxury of clean sheets once a week and the ability to drive across our country in freedom.  I saw the hand of God in this movie because I see Him everywhere now.  There was gentle honor among some, and the willingness to die for something you believed in.  Forget patriotic fervor...stand for God!  Because He is with us no matter what, even if we are alone in the dark damp folds of a ship.

"Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous. Do not be frightened, and do not be dismayed, for the Lord your God is with you wherever you go." Joshua 1:9

07/21/17 - So added onto yesterday's daily....last night we had a skunk in the front yard.  This guy is old, in fact I am naming him Methusalah because NOTHING scares him so obviously he is very old.  My husband shot bb pellets over his head...nothing.   Hubby then threw rocks which HIT him...Methusalah didn't budge.  I banged on the windows and he took off...for ten minutes.  We are getting ready to take more drastic (yet humane) measures and the last one will be to call the DNR to come set a trap.  Then they drive it 5 miles away and release it.  

Oh...and this morning before know that phrase, "Look what the cat drug in?" cat drug in a mouse.  I looked at it and said, " that one of your toy mice?"  And the "toy" took off.  <sigh>  I chased it down and captured it under a bowl, then hefted a 20 lb bag of kitty litter on top of the bowl.  Oh the irony.  Anyway, I left it there for hubby to take care of.  I don't want to know what happens. As in the days of Noah, they are coming in for shelter...too much flooding in my neck of the woods.

07/20/17 - Guys, in the past 24 hours I've gone under some serious spiritual attack.  It started when I tried to post the 2nd video in the Instructions for the Bride series.  It didn't want to I start speaking in my prayer language because frankly, I don't know what else to do. Then I had this dream and decided to post it today (had uploaded it yesterday) and the comments were AWFUL!  I have had at least 20 vicious, hateful, bullying and threatening comments from trolls that are new agers.  So much for their light being good!  I've reported them but they inundated my dream video so I had to start approving comments rather than just letting them flow.  There has been other stuff but gee whiz!  Now, having read many of Barb's Words at this point, one thing has come across loud and clear.  We are to give everything to God, laying everything at Christ's feet.  HE will fight our battles!  We do nothing except ask and then believe...waiting for His timing.  In fact, we ask the Holy Spirit to bring joy to us, and the negativity in our hearts just goes away.  If God is for us, who can be against us?  Romans 8:31

07/19/17 - Today I was listening to this 3rd Day YT video and wondered if there was Rock and Roll in Heaven.  I was born in '61 and am a child of the 60s and 70s to be sure.  Uncannily, so are most of you, not all but most. So I typed into google..."Is there rock and roll in Heaven" just for kicks.  Immediately the song by the Righteous Brothers came up called Rock and Roll Heaven.  While I won't post the full lyrics here, they do start out singing, " If you believe in forever, then life is just a one-night stand."  And you know what...that is very true!  We need to think of life as just dust in the wind.  James 4:14 says, " are a mist that appears for a little while and then vanishes."  I think that's why we don't feel what we do, or our purpose very important.  Yet it IS important!  I am compiling those Messages from Barb right now, and today I read this, " You are children of the King, and you must walk as such. There is no mistake that you were chosen to be here on your earth at this very time " Are you able to believe?  Then while life is brief, our time in it is NOW so choose wisely what you do today!

07/18/17 - Today on FB, I was invited to join a group called " Surviving The Great Tribulation: The Rapture, The Mark & The 21 Judgments".  I'm not sure why I would join since I don't need to survive it.  Where is their blessed hope? Titus 3:12-13 

"It instructs us to renounce ungodliness and worldly passions, and to live sensible, upright, and godly lives in the present age, as we await the blessed hope and glorious appearance of our great God and Savior, Jesus Christ."

07/17/17 - Today at work a major problem was discovered.  Seems we built something wrong...250 somethings.  A part went through 6 or 7 people/dept and got basically welded in place, before it was discovered.  I only pay the bills (thank goodness!) so I was not a part of this but I heard my co-workers trying to figure out what had happened, and knowing one co-worker very well, could tell that she wanted others to know it was not her fault (its unknown at this point).  I was reminded of Heaven...where everything is perfect and no mistakes are made...ever.  Heaven is perfection and everything good is there, direct from God.  We will never get discouraged or ashamed by a mistake once we are THERE, because we've done all that here!  lol  Well this is school right? We are learning here and make mistakes, but once we are THERE...oh what a wonderful day that will be!

07/16/17 - Hoping to see Dunkirk with my family this coming Saturday.

07/15/17 - I saw some info about Disclosure today (article) so I emailed it to LA Marzulli...and he emailed me back!  Don't ever think that end time people are too important to respond to you, these are God's people and He directs their lives as well.

07/14/17Ok this is bordering on high strangeness.  It started when we ended up in Room 111 one week ago, then I've seen 111 on license plates a couple times this week, saw 111 on an invoice today, and just now a brother sent me an email about Lisa's vision 11/11/14.  What's up with 111?!?!??!  Any ideas?  I know the Gematria for 111 but geez louise!   If you know more...feel free to email me!

07/13/17 - I recorded this video about upcoming Storm Hilary.  Unsure if it'll be a hurricane or not but maybe just maybe, it'll be THE west coast storm we are waiting for!   Video link

07/12/17 - I haven't posted this because it's embarrassing but...I do feel I am to let you know.  Ok so last week I went to the dr., first time in 5 years.  I got tired of all the hospital trips, biopsies, surgeries, and dr visits due to my "wilderness journey" of being a 2x cancer survivor.  Because I am part of the Harvest, I no longer rely on drs per se, but rather God.  But I did make this appt.  Well, I didn't want to go.  Please note that I LOVED my doctors when I was ill, this isn't about being afraid of going to a doc at all.  it's just all the hassle involved, taking time off work and getting a frustrated nod from the boss etc.  Ok so I asked God..."Is it ok if I cancel the appt?"  I listened and immediately heard, "No, I need you to do this."  Well, surely that was ME saying it because we know that God doesn't need anything right?  So I asked again.  "I really don't want to go so can I cancel the appt?"  Response:  "No, I need you to do this."  (sigh)  I gave it 10 minutes and asked again and got the same response.  Then it hit me.  This appt isn't about's about the doctor.  It is possible that she is part of the Harvest and I will play a role in what happens to her.  If we never meet, she won't know me.  

We have been told numerous times, to never neglect and always love the person God sends our way.  I always thought that meant perhaps a homeless person or drug addict.  But God can and will send anyone He desires, as long as we have a willing heart and are following after Him.  He has a plan for this dr, and He has plans for everyone He sets in YOUR path. We need to keep that in mind each day now.

07/11/17 - I saw this on our coat rack today as I arrived at work.  I know everyone at work and none have chosen the gay lifestyle so most likely the person that bought this (I don't know who it is) feels they are supportive of that lifestyle.  When we see rainbows, we think of God, yet this rainbow now appears on Google and Amazon.  This is God's sign and I will not relinquish it!  It is indeed the days of Noah!

07/10/17 - There is a video on FB that is making the rounds...a cute little toddler dancing to a pop music song.  She is wiggling her hips etc.  In the past it would have amused me but now my thoughts are....what is that little girl allowed to watch on TV that has her dancing that way? If we look beyond the cutesy to what is happening in her household, we might see the beginnings of a little girl being led down the wrong path.

07/09/17 - We went blueberry picking the other day.  We were directed to park in a field so we would be near the bushes, and as I got out, I asked the man about their bees, as their website said they had honey for sale and their bees pollinate the blueberries.  The man said all their bees died last year and blamed some tick as a possibility.  I asked him if he knew what chemtrails were.  Nope.  Here we are in this field with wide open sky and...the farmer did not know about chemtrails.  So I explained it to him very quickly.  The way I see it.  He will now look up and realize that something is different between THOSE "jet trails" and the regular planes.  Uh huh. People never look up. Not yet anyway.

07/08/17 - My family stayed at a hotel last night.  As I was packing to come home today, I gave a last look, even in the drawers which we did not use.  I took the picture to the right so you could see what now lies alongside the Holy Bible.

I was grateful that it was not a copy of the Quran.

07/07/17 - Today we visited a battle ground.  Indiana has several of them.  One of the things they built on the actual battle area was a very large monument, looked kinda like the Washington monument.  However, scattered around the "hill" were many of the actual trees original to the site from the early 1800s.  My thought was that the trees were the monuments, not the thing built by man.  I could imagine soldiers leaning against them when they got shot, or perhaps using them as cover from the Indians.  I used to hate history, I always disliked it in school.  But since waking up, I've seen that the Lord was in all events throughout time.  Now history just fascinates me and the more detail I read about during any event, the better  When you read about individual's lives, the whole story really comes alive.  I guess I am applying this to the Bible now as well, as in the past few years it too has really come alive to me.

07/06/17 - We are on a "staycation" this week and my husband is building me a swing for our patio.  He covered a slab of concrete with wood last year, and now it is a nice larger wood porch for my plants.  We've always had a swing but you cannot lay down on the current one and I like to take a light nap on weekends on the swing when the weather is nice. Did you know we will take naps in Heaven?  There will be no reason to sleep there, but naps can bring about rest and relaxation in Heaven as well, and perhaps God will give us dreams too! And of course we can cuddle up with our favorite pets or nature's animals if we like. The naps here on earth are meant to be a gift from God, to show us some small parallels to gifts in Heaven. When we wake up there, we will have no pains or headaches from sleeping in the wrong position!

