Lord Jesus says:

"Part of My Bride is making herself ready to rule and reign with Me in the Next Age. So I am beginning to teach her how to operate as I operate. To think as I think. To believe as I believe. For she will be My partner in establishing My Father's will on the earth. We will work together to restore the earth during the Millennium. To restore nature, so that the lion will lie down with the lamb. To make it so earth reflects Heaven as it was created to be. For the day of My Wedding is at hand, and My Bride will rule and reign at My Side, bringing great Glory to My Father, and Great Joy to My Heart."

Jeffrey Stewart - Facebook

God's Creative Word Inside You

The people who were watching were astonished.  Then I said to them: “The baby has learned these things when she was in her mother’s womb, because she heard everything that was being said.”

I hope you are keeping up with all the Saudi news.  Seems like they are about to turn over the reins to Jr and when that happens...I just don't see anything good coming from it.

The Garden and the Agony

“…just as Jesus was buried in darkness for three days and three nights, the Lord is showing His Bride will also be “hidden away” for such a time after she’s fully surrendered her will to the Father during Her garden experience…”

(Hope note...Palawan here we come!!)

“Tell them… tell My people to come, I prepared it for them.

I began to sob as I heard INTIMACY… It’s a place I knew only too well, but I had found that I was too weak to even go to that place with my Father. It’s like I just kept fighting and yes I stepped many times into that place, but I had no idea that it was right there… right in the middle of the battlefield.

(Hope note - this is a new person I am following.  I may be bringing more of her Words as the Lord leads)


Beware of False and Strange Fire

I have sent this day, revelation fire of thoughts, schemes and plans.  Fire in groups to the very thoughts and intents of the heart.

Israel Raises Alert Level 


I am re-ordering your paradigms and your thinking, because the favor and the promotion I am going to present to you in your new season is going to look so different than anything you have been through before or expected!  Therefore, you cannot think that you will automatically know how it will feel to unlock it and walk into it.

Do This For Me

When the disasters strike, when you lose your homes, your incomes, your friends, and yes, your families-praise Me still. When the innocent are gunned down and the senseless crimes against humanity continue, remember, I am in control.

My Bride - My Pearl

Tell My people little one that My Bride is My heart. It has always been a heart matter and My Bride is captivated by Me. Many have been called but few are chosen. My Bride, My pearl lives for none other than Me.

Be Prepared....Things Are Coming

Website leaks possible details of Saudi - israel agreement!

70th Anniversary of Prophecy | Donald Trump's 11s in the 11th Month

A quick message to remind you we are approaching 29th November 2017, the first opportunity to mark the 70th Anniversary of the rebirth of Israel. We are still in the greatest window for end-time prophecy to be fulfilled, especially concerning the Nation of Israel. Did you know that Millennial Jews are more open to Jesus Christ than Jews of any previous generation? Revival is coming! - Steve Cioccolanti

War is Coming

Your Destiny has been Set

My destiny has been set. Your destiny has been set and the world’s destiny has been set. Soon everything will be turned upside down.   Nothing will be the same and nothing will remain except My love.


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"My message and my preaching were not in persuasive words of wisdom, but in demonstration of the Spirit and of power,  so that your faith would not rest on the wisdom of men, but on the power of God."

1 Corinthians 2:4-5