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Godshealer7 - FB 08/21/17  Video link

Transcript: Children, today is an appointed day in time. I Am the only one who gives commands to the sun, moon and stars and they obey. Your wise men search for answers, yet they do not seek Me for them. I give orders to the wind and waves. Today the cycle begins; darkness and light, light and darkness. I am in control of everything. There is no one like Me. Humble yourselves and live. Repent, for I see all. I know everything. The hidden places in your heart will be revealed. If you truly want forgiveness, go into your pray closet and get on your knees as the darkness covers the nation. Repent. I will hear you. Pray for your land and your people that they may see the light.

My Judgment Begins Now

The world is about to change My Love. Not just the United States but the entire world. My judgment begins now.
To the right is the Word I received from the Lord yesterday titled "The Days of Evil are Upon You."  Also I've included my daughter's dream from March this year (you can find it posted here if you are a member), which is now coming to pass.  I interpreted this dream incorrectly in March...even though my daughter told me at the time she thought it had to do with an illness...I ignored that (as a mom, who wants to believe that?!?!) and told her no, it must have to do with the coming calamities!    >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Awake & Prepare, I Will Now Give You Houses!

I had a night vision of some grown up men and women in the Body of Christ, checking out a house that was all white (signifying righteousness) inside and out and in the dream a woman was showing us around and took us uptairs (signifying a new level).

I Will Give you Strength for the Battle

Tell My people, this great battle that is here can and will only be fought with My Spirit and the complete manifestation of all that I AM in and through your hearts here. The battle has already been won, as you know. It is simply for you to display the Great I AM here in this realm, by speaking and walking in My Truths.

From Daniel Matson..."Here is the newest link to what has been found this week."

A Call to Action!

The morning of August 15, 2017, I was shown a vision which I’ve been prompted to release immediately.  A friend of mine, who lives out in the country, and I were at her house.  I’d gotten up early and was spending time alone in prayer in a bedroom.  But I kept getting promptings from the Holy Spirit to go outside and pray.

Three Intriguing Solar Eclipse Prophecies/Articles!

100-Year-Old Jewish Prophecy Predicts Solar Eclipse Portends Destruction of North Korea
Will The August 21st Solar Eclipse Begin A Period Of “40 Days And 40 Nights” For America?

The Seven Salems of the Great American Solar Eclipse, August 21, 2017




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" As I type I am somewhere in the path of totality... awake since 4 am.  We are at a hotel and I am contemplating if it would be a good idea to claim some chairs down by the pool to ensure we have a reasonably comfortable place to view the event."

I will Silence the Earth

I AM Worth Everything

Take Courage



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"My message and my preaching were not in persuasive words of wisdom, but in demonstration of the Spirit and of power,  so that your faith would not rest on the wisdom of men, but on the power of God."

1 Corinthians 2:4-5