07/05/17 - I've watched Elysium a couple times now but today's viewing had me in tears at the end.  It's because suddenly all these people that had been considered trash and nothing but slaves...were free and were getting healed!  They were so happy and excited and running to be healed and it hit me that this is what will happen during the Harvest!  We will barely walk past a person and when our shadows fall on them like Peter's in Acts 5, they will be healed if they believe!  The Lord will work these cures through us instantly! And also at the very end of the Tribulation when it is over and the Millenium starts...imagine the healing!  Not just people but the earth as well! Be encouraged by these thoughts today, when you are in pain mentally or physically because you KNOW your Deliverer is coming to rescue you!

07/04/17 - My husband used his time off today to tear down an old shed in our backyard.  As a small skunk ran out from underneath, hubby backed away and the skunk took off.  We found his sleeping quarters and were surprised that he had survived two floodings there this year.  We figure he must have built that nest just a few weeks ago...same time we saw a skunk wondering around the front yard.  While skunks are good for mice and other vermin, I want to be able to go out on any given night and not worry about a skunk in my yard!  How else can I keep watch on the Rev 12 sign!?!  That's a priority for me at night right now, and I know yours too.  As we move closer, I'm hoping the Lord reveals more specifics about WHAT will happen on or around that date. Here is a good site to help keep track if you haven't already seen it.  Rev12

07/03/17 - The following is not recommended by any doctor.  Today I went to visit one...a doctor.  It's been almost 5 years since my last visit.  As a middle aged woman who's had cancer 2x and heart problems throughout her family...I used to visit docs constantly.  Since 2003 for a while it was almost monthly, in fact it was monthly for a while.  Then it spread out a bit but it got very old for me.  I got very tired of seeing physicians so I decided that my visit in 2012 would be my last one because hey...I thought Jesus would return that year!  But alas, He did not.  So I turned over all my health issues to Him and just let it go.  By letting it go, all the stress went too.  Today I was stressed but it was ok because I was in charge of what I would do and not do.  I'm working on a small issue and if we are still here in Oct, then I'll progress with baby steps into more wellness visits.  But I'd rather have Jesus as my Physician as He is the miracle Worker!

07/02/17 - Dear God, please change us...transform us...take away our pain.  For some it is physical, for some it is mental, for some it is spiritual.  Some of us share our pain and some of us keep it to ourselves.  But you know our hearts, the broken and spilled out.  We are tired of carrying these burdens.  We give them to you daily, even binding demons over them, yet they come back because we are human and we are not able to forget...forgive yes, but not forget.  Please come soon.

07/01/17 - My husband and I had lunch with oldie but goodie friends today...actually our "best" friends from the church we used to attend.  I was wary and have been putting off having dinner with them for months.  Not their fault but rather I didn't want to have to answer questions about why I left church etc.  My husband eventually quit going to that church a few months after me as well.  My friends though, have grown children plus they had just sold their 30-year old business so they had a lot to discuss in order to fill the conversation.  It's a loaded question for you to ask me what I'm up to these do you respond to that? "Oh I'm watching for a treaty with Israel to come about, also there is this celestial object that's coming into our skies soon, it's already here causing havoc but the news doesn't report it.  Oh and the country is going to split in two soon...yeah that's what I'm up to these days."   I can't really go there.  :-)  I have prayed that the Lord guide my conversation during this meal...for weeks now.  I feel it went well and I'm home now updating you guys. 

06/30/17 - I visited my mother tonight in her senior citizen apt.  She was telling me that the men are falling down a lot.  She was at lunch and her chair suddenly got pushed into the table and she spilled her water.  She was going to push her chair back but she looked behind her first, and there was a man's head lying on the floor (yes the rest of the body was there too).  Then she says to me..."It's ok, he is still alive."  For some reason that struck me really funny, then she started laughing too.  Ya'll are invited over someday in Heaven so we can have a picnic for my mom and talk about all the stories she unknowlngly supplies.  Bring ice cream though....she likes that!

06/28/17 - A lot of people are noticing a change in the weather patterns where they live.  My husband who never burns in the sun, seems to be a bit pink now and then after mowing, and the other day I noticed my daughter had some sun damage on her nose but she'd never admit it.  As for me, I've noticed that the wind has picked up.  Several years ago in February, the weatherman said there was "black ice" on the road.  I'm familiar with that but felt that he was wrong. So I drove down the 4-lane highway to work at a pretty good clip that morning.  There is an area of woods and a bridge and as soon as I came off that bridge and out of the woods, a wind gust hit me and I went into a spin.  I spun FOREVER it seemed, and I knew I was going to die right there.  My life did not flash in front of me...rather I felt terrible for dying for doing something so stupid as to skid on black ice when I had been warned.  I cried out to God to save me, and I hit a snow bank and my SUV rolled over.  Miraculously it landed upright.  I immediately ducked as I was afraid I would be hit with rush hour traffic, but I didn't get hit.  I looked up and realized....I was facing the opposite way of when I was driving.  AND...the Lord had placed me in the median...the grass between the 4 lanes.  I walked away from the wreck and my SUV was totaled. I learned my lesson but it took 2 years to get over the fear of slamming on my brakes during a wind gust.  I drive on an open highway to work and for a good 20 minutes it's wide open.  Back to my point of local weather anomalies....our wind has picked up this year.  I mean it REALLY has on several occasions!  I'd say it's different this year.  Yes we've had flooding but this wind is craaazyyyy.  I'm driving in wind again because I ask Him to drive for me every time I get in the car.  That's right...I ask Jesus to take the wheel!  Just thought I'd share.  

06/27/17 - Our DVD player went on the fritz so today I decided to buy a new one...gotta keep watching those NWO Stargate episodes!  (next one is about "super soldiers'...go figure).  At the store checkout the clerk and I ended up talking about 666 "Yeah it's a bad thing" he says.   Frankly I think most of the "free" world knows that 666 is bad.  But here is the thing.  "Oh you can eat the fruit....He just said that because He knew you'd be like him's really good."  And she ate it.  Fast forward to today..."Oh you can have the mark...that Book just says that because it knows you will live healthier and longer's really a good thing."  NOT!

06/26/17 - Last night after supper, my husband and I had a hilarious conversation about what is happening to us now that we are "old".  The reason it's funny is because...even though we've been married 36 years next month, there are certain taboo topics.  Last night we crossed the line.  Let's just say that aching hips, nasty eyebrows, and even itchy nose hairs were mentioned...NONE of which will be a problem in Heaven!  Sometimes I wonder what our angels are thinking while we have these conversations.  Oh well, such is life.  :-)

06/25/17 - My husband and I spent a short time this morning as we do every Sunday...watching the birds and drinking hot tea.  We even have two bunnies in the yard now (along with the squirrel and chipmunk) named Peter and Paula...I have no idea if they are male and female but one is decidedly smaller than the other.  Anyway, I said to my husband that once we are in Heaven, we won't be inside watching the birds and rabbits, they will be among us, at our feet and in our laps allowing us to pet them with no fear whatsoever. We'll still have our tea and watch God's perfect nature.  I am totally convinced that this will happen as God wants all good things for His children, and these warm fuzzies in our life, are sent directly from God to give us hints of what Heaven is like.  

06/24/17 - I got a haircut today.  I hate that, it's great for work and easy to take care of but...I was made for long hair! When I am in Heaven, and hopefully even when I am transformed...I want my old teenage hair back...long golden wavy locks.  When I'm "working" during the Harvest though, I think I'll put it in a French braid, those are so beautiful!  This is the wrong color but...I'll take this one!  :-)   Link

06/23/17 - 3 months!  That's all that is left until the Rev 12/Sept 23 sign FROM GOD!  He put it there so long ago, knowing it would make it's appearance exactly on time.  The same is true for everything God does.  Every little thing is perfect in its timing, and also in its purpose.  Even the tiniest ant has a purpose, if only to remind you of the "go to the ant you sluggard!" verse in Proverbs 6:6 to remind us not to be lazy.  

What if the Rev 12 sign is so that people will look up on that day...and see something even more pronounced?  What if they see a celestial object that isn't supposed to be there?  What if?!?!  Don't lose hope that we still have months and months and months because we surely do NOT!  

06/22/17 - Remember I told you that I felt after I had a 1,000 of SOMEthing...the end would come?  I took this snapshot today of my Facebook page.  :-)  

~ Hope

06/21/17 - During the  workweek my morning routine is, once I am done in the bathroom, I type up the Night Psalms and post the website.  Then I have communion and read my Bible.  Today I posted and then read from Psalms and Joshua and Enoch.  I try to underline something in each chapter that stands out to me and today I underlined "the righteous will not be moved" from Psalm 55:22.  There was a note by the word "moved" so as I looked at the study notes, its says of this verse: "The Lord is the one constant in life and the one true friend."  This was the title of my Night Psalm today!  "One True Friend".  I was amazed because normally I don't look at study notes often as they could be wrong! lol  But not this time, this time it was a wonderful confirmation to me that God is speaking through these Night Psalms no matter how simple they are. 

06/20/17 - Tomorrow begins summer and I LOVE summer!  It is my favorite season!  But you know what?  It also begins the 3rd and final trimester of 09/23/17...the birth of the Manchild!  I remember being VERY anxious about my daughter being born, in fact she was 2 weeks late!  I can't wait for June to be over!  lol  One more month closer!

06/19/17 - Guys, Barb of 278pikelk had a dream that she posted.  I believe that the horse named "Red" is the 2nd seal and by losing it's is now loose.  Remember one month ago, Godshealer7 posted a video that God has opened the first seal...I believe He is now showing us in Barb's video that the 2nd seal has been released.  Very possible given the recent war rhetoric and the USA shooting down a Syrian plane, and Iran sending missiles to Syria.  Remember the seal's about removing peace from the earth.  That may mean war but can also mean all sorts of violence and riots, even civil war.

