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THE SWORD OF THE SPIRIT - This is the Bible Studies area. You can post anything from one word to the entire Bible.

DREAMS - Please only post YOUR dreams. Do not post outside links, videos, or other dreams. This Forum is for your dreams to discuss and interpret!

VISIONS - Please post only YOUR visions. Do not post outside links, videos, or other visions. This Forum is for your visions to discuss and interpret!

PALAWAN - Please post YOUR dreams or visions about possible information of Palawan, mountains, beaches etc.

PRAYER - Please post any prayer requests. All members can read these prayer requests, and also comment on them. Also post all answers to prayer and breakthroughs! Please do NOT ask for financial assistance.

REMINDER:  DO NOT POST "WORDS" FROM OTHERS, this Forum is not for that purpose. 

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Question of the Week(members only)

You will need your Bibles and possibly a Strongs Concordance, and any Hebrew & Greek language tools you have! One excellent app is the BLB(Blue Letter Bible) which has the interlinear Bible already included as a research tool.I'll post a weekly question!
9 months ago
by Purplestareye

The Sword of the Spirit(members only)

Post books, chapters, verses, even one word from the Bible. Then let's dig in like a Bereans and study!
over a year ago
by Emily Briggeman

90 Day Bible Reading Plan(members only)

These posts are for anyone following a 90 day plan starting in 2016. If I find that no one really adds to this, I will remove it. If you would rather I just change it to say "Daily Bible Reading" then let me know. Or I can add another! Very flexible h
over a year ago
by Hope

DreamsTopicsPostsLast updated

Adults (members only)

Please post your own dreams.
2 months ago
by rriddlro

Children(members only)

Please post your child's dreams.
2 months ago
by YESHUA's Bride

VisionsTopicsPostsLast updated

Visions(members only)

Please post only your visions
9 months ago
by Hope

PalawanTopicsPostsLast updated

Palawan(members only)

Please keep ALL discussions related to this topic. Thanks!
over a year ago
by Hope

Prayer RequestsTopicsPostsLast updated

Prayer Requests(members only)

Psalm 107:28-29 Then they cried to the LORD in their trouble, and he delivered them from their distress. He made the storm be still, and the waves of the sea were hushed.
2 weeks ago
by Jenny

Dream Interpretation - ChristianTopicsPostsLast updated

Interpretation Sites - Christian Based(members only) Locked_color_btn

These are links that I will add from time to time when I find good interpretation sites. I will try very hard to make sure they are Christian! As I read the Bible, it clearly defines interpretations so that is what I am looking for in these links.
over a year ago
by Hope

"My message and my preaching were not in persuasive words of wisdom, but in demonstration of the Spirit and of power,  so that your faith would not rest on the wisdom of men, but on the power of God."

1 Corinthians 2:4-5