Her dream may point to the Rev 12 sign in that she represents the woman who has the manchild, and the boy is gone while the woman is trying to get away to the wilderness.  That gives us timing for 09/23. Watch the dream and see what you think!   Dream on Youtube.

06/18/17 - Today is Father's Day.  I've had 3 fathers in my biological Dad who left us when I was 7, my step-father who married my mother when I was 13 and we never gave each other much of a chance...and my father-in-law who was a good man.  I've not really known what a Father is really like until God woke me up.  He sits beside us when we sleep, He sings to us, and He gives us abundant blessings during our life, and He helps with me with all my problems. The one Father that I've never seen, is the one that loves me the most and one day I'll get to sit on His lap and call Him Abba.  If the Lord God is who you model your life after as a father, there is NO way you can go wrong! Happy Fathers day!

06/17/17 - I've always liked chimes. Yesterday my husband and I went on a daytrip to a very large outdoor plant/landscaping business.  In their shop, they sold wind chimes so I finally found something to replace the ones I had a while back; they had broken in various places over time but I kept fixing them!  Today, the new wind chimes were hung and with the open front door and gentle breeze, I hear them.  :-)

06/16/17 - I can't believe I forgot to tell this to you guys...ESPECIALLY you guys!  Yesterday when I visited my Mom, I was asking her some questions.  I told her that I had dreams from God at times, and so did my daughter...and wondered if she did since she is in our lineage.  And she said, "Oh yes!  I have the SAME dream every night!  I am packing a suitcase..every night same dream, then I wake up right away!"   :-)

06/15/17 - I visited my mother again today (if you recall, she is 82 and lives in an independent living center).  She told me that her best friend Evelyn said my mother whispered all the time and it was upsetting her.  My mother does not whisper but she does not speak loudly because she wears a hearing aid and it's turned WAY up.  My mother was telling me this and then said, "75% of the people in here are hard of hearing...because they are old!"  Turns out Evelyn (94) found out she has full hearing loss out of her left ear, something she did not want to admit.  But hey, she's not buying a hearing aid because they cost too much so...she will just keep complaining that it's Mom's fault. <sigh>

06/14/17 - Today in my line of work I had to email a gentleman about payment on a bill.  All I knew was his name and email.  However, when he replied to my email, his signature noted who he was...a Brigadier General!  My first thought was...I wonder if he knows anything about the secret space program!  lol

06/13/17 - My boss drives a Volvo...expensive car, windshield wipers on the headlights, etc.  Today as I parked beside it, I noticed that the care is COVERED with bird poo and other nasty dirt.  It's been that way for several days.  That's because my boss does not park it in his garage.  He has a 3-car garage and it is already full of his 3 fancy old sports cars.  He never drives these cars, ever...he just "works" on them.  But the Volvi and the ginormous SUV that he drives in the winter...both are outside and both are exposed to the elements always.     I was reminded of this verse:

" Do not lay up for yourselves treasures on earth, where moth and rust destroy and where thieves break in and steal; but lay up for yourselves treasures in heaven, where neither moth nor rust destroys and where thieves do not break in and steal. For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also." Matthew 6:19-21

06/12/17 - My husband let me know that tonight starts a new series of American Ninja Warrior on TV.  This is one of his favorite shows.  Ordinary people compete against each other by accomplishing great feats of athleticism.  As I watch them I am reminded that once we are transformed, we too will perform great feats and skills that have never been seen before. Some of us will be able to fly, some will be able to run FAST, some will swim like a fish, and some will have the strength of 1,000 men. Or maybe we will have all of them!  We will have WHATEVER it takes to accomplish the goal of the Lord, because He will grant that to us.  Perhaps you will need to witness to someone stuck on Mt Everest.  Maybe you will need to heal someone in a submarine.  It's possible that you will need to move a building off of someone. God will make sure you have what you need.

Philippians 4:16 " And my God shall supply all your need according to His riches in glory by Christ Jesus."

06/11/17 - Well guys, Pastor Paul sure does feel SOMETHING is going to happen tonight..perhaps even during his broadcast from 7-10 EST.  I sure hope he heard right!  Link to his YT video

06/10/17 - Update on the water situation.  So here is the story.  I was taking my shower this morning and the water....just.....stopped.  Fortunately I was at a good stopping spot so I praised God for that even before I got out of the shower!  Got out, told hubby and we immediately started to troubleshoot the problem with the little knowledge we had. My husband is a GREAT carpenter!  He has roofed our homes, added rooms, fixed rooms, remodeled rooms, and built cabinets and furniture out the wazoo BUT...he is not a plumber.  I was looking through the yellow pages for an emergency water service company, and he was trying to remember who had come out a few years ago and installed a new water pressure tank.  We had no business card but I said to look in our utility drawer with all our paperwork and sure enough there was a receipt from Oct 2011.  Another praise!  Hubby called the man and he called back within an hour and said he'd be out by 1:00.  Another praise...same day service!  So I said we needed to pray right then and we did.  We have a couch in the living room that we both kneel at and pray; we established that routine many years ago when I was very ill and least I thought so.  Anyway, after we prayed today, we both got up and went about doing chores, and I left to visit our daughter and do laundry. About 12:30 my husband sends me a text that says, "we have water".  WAHOO!  Another praise!  Seems we just had a bad pressure tank switch.  Thanks for your prayers and emails.  All of these combined together and God heard us and answered quickly!  :-)

06/09/17 -  Last night I started watching a television series that a co-worker recommended (knowing my penchant for apocalyptic things) called ZOO.  It's about animals that are acting crazy and killing people.  This morning before work, I saw two "small" animals playing in the field next to us.  I got the binoculars out and saw they were coyotes.  Not quite puppies but more like juveniles.  It reminded me of the pilot episode of Zoo because at some point, those animals will not be satisfied with birds and small critters, but may come after people.  

And then later on I saw this story...egads!  Story 

06/08/17 - When our daughter was a toddler, she would hold her hands up to us and say, "Uppy!?!?"  We knew she wanted us to pick her up.  The weather has been great here the past few days, so I was outside enjoying it.  I held my hands up to the sky and said, "Uppy?!?!?" 

06/07/17 - Today I spoke with a male co-worker who told me that he was moving out from his 1st wife's home that they rented.  (He had married her, had kids, divorced and both remarried, then divorced both spouses and got back together). I really like my co-worker...he is the 4th son of a preacher but his Dad has led a hidden hypocritical life.  So I was talking to my friend and suggested a book but I couldn't remember the title.  It had to do with doing something for your loved one for 40 days.  My friend had heard of it too.  I got back to my desk and found it was Love Dare...the movie Fireproof based on it which I had seen.  So I am going to give this book to my friend and PRAY.  I'll update you in Heaven because SURELY we won't be here in the 4-6 months that my friend needs to turn his life around!

06/06/17 - On the way home, I was stopped due to a red light.  As soon as it turned green, the guy beside me on the right, started yelling at the car in front of him...."C'mon!  Stupid #($*@!!"  There was NO reason to do this!  The guy barely had one second pass before he blew his top.  Evil is everywhere and is easily giving rise to fear.

06/05/17 - I am reading in some circles and youtubers that many people that are disappointed that Pentecost came and went...and no Rapture.  Don't forget what we have learned.  Don't forget that we will have SOME chaos first, we will have an EQ and even before that, comes the West Coast storm.  After the EQ comes the 3 DoD.  We know many "watchers" do not have eyes to see and ears to hear about the transformation of some of us...before the Rapture.  But I believe those who read my website DO know, and we have been given signs to watch.  We are to watch Israel and listen and watch for a proposal of peace.  In my mind, there is no way we are transformed before that.  Regardless of storms or war or what we see in the sky...I keep my eyes on Israel because that's where God's eye is...on His jewel!

06/04/17 - Early this morning I again heard the Lord speak and He said, "The Unholy Ones will arrive soon."  Since it was still dark out, I did not know if He was giving me a 2nd Night Psalm or not, but I heard nothing else.  It's possible I will hear more tonight.  Regardless, I looked up "unholy ones" assuming it meant the Fallen but the phrase is not easily found. The only place I found it was in the description of the word "impious" in the Book of Jude, verse 15 but ONLY with the explanation in the Amplified version when describing the "ungodly ones".  I am unable to copy and paste the one I found but here is the link.  Link        We'll see if anything else comes of this!

06/03/17 - If you do a search on Manila and may mistakenly click on a link from 2014 like I did...and see how ISIS started in that country.  Recently a casino was attacked and ISIS claimed the attack but...officials say the attack on the casino was not terror related. 

 SAY WHAT?!?!?

06/02/17 - It happened again.  If it happens a 3rd time then I will start a new page.

"May the Word of God be ever in my mouth and ever in my heart.  For the Lamb of God rules the Kingdom and all manner of love goes before Him. He heals the hurting and the destroyed.  He heals those with ripped hearts and torn souls.  God bless the King.   ~ Amen

06/01/17 - A coworker mentioned that her new wrist gadget told her that she didn't sleep well the night before.  She was telling a group of us and I tried not to look horrified.  How awful!  I knew the Apple watch scratched your wrist in order to take some stats...but I can just see how these other things can be a selling point to those who are unaware.  The world is clueless!

05/31/17 - Last night I woke up as most of us do, and random thoughts about our day come to mind.  I try to direct my thoughts back to God and ask Him to allow me to go back to sleep. So I did this last night with a simple prayer...only the words came before I thought them...hard to explain this normally but this is exactly how He used to give me the Night Writings, and how I hear Him.  It was the Holy Spirit praying, not me.  But I liked what He was saying so I "prayed" it.  It was beautiful!  It was only four or five sentences and I do not recall most of it but it ended with, "as I wait for my Divine Savior on bended knee."  It was a very cool thing.  :-)

05/30/17 - What I did not share yesterday is that my daughter woke up VERY dizzy. canNOT go on a zipline and other tree climbing activities and be dizzy.  You can't even look up!  So my daughter sent me a text about an hour before she was to leave her house and asked us to pray, and explained the situation. The devil has done this to her many times.  She has been ready to go on a mission trip, some even out of the country...and on the day she is to leave, she wakes up with a migraine which leads to vomiting etc.  Now she is one tough cookie and has always gone on the trips anyway and ends up fine after a day or so.  But yesterday was different as we had to leave in one hour (we had tickets). So my husband and I prayed, and our daughter prayed.  And in one hour...she was 100% able to drive to our house and we all had a very good time!  We KNEW this was of the devil and so prayed against him and his evil plotting..and God healed her!  I love when these happen and my husband sees the result...from his praying as well.  God is showing our loved ones the power of prayer!

05/29/17 - Today is Monday but my family and I had it off because it is the Memorial Day holiday here in the states.  I decided to take my family on what I call a "mystery trip".  It could be a day trip or overnight but they don't know where we are going, only what to plan to wear etc.  Today I took them to a zip line adventure place.  My husband and daughter had a blast and I loved every minute of it as well!  As I was watching them go through the trees, in the lovely park with trails and birds and squirrels occurred to me that this might be a good place for the left behind to hide from authorities at some point. It's kinda funny because in EVERYTHING that I do, I am constantly "watching" and looking to the futrue.  I truly do expect some EVENT to happen by Sept 23, or I will be as confused as the rest of you.

05/28/17 - We are having really nice weather and I am constantly reminded of John Paul Jackson's Perfect Storm.  I am going to rewatch that video!!   It is a ten year outline...and ends in 2018 !!  You can find a YT version here.   Link

05/27/17 - Lately I've been reading the Fallen's "material" that they have dispersed over the years to their New Age followers.  They are very convincing and have twisted information so that is seems that all religious texts are based on THEIR information from so long ago.  They point to the hieroglyphs and other ancient drawings and then they lump in the Bible with it as if to say...yes the Bible is somewhat true because (for example) a great worldwide calamity (Noah's flood) did occur but it was because bad aliens came here and started problems.  They NEVER point to God as the Bringer of calamity because then they would have to explain why.  At times they do explain that SOME of the many beings/aliens that were here, did cause atrocities but in the end it was war or whatever that caused the chaos, not God's judgment.  So the Bible seems to agree with THEM, rather than the Bible is the complete truth and they are hiding their true nature.

05/26/17 - What is WRONG with these government officials?  South Korea is looking to the Pope for hope against North Korea, and the Egyptians are looking to Trump for hope against ISIS.

El-Sissi of Egypt says, " I direct my appeal to President Trump: I trust you, your word and your ability to make fighting global terror your primary task."

How easy it will be for the beast...the step in with his signs and wonders and save the day...along with a little help from his friends the Fallen/aliens.

05/25/17 - There was an eruption between two co-workers at work today.  As soon as I heard them, I started speaking in tongues under my breath.  Last week I had become annoyed with one of them as well but the Lord reminded me of the verse below which quickly calmed me down.  Within a few hours, these two people had apologized to each other today.  The devil is prowling and pawing at my friends.

"Do nothing out of selfishness or out of vainglory; rather, humbly regard others as more important than yourselves,"   Philippians 2:3

05/24/17 - My husband told me that a co-worker just got back from a two week vacation to Germany.  While he was there, he visited the Holocaust Museum.  There was a group of school children being shown around and they were very quiet and subdued while they were learning of the atrocities that former leaders of their country had done to the Jewish people.  When this co-worker arrived home, he told my husband he read the newspaper and saw where "the south" (USA)  is taking down monuments.  So while Germany is teaching and showing their children of the horrific past and sins committed....we here in the USA are removing our monuments and hiding everything we've done, as if it never occurred.  I found that story very interesting.

05/23/17 - People have been asking me when I think the Transformation or Rapture is.  I don't know.  However I think many of us will be very confused if we are all still here and life is going Sept 23 this year.  And that's all I know!  Praying God reveals more.

05/22/17 - Today is Trump's first day in Israel.  I posted a note on the home page today that I'll add here as well.  Based on all the hoohah that Trump is causing in the Middle East...people are going out of their way to make sure he knows how important he is, also how everyone seems to feel that HE can bring peace to the area...based on that and the recent Godshealer7 video that says the First Seal has been opened...could Trump be the first rider on the white horse?  We've always been taught that this is the AC or Jesus...but what if it's someone else entirely?  Look what else we've learned over the past several years....who knows!

05/21/17 - Julie Whedbee posted a wonderful Word today.   THE DAYS OF REVELATION ARE BEGUN

05/20/17 - Received a Word this morning from the Lord....same day that Pres Trump starts his Mideast tour starting in Saudi Arabia.

05/19/17 - The more I watch Stargate, the more I see the NWO and their planned events.  There has been mention of "lizard people", and there was an episode on giants, also super soldiers...both due to biological implants as well as unconscious thoughts put in them, waiting for a trigger (like SRA victims).  Even CERN.  But what the PTB don't understand is that God is in control of everything, every turn of those magnets, every spin of the wheel and rotation of the earth.  We can rest in that.

05/18/17 - Have you heard of the "Song of Moses"?  God actually wrote it...not Moses.  I love that...God is a song writer.  :-)

" Now therefore, write down this song for yourselves, and teach it to the children of Israel; put it in their mouths, that this song may be a witness for Me against the children of Israel."  Deuteronomy 31:19


Waffle Rock

Yesterday I posted a link to the picture on the left about "Waffle Rock".  I had read about it in Steve Quayle's latest book about the Cloudeaters.  Last night...I watched another Stargate episode titled Window of Opportunity...and it had...something that looked like Waffle Rock. 

 What are the odds!!!

Stargate episode

05/16/17 - I almost upset a co-worker today...I just hate going out!  Myself and another email friend were discussing that.  I am part of this problem right here because if I go out, there is darkness and evil in the world; people hiding their true feelings and are not loving. Most people don't want to go out for other reasons but for the Bride, we know trouble comes when we rub shoulders with "the world".

05/15/17 - Yesterday was Israel's 69th year of being a nation and I didn't see a SINGLE headline about it...not even in Israel!

05/14/17 - My daughter brought up a movie for us to watch (Mother's Day).  I was very surprised as it was The Coming Convergence.

They did a very good job of showing the "past and future" of Bible prophecy as it relates to the applicable books of the Bible.  My husband did not watch it AT all which didn't surprise me.  Lots more prayer needed for our loved ones!

05/13/17 - Late last night I could FINALLY see Jupiter again!  We've had cloud cover or rain forever so it's been impossible.  Well, I did not know where Jupiter was as I had recently looked at Saturn but Jupiter had been far to the west behind trees.  So last night I found this really bright planet in the sky and I thought it was Venus or Saturn and I looked at it through my telescope and it looked funny.  It had these two "rings" directly on the planet, not around it like on Saturn.  I looked at my astronomy app and found it was Jupiter and was just blown away that I could actually see something ON it rather than just a bright circle.  :-)

05/12/17 - I've had a rough week and am exhausted...this happens to many of us at any given time.  But you know what, this ain't NOTHING like those who will be left behind!  If we keep that perspective, we are doing AWESOMELY!

05/11/17 - I was watching one of the Stargate episodes and there was a war on this planet.  The two factions were felt that "God" created them on the planet where they were, and the other faction believed that aliens had brought them there from another planet.  Turns out that that "God" that faction 1 believed in was...also an alien god.  The show made the leader of the God faith people...a fanatical military believer.  I can see how the Fallen will do the same thing..."Oh yes we brought you to this planet long ago, because another planet was being destroyed..." blah blah blah.  "Those who believe in a God are incorrect and must be shown truth."  blah blah blah

Another great deception in the works.

05/10/17 - This is the headline on Times of Israel today and I believe it to be very prophetic and surely something to watch!

05/09/17 - We are planning a trip in August.  Will we be here?  I surely hope not!  A trip in September...I'm not so sure about that.  Branson MO is hosting Steve Quayle's True Legends and it's tempting to go but...I think I'll stay put for THAT month.

05/08/17 - I spoke with my husband just a LITTLE bit about how the earth may have once had another civilization (not human) before, based on Gen 1:1 and Gen 1:2 as well as Jeremiah 4:23-25 (and further in the chapter).  Well he did NOT like that and started to get upset so I told him ok, I won't bring it up again.  I just asked him to be a little more open and he agreed.  I know when to stop!  :-)

05/07/17 - The hummingbirds returned today!  The Ruby-Throated hummingbird is the only kind we see this side of the Mississippi. 

05/06/17 - I am watching the water slowly recede from our backyard but it's nothing like this.

05/05/17 - My boss's mother passed away the other day so I purchased a card that we could all sign (I work at a small company).  As I looked for a card, I thought how sad that you lose your mother right before Mother's Day.  But my boss had a terrible relationship with her mom, in fact I think her mother was abusive.  At one point, my boss's said, "I hope she dies"'s hard to find a card that is not TOO loving and compassionate about losing your mom.  How sad is that? 

05/04/17 - I had what I call a "translation event".  I was asleep but this was not a dream because it felt very different...I could feel the ocean spray, much like a lucid dream.  You can find out more here.  video link

05/03/17 - Today was historical although the press didn't make much of it.  But WE know don't we!  See Global Transcripts for this date.

05/02/17 - My husband and I are "planning" vacations days in July, August, and September.  I have no clue if we'll be here, I surely hope we are not or at least the USA is in such calamity that we cannot go anywhere.  Imagine that, wishing for divine chaos so you can't go on vacation. Never thought I'd be thinking that way.

05/01/17 - Over the weekend my husband and I watched Ike: Countdown to DDay.  I was very impressed...I expected another mean or deceptive leader but that's not how he was portrayed.  You know..that's sad.  We have so many bad leaders now that I just expect a movie made about a leader to show all the bad sides of him or her.  Yet Eisenhower truly cared about his men.  

04/30/17 - I have ordered both True Legends DVDs that Steve Quayle produced.  I'll be sure to give you an update once I see them!

04/29/17 - We moved our daughter again today...she is no longer alone but living with a friend from church, a lady who is in charge of all the events.  Our daughter's cat is no longer alone when our daughter is gone (which is frequently) so I am happy for him.  God has given her a wonderful furry companion all these years and I am grateful for it.

04/28/17 - Today I was listening to a video about Azazel....learning more about the Fallen and their return.  The radio host mentioned something so shocking that I had to quickly research it.  I grew up on classic rock and roll, as many of you did. I recall many times listening to Led Zeppelin's Stairway to Heaven...the #1 requested song on the radio in the 70s (you can find that on wikipedia). As I continued to research, I discovered that Robert Plant and Jimmy Page were at Jimmy's home...this was the former home of Aleister Crowley, yeah THAT Aleister Crowley!  Anyway, Plant was plucking on his guitar and Jimmy said he was in a very bad mood when suddenly he started to write the first lyrics of the song...and it freaked him was automatic handwriting!  I was shocked!  I had no idea, and now I will never purposely listen to that song again!  

04/27/17 - I just want April to be over with...again!  I keep saying that at the end of every month, and the end of every year.  People at work don't understand why I want time to speed up...but you guys know why!

04/26/17 - In the past 24 hours I've learned that a few people have heard a shofar.

04/25/17 - I learned last night that a family member believes that there MAY be "aliens" out there...but mostly likely they are human on other planets because we are made in God's image.  It occurred to me that this is a more dangerous thought, than not believing in aliens at all.  If you believe there are other humans out there then for SURE you may fall for the deception that they (aliens aka the Fallen)  created us. (sigh)  I have work to do!

04/24/17 - I know nothing about Pokemon except that it's evil.  I have no use for that type of game so unless I read the article, I would never have known.  This weekend my daughter is moving to a town near a coworker.  The coworker is a church goer, along with her husband and two kids.  I was telling her that my daughter was moving between the cemetery and a school...and my friend says, "Oh the cemetery is great for Pokemon."  I said, "Pokemon is evil!"  She laughed and shrugged it off and said her husband and son go to the cemetery to play awful!  I think Christians hear these things are evil, but ignore them!  They have no idea what they are letting into their homes and family, even though they've been warned.  I don't think people like this go to the Lord with any questions...ever.

04/23/17 - 5 months until September 23 !!!

04/22/17 - I petted a dog today...first time in almost one year.  If you recall, a few years back I "gave up" our 2 dogs to the Lord (there's a blog on it somewhere) and the first one died about a year later, unexpectedly.  The second dog we had to put to sleep last year right after Mother's Day.  But today my new hair stylist told me they had a dog in the back..and out came Pancake!  :-)  God knew I needed to pet a dog and He sent her. He knows even your smallest desire!

" Delight yourself in the LORD; And He will give you the desires of your heart." Psalm 37:4

04/21/17 - Not much surprises me anymore about the Fallen but today I was astounded to read that some years back, there had been a meeting between some United Nations folks...and the stars of Battlestar Galactica.  Reason? "the ethics of war".  Right!

" Battlestar Galactica may help the U.N. meet the challenge of reaching a broader audience."  (seriously?)

04/20/17 - I look at this small group of people and know that these and maybe a few more, will most likely be the ones to decide to split Israel.  Just a few more than a handful really...scary how much power they have.  Just think how much the AC will have!

04/19/17 - The farmer beside us is plowing the field, getting it ready for planting.  I wonder if THIS year will be the year that the crops in the Midwest fail because of a ginormous EQ!  Are you watch the Middle East?  Abbas is coming to the WH on May can keep up with the headlines nicely posted in one place thanks to Dee!    

04/18/17 - So Russia is now within 100 miles of Alaska but like my husband says...the land of Russia is actually closer.  I looked it up and he is right, it is 55 miles away.  :-)

04/17/17 - Someone brought in their old magazines today and laid them on a kitchen table at work.  I was glancing through one that had an interesting recipe and went to the front of the cover pages to see if the contents were listed on pages.  What I found was an ad that showed two men on a couch, one had an arm around the other.  I closed the magazine and discovered it was a Family Weekly magazine. 

04/16/17 - If you've been keeping up with the Dailies then you know I am watching Stargate season 1.  I am coming to the end of the season and the episode Solitudes was on tonight.  My husband is enjoying these shows as well and many times he watches them with me.  Tonight two of the characters found themselves in another "world" of ice...and felt that they would die there.  As time went along and they discussed not knowing where they husband suddenly says, "Antarctica!"  And that's where they were!  This show is from 1997 so 20 years ago!  I had to pause it and remind him that we'd seen this same type of thing in one of the X-File movies, also he knows I've been reading about Admiral Byrd and the Nazis and talking about this.  And I reminded him that gee whiz...the Pope and Obama and John Kerry and well just a bunch of people have been there in the past 6 months.  And HE is the one that came up with Antarctica!  lol  Even he is wondering what all the hubbub is about down there....yay!!! Hubby is waking up!

"This is why it is said: "Wake up, sleeper, rise from the dead, and Christ will shine on you."  Ephesians 5:14

04/15/17 - Forgot to mention that a few days ago on the way home, I saw around 20-25 military vehicles.  Some painted jungle camouflage and some painted desert sand.  Normally in June it is no surprise to see military trucks headed south as the National Guard does their training for two weeks.  But this is April...and these trucks were headed north AWAY from where the Ntl Guard trains.  Hmm!

04/14/17 - I feel it's officially summer now! It got hot today, like high 70s...I loved it!  Got to put on the shorts and tshirt and sandals to drive to town.  I LOVE LOVE LOVE summer as everything is green and the flowers are blooming.  That's when the weather is perfect.  This may be THE year though, that the floods and heat come to Indiana.  So many other places in the states and the world had horrific winters (or summers on the other side of the equator)...only God knows what we are in store for.

04/13/17 - I received an email from a sister from COTB and it goes along with the vision I had yesterday (04/12/17):

"Hi Hope! I just had to share with you that I got excited reading your post from today, because I also woke up and got up right at 4:30 am, feeling stirred to pray. I went to the living room and just talked with the Father, and ended up praying in tongues until 5 am (then I went back to bed). I couldn't discern why He wanted me up praying then, but it just felt like He wanted to pull me in close. I wonder how many of us are experiencing the same thing? Later today I went to see a friend in the hospital, about 50 minutes from where I live.When I left I wound up sharing Jesus and the Gospel with an older middle eastern gentleman manning the parking garage booth. I've NEVER been that bold before but the conversation doors literally swung WIDE OPEN to ask him about Jesus. We were able to talk for about 10 minutes because there was no one else in line behind me. When I left he said that the kindness and joy I had was very contagious and he liked it, and I told him it's not me, it's Jesus!!! The most amazing part about it is that I was not ONE BIT nervous. It was absolutely joyous, an absolute miracle!! I drove home wondering if just being obedient at 4:30 in the morning in praying, was the Lord equipping me for that moment later in the day.You mentioned your flash vision you saw- I wonder if us stepping out in faith in following Him by sharing the Gospel, is part of that. I loved the experience so much, I prayed on the way home for more opportunities like that!  He is calling us further in!"

04/12/17 - I woke up around 4:30 and you know how sometimes you wake up and your mind wanders to silly things like tv shows or what to wear for an event, etc? My mind was wandering so I decided to just briefly pray because I am trying to follow the instructions of keeping our eyes on the Lord at all times.  I was praying to follow Jesus and to stay on the path with Him and in my mind when I said the word "path", I saw a flash vision of Jesus getting ready to step into a dark doorway and go down. His head was half turned to look behind Him, possibly to make sure I was there. He was wearing white garments like those of old, but I knew we were stepping into the dark and going DOWN.

UPDATE:  It occurred to me today that this is the day Jesus died...He died on Wednesday and rose on Saturday, appearing on Sunday.  Perhaps that is why I saw Him going down..."into the tomb" so to speak.  It was not a doorway like in our homes, but rather a doorway into a cavelike place or something.  Anyway, just wanted to add that in.

04/11/17 - It has started.  Julie Whedbee had a new Message today and when I tried to post it on my FB page as I always do, her website was blocked and I was not allowed to post it. This is the FB message that I got when I tried to post it:

"You can't post this because it has a blocked link

The content you're trying to share includes a link that our security systems detected to be unsafe:

Please remove this link to continue.
If you think you're seeing this by mistake, please let us know."

Since Julie only gets on the computer to post Messages now, I don't think she even cares...everything is in the Lord's hands.

04/10/17 - Update on my watching Stargate (tv series).  The stargate in this tv series is buried under a mountain...just as CERN is buried underground.  My coworker at work was telling me that real military people were brought in to act in the show at times, and they were impressed with the technology.  In one scene, there is a device that acts as a shield when turned on, and even though it is the size of a chair, it connects with a similar device found in another area, and the two devices send up a "shield" between the sun and planet to protect the people from UV rays.  I immediately thought of all the times a "lens" is mentioned by some people on YT, saying it is between us and PlanetX so we won't see it.  I am 99.9% sure there is nothing to keep us from seeing PlanetX when it arrives, as anything would seem to hide the other planets as well and right now I can see them.  BUT....there is that 1% and the info albeit fiction that I learned from watching the Stargate episode...was intriguing!

04/09/17 - I started a small journal today titled "The End".  I am going to keep track of events so the left behind will have a trail of sorts.  I feel like now is the time to start one, before so many events happen that it's a domino effect like we've been told, and can't keep track.

04/08/17 - Beautiful weather here this weekend; we've set the swing out on the porch and spent some time there.  I know the good weather is not for long though, tensions seem to be mounting all around Israel and it's just a matter of time before war...then peace..then war...then Divine peace!

04/07/17 - So much has happened within 24 hours!  Since yesterday's post, Trump ordered Tomahawk missiles against Assad's airbase that had launched chemical weapons.  The Russians were there but we purposely did not hit them and they purposely did not shoot their surface to air missiles and take our our Tomahawks.  I don't think WW3 is next week, but Isaiah 17 may be coming about real soon!

04/06/17 - Tensions are mounting.  North Korea is sending missiles into an ally's waters.  Syria is using chemical weapons on it's own people (yes I believe it's Assad), and Iran is being suspiciously quiet. War is on the horizon...we knew it would come to this.

04/05/17 - My 82 yr old mother has a 95 yr old friend I'll call Eve.  Eve has a walker but is small and petite and in good shape because she is active.  Mom on the other hand has gained weight in this place she lives, because they feed them restaurant food and some really good dessert!  Mom realizes she is gaining weight but she is happy with her hobbies which pretty much keep her in her little apt.  Eve on the other hand, is not happy with Mom's hobbies and wants her to "walk" with them at the mall (yes...with walkers).  Mom said they had this conversation:

(standard photo online)

Eve:  "You need to be more active."

Mom:  "I'm happy where I am, and with what I do."

Eve:  "Oh...I just want to go to Heaven and see everyone and be with my family!"

Mom:  "Then why are you exercising so much?"


04/04/17 - For the first time since I've been reading and researching the Fallen, I found out today that they too call their "ascension" lie to the people...the Harvest.  Hah!  

04/03/17 - Today I learned...and I say that lightly because only God knows the truth...I learned that there are some aliens making their way here in order to inject some bio-genesis resurrection serum into some of their "Fallen" (get it?) comrades.  Sorry, that was just too easy.  ANYway...I am reminded of how many times through the years we've see "black goo" from Hollywood.  I saw it on an X Files movie, as well as an Agents of Shield tv episode.  Oh wait...and remember that Star Trek episode where Lt Yar steppted in that black tar stuff?  Same thing!  I was listening to Steve Quayle and Tom Horn the other day, and they barely said something about it but did mention that the Indians have said there are aliens in "stasis".  Could be the Nephilim that God put under the earth until the 70 generations are ready to rise.  Maybe I should bring this up during lunch with co-workers some time...whaddya think?

04/02/17 - I planted some herbs today...but I doubt I will be here to harvest them.  They are ten small planters that will eventually hook onto some lattice.  I think it may flood here in Indiana, to a certain extent.  But who knows.  Wait..God knows!  And these plants are in His hands!

04/01/17 - Oh Lu...I'm going deep in the rabbit hole to be sure!  Not only am I reading about the landscape and housing within hollow earth, but now I'm reading about the Fallen there that have contacted humans since the 1920s.  They are the ones that originally started the Nazis building their "UFOs".  I'm reading with the likes of Steve Quayle and LA Marzulli, being very skeptical and based on what I already know to be true such as the incredible story of Admiral Byrd and even the more recent Buzz Aldrin's deleted tweet that got him kicked out of Antarctica, "Are we all in danger?  It is evil itself!"

03/31/17 - Our friends from church invited us out to eat tomorrow night.  We've not been out with them in over a year.  Ever since I pulled away from church, our relationship has become less close...then my hubby quit church as well and we've not seen each our them since. Our friend sent a text to hubby to see if we would go out to each with them tomorrow night.  My hubby said he would be willing to miss the NCAA game to go out with them (which tells me a LOT!).  I on the other hand, can't get into any conversation with adults for more than a few minutes, unless it's about God and watching for Jesus and our Transformation and all the signs of the end and oh MY the Sept 23 sign!  So for the time being, I've turned down the invitation.  Maybe a few months more and our friends will be open to hearing about the end...but for now they'd be like my husband who is mostly like...."once it starts I'll pay attention".  And I can't deal with worldly fluff.

03/30/17 - I found this radio show VERY interesting.  Diana Pulliam does an excellent job of pulling all her recent Words together with visions and makes a powerful presentation of what she has seen and heard.  For me personally, it is helpful to learn about how she consecrated herself when she was told to do so.   

03/29/17 - Did you know it was already Nisan 2?!?!  I missed the first day of the Jewish religious New Year!  

03/28/17 - Tomorrow starts the official meeting of the Arab League.  This is the first time ever that it seems as if they feel peace with Israel is within reach.  My guess is that there are TONS of behind the scenes meetings going on.  THIS meeting with both Israel and the PA, and seems to be working something out.  Not sure what happened to Jared as he was initially the peace guy but oh well!  Keep track of this week's events, the EQ heard around the world (USA) may indeed be just around the corner!

03/27/17 - Guys, I gotta say...I am really not liking what I am seeing here in regards to this man's role.  Again I just want to say that I believe he has a BIG role to play but not THE role if you know what I mean.  But definitely a sidekick.  On a separate note, the verse below makes me think that the AC will not be married.  I believe he will be like Christ, and not be married (always a copycat).  So all the men that you think are the AC that are married...I cross off my list.  As you can tell, I have no idea who the AC is and am not leaning towards anyone...but single men sure do meet this verse imho.  

" He shall regard neither the God of his fathers nor the desire of women, nor regard any god; for he shall exalt himself above them all."

 Daniel 11:37

03/26/17 - And after the dandelion "go to weed" they leave behind these wonderful flying machines for bugs and insects.  This is one of my all time favorite pictures. :-)

03/25/17 - I love summer...but second to summer is spring because spring means summer is coming.  Today was a beautiful day!  The best part of the day was to open and leave open a window...and a door, screened of course.  it's not Heaven yet so I still need to keep the flying things out of the house.  But it's warm!  You will call this "flower" to the right a weed but not in my book!  I remember being very small and laying down in a field of dandelions at my grade school...perhaps I had just seen Judy Garland in her field of poppies in the Wizard of Oz.  Either way, it's been a wonderful day.  I hope for you as well.

03/24/17 - Today I listened to a woman whose father had been in the military and was assigned to research UFOs.  She was alone one day at the age of 11, and was in her room.  An "alien" came out of her closet and scared the poo out of her and she ran into the bathroom where the alien eventually left claw marks on the door. This woman is now 67 and believes that the aliens are good and if they were going to destroy us they 1) would have done so already and 2) wouldn't teach us to make weapons and aircraft in order to destroy them. (sigh) of ALL people that should know better. Ok don't laugh but one of my all time favorite movies is the original Sigourney Weaver "Alien".  The sequel to that has a little girl in it and her and Weaver's character have this exchange:

Newt: My mommy always said there were no monsters - no real ones - but there are.

Ripley: Yes, there are, aren't there?

Newt: Why do they tell little kids that?

Ripley: Most of the time it's true.

Yeah's true.  And the monsters are coming back.

03/23/17 - I have a confession to make.  I miss petting dogs. If you do a search on "dog" in the 2016 Dailies, you will see that in May of last year, we put our 2nd dog to sleep.  The first one had died in his sleep, a heart attack we figure. Since the end of all things is so near, we've not gotten any more pets.  At one point we had 2 dogs and 3 cats but now we only have the 1 cat that you've seen on my videos.  So I miss my dogs.  I asked the Lord if He would give me a dream so I could pet a dog and last night I dreamed that this beautiful German Shepherd was romping up to me and I bent down to kiss his nose and he laid his face against mine.  It was so sweet in the dream. (Rosie, I know you can appreciate this).  I've thought about asking a co-worker if I could go to her house and pet her two big dogs but I'd probably break down crying. (sigh)  I know ALL the dogs I've had my entire life will be in Heaven waiting for me when I arrive.  :-)

03/22/17 - In 2015 Marty Steinberger had a near death experience.  That led him to being on the TribNow radio show, and also Pastor Paul Begley (video link here)  so I follow Marty on Facebook.  This morning BEFORE the attack at the Parliament Building in the UK, he posted this:

Marty Breeden Steinberger

12 hrs ·  (Hope note...this would be at 7:00 a.m. EST and the attack occurred around 10:30 a.m. EST)
"I don't often wake up with the heavy Sense on my heart but I sure did this morning. My advice to everyone is to pray. I feel that we are on the precipice of an event and I don't say that to fear monger..... I just know that what I feel is heavy and unusually heavy.. ... I am a firm believer that prayer can circumvent the plan of the enemy and that the Lord will intervene when his people seek his face."

03/21/17 - There is a group of people that believe that "aliens" are good beings (although they do admit there are some malevolent races) and that these aliens are interacting with mankind now, and that they will be disclosed soon. This group feels they are the more "scientific" group in that they don't speak about ascension and spirituality so much, as they do how bad the governments and military are. I am being led to study this group but channelings are not part of this, rather I am reading "whistleblower" accounts and am studying the various alien groups (I see them as the "rulers and principalities of the air").  Sadly these people come out of SRA but don't realize it, or don't want to acknowledge it.  It's so bizarre.  They blame the gov and side with the aliens (who also are against the gov by the way, whooptidoo).  What these people don't see is that the aliens are behind the gov too and both want to control the victim. It's a lose lose situation without Christ.

03/20/17 - Tonight my husband showed me our newest addition....a rabbit!  You know where my birdfeeders are right?  Well directly in front, is a sidewalk that you cannot see and we put birdseed there as well and "Peter Cottontail" was eating the birdseed tonight.  I cannot count how many animals that we have now...but I'm happy to add another as it makes me feel our house must be a safe haven!

03/19/17 - This is why the Bride is leaving the church.

03/18/17 - Mom's doing great...also got to see Kong: Skull Island.  I was blown away!  NO SPOILERS here...but the movie starts out EXACTLY as my dream that I posted in the forum three years ago!  A man is falling from the sky!  I was blown away!  Plus they mention Project Monarch  and Hollow Earth!  Geez Louise!  My mouth kept dropping over during the movie!  lol I highly recommend it! Oh oh...and if you liked 60s and early 70s rock and roll, you'll love the music too.  I no longer listen to that but once in a while, I hear it and smile. :-)

03/17/17 - Last night my mom calls to tell me that she is having surgery today (SURPRISE!).  She says...she wouldn't have told me except that the retirement place insists that she tell a family member.  I took a half day off and drove up there and she ended up just fine.  I need to do more "maintenance" with her over the weekend...but lately she has been very tired and sleeps a lot.  You know what..that's how we feel.  We are tired, tired of this world and having to deal with it.  We just want to go to sleep and wake up in Heaven and on occasion, some of us do have Heaven dreams or visions.  I feel like Chris Putnam was having an NDE during his sleep and the Lord said, "Chris, if you want, you can stay."  And he said yes.  I don't fault him for that.

03/16/17 - Define irony:  The first "Words in Dreams" post is posted in the dream forum here:  On 11/08/14 I had a dream where I was falling from the sky onto an Island called Skull Island. This Saturday I will be going to a movie called....Kong: Skull Island!  I didn't know about the moving at the time until after my dream.  WOW!

03/15/17 - A lot of people predicted catastrophes or financial meltdowns today (Ides of March).  Once again, the day goes on as before.  Godshealer7 posted a Word on FB and here is the video link.  Her Message from the Lord was clear that there are people hearing from the enemy but they are thinking it's God, and in turn they are telling us it's from God.  When these dates come and go, when events come and go, and the "Lord" has said certain things will happen but they don't...then that person should inquire of the Lord.  We are not to fear that person and the way I do that is to no longer listen or read their words.  We also know that the Rapture is not imminent, because the 3 DoD and Harvest come first.  If you are listening to someone that says the LORD told them the Rapture was imminent...whose Lord are they hearing from?  If it's just their opinion, that is totally different.  Man's interpretation can easily be wrong...but a "thus sayeth the Lord" better doggone mean THUS SAYETH THE LORD in my book!  

03/14/17 - Here is how much I want March to be over with. Last night I took down all my monthly financial charts, showing the graphs for sales and shipments in January and February.  I was going to update them today, then this morning it occurred to me...March isn't over yet.

03/13/17 - That song by Hillsong "What a Beautiful Name" just floors me everytime I hear it.  I listened to it at work and almost had to quit so I could just ignore everything and SOAK in the music.  Music brings out emotions in us, even when we are a fairly calm even-keeled being.  That song does it for me.  Video link

03/12/17 - Our little chipmunk Charlie is still making several visits and packing his cheeks full of birdseed. He's prepping still!

03/11/17 - Last night the Lord gave me 3 dreams due to a question I asked him about my walk.  Here are some highlights in the dreams:

  • cleaning up the USA
  • wedding
  • wolves
  • warnings
  • destruction
  • a new world order

When I got up today right after the 3rd dream, I asked Him if He had a Word to go along with this...and He said, No, just warn them!

03/10/17 - Since Jan 20 (inauguration) I have found myself quite interested in the goings on of my government .  Recently I've even taken to watching the briefings by Sean Spicer (I like how he gently rebukes the press at the White House).  I have been watching the executive orders that go through, and pay more attention to national news shows.  I used to only care about international news, but now I am somewhat interested in what is going on in my own country.  We are supposedly going to become less global and more nationalistic in nature.  That's the goal but I don't believe it'll happen because we know the NWO is going to take over soon, and put the AC and "aliens" in control.  Actually the aliens will be controlling and ARE controlling the NWO.  And this week I have found that suddenly the NWO, the Elite, ...are now called the "deep state".  Hmm...either way you slice it, it's still going down.  The aliens will see to that.  It's so convoluted that I truly will be interested in seeing how it all plays out.  I'm VERY glad to be alive right now...what history is taking place!

03/09/17 The other day I had to call one of our utility providers during work. Both of us were coughing and sneezing but her’s was allergy related. We talked about the weird weather (she was in NC when they had 28 degree weather) and how we here in Indiana should be having their weather, and vice versa. She said, “Wonder why this is going on?” And I replied, “Well…it’s the end of the world.” I kinda joked you know…but she said, “Oh yeah right! “ and laughed, which I expected.

The reason I say phrases like this to complete strangers…is because I truly believe at some point, these people will see or experience the calamities and finally understand that it IS the “end of the world” scenario. And because of that, they need to get their act together and call upon the name of Jesus. I plant a seed.

03/08/17 - I work with an immigrant. A REAL immigrant! This man came to the USA when he was a preteen due to the Russians getting too close for comfort in his country. He has worked his way through college and speaks just like me.  He is now working on getting his citizenship and has to pay about $1,000 total.  If I am not mistaken, we are bringing over men just like him now, for free, and giving them a phone and food and shelter.  Please stop this, Mr Trump.  My friend is trying to do the right thing, but others are getting better service for free than many Americans pay for.

03/07/17 - Well well well...Wikileaks has put out pages and pages of CIA documents.  It's the headline right now...and will be interesting to see what comes out of the woodwork in the days ahead.  Link

03/06/17 - I hope you are enjoying the new sidebar of good news on the Home page, something to make you smile.  I enjoy it because people are sending me happy videos instead of death and mayhem!  :D

03/05/17 - Today I finished reading Childhood's End by Arthur C Clarke.  I believe Steve Quayle first mentioned the book so I wanted to read it.  After a few chapters, I recalled that it had been a series on TV and that the Overlords pretty much looked like we pictured satan.  I did not watch the tv series but recall the one picture.  The book made them sound good, like guardians, keeping us safe...watchers if you will.  But we know they are evil.  These beings WILL return and those who believe they are good, will believe the great deception.

03/04/17 - I was watching some ice skating today...that's one thing I want to do when I get to Heaven.  It is such a beautiful sport done with the right music, and I'd like to twirl with the King to some divine music and make NO mistakes!  I can't even ice skate now...but I will then!

03/03/17 - Today my cold got the best of me and I left work at noon.  I would ask for prayers that I get over this very quickly!  I'm blessed to ONLY have a cold because I know many of you are in constant pain due to physical problems.  Let's agree that the joy of the Lord is our strength!

03/02/17 - The Lord has blessed me with a head cold.  I don't know why but I have realized that I am quieter right now, not as much talking at home or at work.  Keeping watch over what I say is easier with a sore throat!

03/01/17 - Today I watched a news update with Derek Gilbert and he was complaining about gender bathrooms and said if that was HIS daughter having to watch a boy...he would start home schooling her!  But you know what?  That is EXACTLY why we are in this mess.  Because no one stands up to it, or tries to rally against it.  We just...let the law be passed.  And the church will continue to do so because they aren't looking to the Lord for strength, they are just backing away and hiding. 

02/28/17 - Have you noticed that almost everyone that is FOR Trump, finds it quite easy to find fault with the "left" and yet these people don't do anything about it.  It's because even though they may be patriotic and wanting the right moral things in the USA, they are still leaving God out of their decisions.  That is the problem, even my husband said he feels it all started when they took prayer out of school. One woman did that...ONE!  And look at schools today...nowadays teachers can't even say he or she as a pronoun or they may be fired.  Look how far we've call this progress?!?  Yet where is the Lord in all their rights..imagine bringing prayer to the Father God back into the schools...imagine that!

02/27/17 - Yesterday my daughter came to visit as she frequently does on Sundays.  She generally does her laundry while we watch a movie.  I decided to watch Signs. husband and daughter have known how I have been researching "aliens" since 2011 now.  Yet when I asked them again (as in 2011) if they believed in SOME creature flying UFOs...the answer was no!  "There are no good pictures of UFOs." they said.  I know this is no longer true but my husband won't try to watch any.  However, my daughter said she would, if I could find something.  I immediately thought of LA Marzulli's Watcher series.  I owned the first 4 and shipped them to a friend a while back, and she has not returned them. However, I have since purchased 6, 7, and 8.  Yesterday I loaned my daughter Watchers 7 & 8. If she is the least little bit interested, then I'm sure she will want to see more.  If those don't convince, only a real life sighting will!

02/26/17 - If you able to get a drink of water from a faucet in your home, you are blessed beyond measure!

02/25/17 - Today I read various "Words".  One stated how "in the next several years"....and that was depressing!  That just does not make sense to me and I was comforted in NOT knowing this person.  Another Word was "in the next several months" which I will be posting tomorrow.  There are still 7 months before the 09/23/17 Rev 12 sign so THAT makes more sense!

02/24/17 - As of today, there will be a monthly cursing of President Trump from witches in the USA.  Please keep him in your prayers.

02/23/17 - There are times that I feel that God should have added a 7th piece of armor to our Ephesians 6 armor of God passage...that of a mouthguard.  It's not just speaking wrong things, it's typing or writing them.  No matter how we communicate, we need to guard what we say and try to THINK first before we write or speak.  Pain after awful pain has been sent through Christians and non-Christians  because they don't think first...they don't do things in love.  I've been guilty of this and in fact, I know that I am very FACTUAL in my emails (I'm of the analytical type) and so some of my emails sound like I may be rude because I am not that emotional in emails or speaking...I APOLOGIZE!  No one has told me this but you are probably being nice! lol  Anyway, long long ago I had a boss who told everyone in the company to watch their "tone" in emails (emails were a new thing way back then).  Same with speaking...we are more careful what we say outloud at times, but man..the BASHING that I am reading in YT comments and elsewhere.  It's incredible and I know you all know what I mean.  Again I refer back to WWJD...because that helps if we think that way first.

He who guards his mouth and his tongue, guards his soul from troubles. Proverbs 21:23

02/22/17 - I hope there are M&Ms in Heaven.  If I could have a warm, comforting, fireplace Library in my house with a neverending supply of peanut M&Ms...and all the cats I've had throughout my life, I would KNOW I was in Heaven!

02/21/17 - I was listening to Sean Spicer today (WH Spokesman) answering questions from the media and someone sneezed and he automatically said, "God bless you."  My current employment (been here 9 years) is the first place ever to say the same thing when I sneeze or someone else.  Now...they may not be the best Christians here but they acknowledge God and it was wonderful to hear someone from the WH automatically do the same thing.  You may think it's a little thing but it's a witness to God...not just Bless you, but God bless you!

02/20/17 -Home today due to Presidents Day.  I saw this video and told my husband I want to quit my job and raise these sheep for wool!

02/19/17 - A TV fast is harder than I thought.  Because my husband is not a reader in ANY sense of the word, he is having to participate in my fast to a certain extent.  If he wants to watch TV in the house (he has his workshop) then one of us has to leave the room.  During the day it's been ok but at night it's more difficult.  However I have found that I have more time to cook and think things through, because TV is really just static unless it's news and then it's...static too!  Fake news etc.  Not sure how many read these dailies but has it occurred to you that eventually all prophecies will be considered fake news?  Websites promoting fake things?  Only the power of God will overrule this.

02/18/17 - It's just wrong.  I should be seeing snow in the fields right now, amongst all the brown grass and dry cornfields.  I should be wearing a winter coat and shivering.  But throughout this weekend, I am turning off the furnace and opening the screen door for pete's sake!  People are wearing shorts in town and the motorcyclists are having a grand time of it. I LOVE this weather's just wrong!

2/17/17  - My business is closed Monday so I have a nice three day weekend.  I've been pondering fasting and prayed about this yesterday.  I really wanted to do what the Lord led me to, so I asked Him for a dream to show me EXACTLY what I was to fast from (all solid foods, suppers only, a water fast, etc) and also to REMEMBER the dream.  I went to sleep and had this dream within an hour.   I was trying to turn the television off in a room where I was working with another person.  Gordon Ramsey was coming into the room and I knew we would be in trouble if the TV was found turned on. End of dream  My interpretation when I woke up television for three days!  While this is easier on me than fasting from food, at the same time it is more difficult because it involves my husband.  If he wants to watch TV over these next three days then one of us will have to leave the room.  And he is NOT a reader, he watches a lot of TV all weekend even in his workshop. This fast will cause us to be apart but that's what I am to do.  And as I am thinking about this today at work, also reading The Shinar Directive, there is a section called "Television - more than just entertainment"...and I just so happened to read it today!  Did you know that within seconds of watching TV, your beta waves shut down. So truly I am to do this fast.  Having said that, feel free to email me over the weekend with anything, especially reading material!  :-)

02/16/17 - I am flabbergasted that someone would have the nerve to name a storm "Lucifer"!  

02/15/17 - If you have those "In God We Trust" license plates...please THINK about how you drive.  So many people drive without a care about the person behind, beside, or in front of them.  They don't care if they are speeding or cutting in front of another person and scaring them.  I just shake my head when they do this to me and then I see...they have an In God We Trust license plate.  They are not a very good representation of those of us who trust God.  So THINK before you act when driving.   Example

02/14/17 - Hope you all had a great Valentine's Day....let's celebrate a day of love in Heaven next year...where there is no time!  :-)

02/13/17 - For the most part, here in Indiana we've had a pretty good winter.  Like last year, we've only received 1/2 of the snow that is normal...I'm wondering if we will be in the warmer section of the pole shift.  

02/12/17 - " Let nothing be done through selfish ambition or conceit, but in lowliness of mind let each esteem others better than himself."

Philippians 2:3 (see yesterday's post)

02/11/17 - I visited with my mother today and brought her back to my house for a visit...her birthday is tomorrow.  These visits used to be frustrating in the past because my mother consistently views everyone as better than her.  I tried to explain that God isn't like that but to no avail.  After while, it dawned on me that my mother was one of the "meek" precisely because of her attitude about others.  And then today, the Lord showed me WHY my mother was meek.  She was telling me stories of growing up...and how her mother (my Grandma) would say that my mom was a weakling...frail and always sick.  Mom is petite, about 5 foot nothing.  And she said when my Grandma met my step-dad who married my mom long ago...she said to him, "You didn't get much for your money."  I had never heard these stories and my mom just shrugged them off, but I understand how that can hurt a child, and eventually make them think they will amount to nothing.  My mother is meek because of her life circumstances....but the meek will inherit the earth.  :-)

02/10/17 - Hoping to see the moon tonight if it's not covered with clouds. UPDATE:  I saw it!  It was beautiful!  Now my next goal is to see the comet!

02/09/17 - In the past 48 hours I've learned much from Russ Dizdar and Dr. Michael Lake.  I even bought a copy of The Black Awakening.  It's funny because I had read about this book a few years back when first waking up...but it's almost impossible to find it available.  Yet today I was able to purchase the one copy to be delivered tomorrow.  Everything in His timing.

I plan to record a video of my one supernatural encounter from years ago.  I was terrified by it...I mean TERRIFIED!  But reading and learning about this Black Awakening and other SRA has made me realize that what I encountered was far more than a demon.  Stay tuned!

02/08/17 - In yesterday's link from the Hagmann show, Steve Quayle had mentioned "Dr. Michael Lake" so I researched him.  I recall seeing him on Prophecy Watchers.   I think this will be the next book I read as it appears right up my alley!  The Shinar Directive

02/07/17 - I listened to this during work today and found it fascinating.  For the first time on radio, Quayle and Marzulli discuss together their stories of "giants" interacting with the military.

02/06/17 - In Jeffrey Stewart's Word today, the Lord says this, " Begin stepping forth and saying the words I give you. I will trust you with a certain level now, and if you are faithful, more and more later." I believe the Lord is helping me somewhat in this regard, only with internal promptings of "wisdom" in events that occur, mostly at work.  I've been praying fervently to see things through God's eyes, and I believe He is showing me when to do or not do or say certain things.  If I listen to that inner prompting, then I am finding out that coworkers are not getting upset with me, family events go more smoothly etc.  My mother always says, "If you can't say something nice, don't say it at all."  I'm trying to follow that advice but at the same time, also trying to pay more attention to those inner promptings of when to even approach someone.  This seems to be happening daily and I am very grateful to God for it!  As I look back on last week, I can clearly see 4 times when obeying that prompting over my own choice, has done wonders in NOT causing bad situations to arise.

02/05/17 - I think I've posted this before but I have NO watchmen friends in my physical world.  No family, friends, coworkers...nada.  A few are sort of conspiracy theorists but that's as close as I get.  I think they just like to badmouth the government.  Either way, it's lonely.  I know you guys know what I mean.  I guess there really are VERY few of us!

02/04/17 - A few friends and I are wondering when the Rapture might be.  No man knows the day or hour of when Jesus is coming, but they also don't know when He is NOT coming...we simply don't know.  However, all 4 of us guessed this year based on many of the puzzle pieces we've been given over the past several years.  My general timeline is a few bombs first between Israel and others, then all out Psalm 83 war.  We (the USA) will not be able to help Israel during this time, because at the same time, we will be under the calamities and seeing the sky colors and after that comes the 3 DoD, then 40 days of Harvest then POOF!  There is a lot more to this in my timeline thoughts but everyone's is different and for me, what matters is our transformation.  I can't hardly stand the waiting anymore!

02/03/17 - Well the USA is adding to the wars and rumors of wars starting today

02/02/17 - Steve Quayle discusses the goings on at Antarctica as well as Iran. I LOVE this stuff!  Need to find more of it, may buy Quayle's book but not at the current price of $54!!  :-)

Empire Beneath the Ice

Steve's Website

02/01/17 - Today I watched a live shot of an astronaut in space.  When I was little, I always wanted to be an astronaut but my dream has been put on hold until the Lord takes me to space in the Rapture.  Until then, today I sat in my office chair and watched earth spin.

But you, Daniel, shut up the words, and seal the book until the time of the end; many shall run to and fro, and knowledge shall increase.  
Daniel 12:4

"My message and my preaching were not in persuasive words of wisdom, but in demonstration of the Spirit and of power,  so that your faith would not rest on the wisdom of men, but on the power of God."

1 Corinthians 2:4-5